English week.Intellectual battle.

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Сценарій "Інтелектуального батлу" вчитель може використати під час проведення тижня англійської мови для учнів 7-9 класів. Він містить завдання різних форм, а тому буде цікавий для учнів.

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Intellectual battle 


P1: Dear teachers, pupils and guests, we are happy to see you here. Welcome to our English competition.

We are here today to enjoy English and to have a good time. Today we are having an intellectual battle. Four teams are going to compete.  To make our competition fare and just we have invited a jury. Welcome our jury!


P2: The jury is given special cards to put points.

Рlease, keep silent.

 Everything is ready, isn’t it? Let’s start then. Meet our teams!

Team presentation

The first team is called “_______________________”

P2: The members of the other team call themselves “_______________”

The next team is called “_______________________”

The last team is called “_______________________”

Let the teams introduce themselves telling us why it is  important to learn English.



Warming up

P1: Thank you. To begin with let’s train a little.

Your task is to give quick answers to 2 questions. Be attentive!


  1. Name the hero who sad the words “to be or not to be, that is the question”.  (Hamlet)
  2. Who lived in Sherwood Forest? ( Robin Hood) .


Now the questions to the ______________________:

  1. What is the official name of the country which we call Great Britain? (The UK of GB and Northen Ireland)
  2. Where were “The Beatles” born? ( in Liverpool)

Now the questions to the ______________________:

  1. Who is the Head of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? (Queen Elizabeth II. )
  2.                     On what day did Robinson Crusoe meet his friend?  (Friday)

Now the questions to the ______________________:

  1.                     What square is in the centre of London? (Trafalgar)
  2.                     What river does the British capital stand on? (the Thames)
  • Now our jury count the results of the contest.


The competition “PICTURE DICTATION”

P2:   Thank you, now we are having an artistic competition. We’ll see what painters you are!

Listen to the description and draw the picture. Use as many details as possible. You have a paper and pencils. Be attentive! (at the top of the paper write your team)

(The presenter is reading the descriptions for all teams)

  • In the middle of the picture there is a big house.
  • The house has a door and two windows.
  • On the roof of the house there is a chimney.
  • In the top right hand side of the picture there is a very big sun.
  • Beside the house and under the sun there is a little hill.
  • On top of the hill there is a big apple tree.
  • In front of the hill there is a little girl and little boy skipping.
  • In the left hand side of picture there is a big pond.
  • There is a small toy boat in the pond.
  • There is long grass all around the pond.
  • In the top left hand side of the picture there are two clouds.
  • Below the two clouds there are two big birds flying.


P2: Thank you, Now we have four masterpieces. It’s up to our jury to decide which one is better.



Can you spell words? It’s very important in Great Britain. Your next task is to spell two words.

P1: Now be ready to spell the word. Listen attentively and do exercises. First the ”________________”:   (invention-9,    friendship-10)

P2: Now the “________________”: (attention -9, headmaster -10)

P1: Now the “________________”: (wonderful-9, impressive - 10 )

P2: Now the “________________”: (education – 9, hospitable -10,

(pleasant 9, beautiful-9)


The smartest Captains’ competition

P1: Now the time has come for the captains to compete. Captains, you are welcome.

P2: Now captains have to explain the words they see on the paper and their commands have to guess them. (train, key, fridge, lamp, lesson, stadium, bathroom)

Thank you. Let’s listen to the results of the contest.

P2:  Now the marks from the jury.


Listening to the song:

Your task to write as many English words from this song as you can

Song Kelly Clarkson: What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)



Конкурс «Speed»

T: You have to answer as many questions as you can in one minute


1 Where do kangaroos live? (In Australia)

2What is the national dish of the Ukrainians? (borch)

3 What is the official language of Canada? (English and French)

4 Name the fastest way of travelling? (by plane)

5 How many states are there in the USA? (50)

6Which is the largest ocean? (The Pacific Ocean)

7 Who wrote “Tom Sawyer” (M. Twain)

8 I have already cleaned my room. What’s the tense? ( Present Perfect)

9 What’s the capital of the USA? (Washington)

10 What’s the British national drink? (tea)

11 Where is Hollywood situated? (Los Angels, USA)

12 Who wrote “Jungle Book” (R. Kipling)

13 How many oceans are there in the world? (4)

14 Where was baseball invented? (the USA)

15 When is Christmas celebrated in Ukraine? (7th of January)

16 Who discovered America? (Columbus)

17 Sam is sleeping now. Name the tense (Present Continuous)

18 Is an orange a vegetable or a fruit? (fruit)

19 What’s the symbol of Easter? ( an egg)

20 Unreal situation in present or future. What type of conditional? (2)


Summing up

P1: Many thanks to everyone. Let’s give some time to our jury to sum up the results of the whole competition. And we will listen to the grammar song.

P2: Thank you, Now I give the floor to the jury to announce the results of the whole competition.

P1: Let’s greet teams; Many thanks to everyone!

Our battle has come to the end and we’re thankful to our teams, participants and jury. Wishing you all the best we say good bye to you.

To speak English well means to communicate, to understand each other. So I wish you all to speak English well.


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