Граматичний матеріал. Past Simple. Past Continuous

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Exercise 1. Past Simple/ Past Continuous

1. While I ________TV, the doorbell __________ (watch/ring)
2. Jack ________his presentation when the fire alarm _______(finish/start)
3. Just as I ________  my front door, a cat ___________inside. (open/run)
4. My mom _________me while I ________________dinner. (telephone/eat)
5. While I __________ to work, I _____________an accident. (walk/witness)
6. When the mailman ________,  I __________my exercises. (come/do)
7. When I _________,  my alarm clock ___________. (wake up/ring)
8. Peter ____________ me while I __________ on the train. (phone/sit)
9. While I ________ out the window, it ____________to rain. (look/start)
10. As I ______ the building, a police car _________through the gate. (leave/drive)

Exercise 2. Past Simple/ Past Continuous

  1. George _______ (fall) off the ladder while he ________ (paint) the ceiling.
  2. Last night I ________ (read) in the bed when I suddenly ______ (hear) a scream.
  3. _______ you ______ (watch) TV when I ______ (call) you?
  4. Ann ______ (wait) for me when I ______ (arrive).
  5. I ______ (not drive) very fast when the accident (happen).
  6. I (break) a plate last night. I _____ (wash) the dishes when it ______ (slip) out of my hand.
  7. Tom ______ (take) some photos when I _______ (play) in the garden.
  8. We  _____ (not go) out because it _______ (rain).
  9. What ______ (you do) last week?
  10. I _____ (see) Carol at the party. She _____ (wear) a new dress.
  11. The cell phone ____ (ring) when I ____ (take) a shower.
  12.  It ________ (begin) to rain when I _____ (walk) home.
  13. We _______ (see) an accident when we _______ (wait) for the bus.
  14. The children __________ (sleep) all night.
  15. The car ________ (make) strange noises all the way home.

Exercise 3. Past Simple/ Past Continuous

1. They ______ (have) tea when the doorbell ________(ring).
2. Father ________ (smoke) his pipe while mother _________(read) a magazine.
3. While he ________ (mow) the lawn, it _________ (start) to rain.
4. He ________ (have) breakfast when the toaster ________ (blow) up.
5. When I _______ (come) into the office, my boss __________(wait) for me.
6. When we ________(see) Brian, he ________ (drive) a taxi.
7. Father _________ (wait) in the car while mother __________ (do) the shopping.
8. When he __________ (arrive), we __________ (have) dinner.
9. While they _________ (play) chess, we _________ (go) shopping.
10. They ______ (have) a party while he ___________ (sleep).
11. He _______ (take) a photo when I __________(feed) the ducks.
12. They ________(play) football when the lights in the stadium________(go) out.
13. While George and John ________(clean) their room, she ______(do) the ironing.
14. Sam _______ (do) the ironing when Jack ________ (phone) her.
15. We _________ (wait) at Victoria station when the train ________(arrive).

Exercise 4. Past Simple/ Past Continuous

  1. I _______ (sleep) when my sister woke me up.
  2. The television suddenly ________ (turn off) as I was watching it.
  3. As I  _______ (wait) near the restaurant, a man stole my bag.
  4. While I  _______ (clean) my car, someone suddenly knocked at the door.
  5. As I was watching on the net, I  _______ (start) to chat.
  6. As I was making this test, a friend suddenly told me that he  _____ (be) bored.
  7. As I was buying food, I  _______ (feel) hungry.
  8. I  ________ (walk) when I saw the bus.
  9. I was phoning when I  __________ (talk) to her.
  10. I  ______________ (watch) a film when I suddenly saw him.

Exercise 5. Past Simple/ Past Continuous

  1. They ____ (play) with the dog when they ____ see me.
  2. I _____ (want) to buy some bread but the shopkeeper ____ (not have) any.
  3. The man _____ (leave) the shop when the policeman ____ (stop) him.
  4. When my sister ___ (play) tennis, I _____ (do) my homework.
  5. When Frank ____ (see) the policemen, he _____ (run) away.
  6. I ____ (go) home when the rain ___ (start).
  7. I ____ (help) my mother when my father ____ (call) me.
  8. We ____ (watch) TV when somebody _____ (knock) the door.
  9. My brother ______ (read) a book when the light ____ (switch) off.
  10. Henry __ (finish) his newspaper when he _____ (wait) for the bus.
  11. When I ___ (be) a little boy, I _____ (play) football the whole day and night.
  12. A: What ________ (you, do) when the accident occurred? - B: I ____ (try) to change a light bulb that had burnt out.
  13. After I _____ (find) the wallet full of money, I ______ (go, immediately) to the police and _____ (turn) it in.
  14. The doctor ______ (say) that Tom ______ (be) too sick to go to work and that he ___ (need) to stay at home for a couple of days.
  15. Sebastian _____ (arrive) at Susan's house a little before 9:00 PM, but she _____ (be, not) there. She _______ (study, at the library) for her final examination in French.
  16. Sandy is in the living room watching television. At this time yesterday, she _____ (watch, also) television. That's all she ever does!
  17. A: I ______ (call) you last night after dinner, but you _____ (be, not) there. Where were you? B: I _______ (work) out at the fitness center.
  18. When I _______ (walk) into the busy office, the secretary ________ (talk) on the phone with a customer, several clerks _____ (work, busily) at their desks, and two managers __________ (discuss, quietly) methods to improve customer service.
  19. I ______ (watch) a mystery movie on TV when the electricity went out. Now I am never going to find out how the movie ends.
  20. Sharon _____ (be) in the room when John told me what happened, but she didn't hear anything because she (listen, not).
  21. It's strange that you ______ (call) because I ______ (think, just) about you.
  22. The Titanic ______ (cross) the Atlantic when it ______ (strike) an iceberg.
  23. When I entered the bazaar, a couple of merchants ____ (bargain, busily) and ______ (try) to sell their goods to naive tourists who _____ (hunt) for souvenirs. Some young boys _____ (lead) their donkeys through the narrow streets on their way home. A couple of men _____ (argue) over the price of a leather belt. I ____ (walk) over to a man who _____ (sell) fruit and ______ (buy) a banana.
  24. The firemen _____ (rescue) the old woman who ____ (be) trapped on the third floor of the burning building.
  25. She was so annoying! She ______ (leave, always) her dirty dishes in the sink. I think she _______ (expect, actually) me to do them for her.
  26. Samantha ____ (live) in Berlin for more than two years. In fact, she _____ (live) there when the Berlin Wall came down.
  27. My mother ____ (cook) supper when I came into the room.
  28. I __ (do) the report when somebody _____ (phone) me.
  29. He _____ (walk) along the street when the snow ______ (start).
  30. What Carla _____ (do) when I _____ (call) her?
  31. These boys ____ (run) in the park.
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