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Environmental problems. What can we do to save the Earth?

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методическая разработка урока английского языка в 11 классе по учебнику Карпюк О.Д. урок с темы "Это твоя планета" тип урока- закрепление знаний и повторение лексики и граматики по типам условных предложений.
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Teacher: Piddubna Yulia

Grade – 11    Lesson –57

Unit 5: It`s your planet!

Theme:  Environmental problems. What can we do to save the Earth?


  • Revise and fix the vocabulary of the topic Environment
  • Practice in the use of I and II Conditional
  • Develop the speaking and writing skills
  • Recognize the importance of preserving the Planet Earth
  • Recognize the power of men over the environment



By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

  1. Name different environmental problems by categories – pollution, global warming, destruction of wildlife ( 20 words)
  2. Use I and II Conditional to describe the things we can do to help the planet
  3. Complete the exercises using the lesson vocabulary
  4. Make up sentences about actions to help the Earth
  5. Express their opinion on this theme



  1. Greeting.

Hello everyone! Nice to see you all at our lesson. Today we`ll discuss the very important theme – Environmental problems that humanity face today and think about the possible solutions of them.


  1. Main part.


  1. Revise the vocabulary

First of all, what kind of environmental problems can you name? Let`s write them making a mind map.

  1. How much do you remember about them? Can you name any consequence on our daily lives or our health?



  1. Speaking.

Game “Magic Box” – choose from the box one of the problem question and answer on it.

  1. Revising grammar.

Now, before you start working on your own survey, let`s check how well do you know the rules of 1 and 2 Conditionals. Do this exercise in your copybooks. And who would like to go to the blackboard?




  1. Group project work. Students divide on groups by 4-6 p.

Choose one of the issue that we`ve mentioned today. Surf the net, look up in an encyclopedia to get as much information as you can about that problem.

Organize that information in four parts:

  • Definition or explanation of that issue
  • Consequences or effect on our planet
  • One notorious example you may find
  • Strategies to fight back or improve the present situation.

Don`t forget to use at least one Conditional structure in your answers.


  1. Summary and feedback.

Now, time is up, please, present your project to us.

Do you have any questions to each other or me?

How would you rate yourself today?


  1. Conclusion.

Thank you, today all of you were active, attentive and productive. See you next time.

Have a nice day!


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