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1. Ask each other about your bad experience (mind the Past Simple and the Present Perfect Tenses). 2. ROLE-PLAYING. Give an advice what your friend SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do.

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                                                                               HEALTH PROBLEMS                                                                                                                                                                                                  1. Ask each other about your bad experience (mind the Past Simple and the Present Perfect Tenses).                                           

 Sometimes when people are  ill  they call an ambulance. It takes a sick person to a hospital for treatment.        

        In the hospital doctors treat sick people.                                                         Surgeons make operations there.



        Stay- stayed/ make-made/

  I have V3 / my friend has V3

   Nurses look after the patients. They give the patients medicines and injections.



If you sprain an ankle the nurse puts a bandage on it.    



Look- looked /give-gave /sprain-- sprained/ put-put/                                                      

                                                                                      I V2/ I did not V1    


If you break a leg or an arm or wrist   you have an x-ray. Then a doctor puts a plaster cast on your broken leg, arm or wrist. You need crutches to walk and a sling to support your arm.



  Break-broke- broken/ have-had / need- needed/                                                 


1. Have you ever been ill and called an ambulance?                          

2. Did you stay in hospital for treatment?

3. Did surgeons make you an operation?


4. How did nurses look after you?

5. Were you afraid of injections?                    I was (not) afraid of…

6. Did you or your friend sprain an ankle?

7. What did the nurse do?


8. Have you ever broken your leg, arm or wrist?

9. Did you have an x-ray?

10. What did a doctor put on your leg/arm/ wrist?

11. What did you need to walk / to support your arm?


bruise bleeding

       2. ROLE-PLAYING.


Ask your partner about health problems, completing the dialogues with  the following words:  






Bump               toothache   bruise             stomach-ache       plaster                 cough      sore throat         cut       earache            ointment               bad cold         temperature headache            




Give an advice                                    what  your friend                                  SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do.



     - What’s wrong with you? 

 -I don’t feel well. I have a terrible ________ . I can’t swallow anything.                                 - Oh dear, you __________eat ice-cream and you ________ drink warm tea.


- What is the matter with you?




-I feel awful. I have a terrible ___________________.                            

-Why don’t you see a dentist?  You _______ clean your teeth after meals regularly and you_________ eat a lot of sweets.



 - How are you feeling today?




- I'm feeling sick. I have a terrible__________.

- Oh dear, you __________take cough syrup and you _______ go out without a scarf. 


 - What is the trouble?   




- I feel very tired.  I have a high _________________.                                          - Poor thing! You ________ stay in bed, drink a lot and eat vitamins and you _________go out.


    - How do you feel today?




- I am sick. I can’t breathe well.  I have a runny nose.

- Oh dear, you have a ____ ____. You _______use nasal drops, take some pills and you ________ go out.


                                                                                              - What’s wrong with you? 


- I’m not very well. I have a terrible_____________.                                                 - Poor thing! You ________ take an aspirin and you _______listen to loud music. You ________ have a rest and try to sleep for a while.


            - Are you all right?





- I’ve just _______my finger, it is bleeding.

- Does it hurt? You _______ wash it and put a ________on it.



            - What is the problem?

-My ear hurts badly.

-  Oh dear, you have an _______. You _________ see a doctor and you __________go out without your hat.


            - What’s up?

- I fell off my bike. I have hurt my knee and head. It’s very painful!                                                                                          – Poor thing! You have a _____ on your head and a ___________ on your knee!  You _________put something cold on your bump and some _________on your knee.


- What is the matter with you?


  - I feel awful. I have a terrible _____________. I can’t eat anything.

- Oh, you ____________eat fast food and you ___________wash your hands before you eat. Drink some mineral water and you will feel better.








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