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Hansel and Grettel. All is well that ends well.

Про матеріал

Сценарій виховного заходу для учнів з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови на основі казки Братів Грімм “Гензель і Гретель”. Захід можна представити як на тиждень іноземної мови в школі, так і на інше свято.

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Hansel and Grettel

Сценарій виховного заходу для учнів  з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови на основі казки Братів Грімм Гензель і Гретель”.


  • посилити мотивацію до вивчення іноземних мов, розвиток потреби і здатності практичного володіння мовною діяльністю;
  • розвивати артистичні здібності дітей;
  • розвивати творчу фантазію, пізнавальний інтерес, ініціативу в здійсненні мовленнєвої діяльності;
  • виховувати та підтримувати у школярів мотивацію до оволодіння іноземною мовою;
  • виховувати почуття прекрасного, повагу до культури та традицій інших народів,
  • виховувати естетичні смаки, людяність, чесність.

Обладнання: музичний супровід, декорації старого будинку батьків та будинку відьми, дерев, .

Hansel and Grettel

Characters: Hansel, Grettel, Woodcutter, Wife, Old Witch

Scene 1

Storyteller: Once upon a time a poor woodcutter, his wife, two children, Hansel and Grettel, lived in the old house in the forest. They were very poor and one day the woodcutter said to his wife.

Woodcutter: You know, my dear wife, there is a great famine in the land. We haven’t got enough food. How can we support our poor children if we have nothing more for ourselves?

Wife: You are right. Of course, we can do nothing. But I’ve got an idea. You know, it’s not right but I can’t see the other way.

Woodcutter: What do you mean? What do you want to do?

Wife: Early tomorrow morning we’ll take the children out into the wood. Then we’ll go on to our work and leave them alone. They won’t be able to find their way home.

Woodcutter: No! Stop saying these silly things. I won’t do that with my children.

Wife: I know how you love them but in other way we’ll all die. Maybe, they’ll find the way to survive in the forest.

Storyteller: That night brother and sister didn’t sleep too because they were very hungry. They heard each word of their father and stepmother.

Grettel: Did you hear them? I’m so scared. I can’t believe it. What shall we do?

Hansel: Don’t panic, dear sister. I’ll find a way to escape. Everything will be OK.

Grettel: What do you mean?

Hansel: I’ve got a plan. When we go to the forest, we’ll wait for a night. I’ll fill my pockets with white pebbles.

Grettel: Pebbles?!

Hansel: Yes, they glitter like bits of silver at night. I’ll drop white pebbles on to the path and we’ll find the way back to our house.

Grettel: Wow! You are so clever. We’ll do as you say.

Storyteller: Next morning they went to the forest. Their father, crying, left his children there. But when the night came, Hansel and Grettel found the way to their house and returned home.

Scene 2

Storyteller: When children came back home, their father was very happy but their stepmother was very angry.

Wife: You are a silly man! How could they find the way home out?

Woodcutter: If to be honest, I’m very happy that my children are at home. You don’t love them at all.

Wife: Everything is eaten up once more. We have nothing. Tomorrow you’ll lead them deeper into the forest, so that they won’t be able to find their way out again. 

Woodcutter: OK, as you wish.

Storyteller: But the children were awake and had heard everything.  

Grettel: Did you hear them, brother? They want to do this again. I’m so scared.

Hansel: Don’t cry, Grettel. I’ll find the way out of this situation.

Grettel: If you say about peddles, you’re wrong. I’ve checked to door. It is locked and we can’t gather peddles.

Hansel: Don’t worry. I’ll take crumbs and drop them on the ground. We’ll be at home tomorrow, I promise.

Storyteller: Next morning they went to the wood.

Woodcutter: Hansel! Why are you stopping all the time? What are you looking at?

Hansel: I’m looking back at my little pigeon which is sitting on the roof. 

Woodcutter: That isn’t your pigeon, it’s the morning sun glittering on the chimney.

Storyteller: They were going for a long time deep into the thick forest. It was dark here and here were a lot of old huge trees around them.

Wife: Your father and I are going to cut the wood. We’ll come back in the evening.

(Parents go away).

Grettel: Do you think they will come back?

Hansel: No, I don’t think so. I’m sure they wanted to leave us here.

Grettel: It’s so dark here. I’m afraid of being there.

Hansel: Don’t worry, dear sister. We’ll wait for the night. Then we’ll see the bread-crumbs. I scattered along the path.

Grettel: And they will show us the way back to the house.

Storyteller: But it wasn’t so. Children didn’t find out the way back to the house because thousands of birds picked up the bread-crumbs. And poor children stayed alone in the dark forest.

Scene 3

Storyteller: Hansel and Grettel were in the forest for three days already. They were very hungry. They had nothing to eat but a few berries they found growing on the ground.

Grettel: My dear brother, I’m so tired. I’m so hungry and I’m so unhappy. I miss our father and our home very much.

Hansel: My dear sister, I’m very tired too but don’t give up. Maybe, someone will find us there.

Grettel: Do you think so? I don’t… What’s this? Do you hear this beautiful sound?

Hansel: It seems to me that a bird is singing or maybe it’s only our imagination.

Grettel: Look! What a beautiful snow-white bird. How nice it’s singing! It’s flying over us. It looks like it wants to say something for us.

Hansel: I think it wants to say that we have to follow it. Let’s go, dear sister.

Grettel: Let’s go.

Storyteller: Brother and sister followed it and came to a little house, on the roof of which it perched; and when they came quite near they saw that the house was made of bread and roofed with cakes, while the windows were made of transparent sugar.

Hansel: What an amazing house is! Oh, I’m so hungry. Let’s taste it.

Grettel: I’m hungry too. I may eat some of the window. And what do you want to taste?

Hansel: I want to taste a bit of the roof. Wow! It’s very delicious!

Storyteller: Suddenly the children heard a shrill voice.

Old Witch: Who is eating my house? What are you doing? Who are you?

Hansel: We are brother and sister, Hansel and Grettel. We lost is such a big forest and can’t find out our house. We’re very hungry. That’s why we are eating your tasty house.

(The Old Witch appears).

Old Witch: Poor little children you are. It’s amazing how you could survive here. Who led you here? But it doesn’t matter. Just come in and stay with me.

Grettel: My dear brother, I don’t trust her. She is too sweet.

Hansel: What are you talking about? Listen to me. We are here. We are hungry and she invites us.

Old Witch: What are you whispering about? I can’t hear you. Let’s have dinner – milk and sugared pancakes with apples nuts. Do you want to have dinner? 

Hansel: Yes, sure.

Grettel: Hooray! We’ll not be hungry any more.

Old Witch: And after that I’ll prepare for you two beautiful little white beds. You’ll have a rest, poor children.

Storyteller: But little kids didn’t know the truth about the Old Witch. She built her house in order to lure poor children in. When someone came into her house she killed, cooked and ate him.

Scene 4

Storyteller: When children were sleeping, the Old Witch had a plan how to deal with Hansel and Grettel.

Old Witch: I’m very happy. Ha! Today I’ll have a tasty dinner.

Grettel: Why are you so cruel? We are innocent. We did nothing wrong. Let us go, please!

Old Witch: Ha! Poor children! I eat like you are. All children are naughty and too curious. I don’t like you. Get up, you lazy bones, and cook something for your brother.

Hansel: Why? I don’t want to eat. I want to go home.

Old Witch: You’re staying here, in my house. When you are fat, I’ll eat you up.

Grettel: My dear brother, what shall we do? If you eat nothing, you will die. If you eat something, you’ll get fat and the Old Witch will eat you up.

Hansel: Don’t worry, my dear sister. The Old Witch is too old and she can’t see clearly. So, every time when she wants to check me, I’ll stretch out a bone instead of my finger. 

Storyteller: So, Hansel always stretched out a bone and the Old Witch, whose eyes were dim, couldn’t see it, and thinking always it was Hansel’s finger, wondered why he fattened so slowly.

Old Witch: It seems to me that you are not eating at all. You are so thin. But never mind. Today I’ll cook you.

Grettel: Don’t do this! He is so slim. Let’s wait for some time more. Maybe, he’ll get fat.

Old Witch: Stop talking! Hansel may be fat or thin, I’m going to kill and cook him. First, we’ll bake, I’ve heated the oven already and kneaded the dough.

Hansel: No, don’t kill me, please. I’ll be an obedient boy and stay with you.

Old Witch: Bla-bla-bla! I’m not listening to you. You, Grettel, creep in and see if the dough properly heated, so that we can shove in the bread.

Grettel: I don’t know how I’m to do it; how do I get in?

Old Witch: OK, I’ll show you. The opening is big enough; see, I could get in myself.

Storyteller: The Old Witch crawled toward it and poked her head into the oven. Then Grettel gave her a shove that sent her right in, shut the iron door and drew the bolt.

Grettel: Hooray! We’re free now. The Old Witch is dead. Oh, my dear brother, let’s go home.

Hansel: Wait for a minute, my dear sister. Look, what I’ve found there.

Grettel: What’s this?

Hansel: There are many boxes with pearls and precious stones. Now they are ours. Let’s take some of them.

Grettel: OK. These are even better than pebbles. I too will bring something home. We won’t be hungry and poor any more.

Storyteller: When brother and sister went out from the house, the sun was shining brightly in the blue sky, the birds were singing in the trees, the wood became more and more familiar to them, and at length they saw their father’s house in the distance.

Hansel: Look, Grettel. It’s our house. At last we are at home. How I miss our father. 

Grettel: Hooray! This is our lovely house, our nice yard. Hello, dear father!

Woodcutter: Hello, my dear children! How I missed you! I thought I would never see you again. Please, forgive me. I love you so much!

Hansel: Daddy, we love you too. You even can’t imagine what’s happened with us. But now everything is OK. We are at home with you. By the way, where is our stepmother?

Woodcutter: We had nothing to eat and she left me.

Grettel: Don’t worry, dear Daddy. Look, what we’ve brought. All is well that ends well.

Storyteller: Grettel shook out her apron so that he pearls and precious stones rolled about the room. Thus all their troubles were ended and they lived happily ever afterward.









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