Game "Ukrainian Culture Time"

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This game can be used while teaching the topic "Ukraine is my native country". This after-classes game widens the pupils' outlook and enriches their knowledges about Ukraine.

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Game «Poet. Place. Event»

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My native land, the land of wonders,Of autumn rains and summer thunders. The greenest fields and magic lakes,The tender breeze, romantic dales. Amazing land – my dear Ukraine.

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Guess the poet

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The mighty Dnieper roars and bellows,The wind in anger howls and raves,Down to the ground it bends the willows,And mountain-high lifts up the waves…No, I want to smile through tears and weeping.,Sing my songs where evil holds its sway,Hopeless, a steadfast hope forever keeping,I want to live! You thoughts of grief, away!Who - with fidelity in love. Who - with eternal aspirations. Who - with sincerity to work. Who - with generosity to care…style.colorfillcolorfill.type

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Guess the place

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Swallow’s Nest (Yalta) Theatre of Opera and Ballet (Lviv)The Golden Gates (Kyiv)The Castle (Lutsk)Saint Sophia's Cathedral (Kyiv)Khreshchatyk Street, Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Kyiv)style.text. Decoration. Underlinestyle.text. Decoration. Underlinestyle.text. Decoration. Underlinestyle.text. Decoration. Underlinestyle.text. Decoration. Underlinestyle.text. Decoration. Underline

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Guess the event

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Christianization of Kyiv Rus. Battle of Zhovti Vody ( Bohdan Khmelnytsky Uprising)Euromaidanrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Are you attentive?How many Ukrainian symbols were used in this presentation?

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Англійська мова (7-й рік навчання) 7 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
7 лютого 2018
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