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Даний конспект уроку містить матеріали що сприяють розвитку навичок аудіювання, читання, говоріння та письма з теми "Спорт", а також сприятиме розширенню лексичного запасу учнів з даної тематики.

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Topic: Sport. Kinds of Sports. Sport in Great Britain


  • to develop students' listening, reading, speaking and writing skills;
  • to revise and enrich students' vocabulary on the topic;
  • to practice pair work;
  • to motivate students to communicate with each other.

Equipment: a computer, a multimedia projector,  HO (a text for reading).




   T: Good afternoon, dear pupils. I’m glad to see you. How are you today?

  • … (name of the pupil) are you OK? Today is a nice day, isn’t it?
  • … (name of the pupil) how many lessons do you have today? What is your favourite one?
  • … (name of the pupil) what is  the most difficult lesson for you today? Why?
  • … (name of the pupil) are you ready for the lesson?

 I see you are in a good mood, full of energy and ready for the lesson.

2. AIM

 T: For the start, I would like you to guess the topic of  our lesson.  Slide 1.

 Look at the screen and say whom can you see there? What is the connection between them? What do these people do? Right you are. It’s Sport.

Look at these pictures and say what are these? Right you are. These are different kinds of sport.

And now look at these pictures and tell me what do you associate with these pictures? Right you are. It’s Great Britain.

T: So, what is the topic of our lesson?

S: The topic of the lesson is “Sport . Kinds of Sports. Sport in Great Britain”.

T: During the lesson we’ll:

Slide 2.


S – speak about popular sports, games, famous sport places  in Britain.

P – practice sport lexical material in speaking.

O – organize well game  and pair work

R – read and watch, find  and discuss additional information on the topic .

T – try to understand as more as possible information during the lesson.


T:  To my mind, sport is very important in our life and I’m sure to be a happy person is to be a healthy person. If you want to have a strong and beautiful body you must exercise yourself. We can’t buy our health. We should be more careful to it. The healthy way of life is a way without alcohol, smoking, drugs. I hope that such things as Love, Friendship, Respect, Happiness will help us to be healthy not only physically but spiritually as well as Latin proverb says “A sound mind in a sound body”.

Do you agree with me?

And now, my dear students,  it is interesting to me to know your opinions about your attitude to sport. Try to finish this sentence, please:

Sport is very important in our life because…

Possible answers:

S1:  I think, everyone must do all he can to be healthy. Sport makes people healthy, keeps them in feet.

S2: To my mind, sport is very important in our life because physically inactive people get old earlier than those who have plenty of exercises.

S3: As for me, I think, sport is very important in our life because sport activity helps me feel cheerful, active and full of energy. That’s why it is necessary to go in for sport.

S4: If you want to be healthy, strong and beautiful you should go in for sport.



T: There are lots of different kinds of sports and games. What are they? Let’s revise  (Slides 3-26)

Words: cricket, football, rugby, horse-racing, boat-racing, motor-racing, tennis, golf, baseball, hockey, boxing, basketball, volleyball, badminton, climbing, weight lifting, windsurfing, chess, running, cycling, jumping, swimming, gymnastics, figure-skating, water polo, fencing, skiing.

T: Which of these kinds of sport do you prefer?

T: Who can name water/adventure/pair sport and team sport?

T: Who can name ball games?

Pair work (Slides 27-28)

T: Now  take the cards  and match these words to make word combinations.


  1. To go in for                 a strong and beautiful body
  2. to keep                        joy and pleasure
  3. to give us                    sport
  4. to watch                      feet
  5. to have                        in a sound body
  6. a sound mind             sport competitions           


T: And now make up the sentences using these word combinations and try to use these phrases into your sentences.

In my opinion

As for me

From my point of view

I think

I believe

I’m sure

It seems to me that

I agree/disagree


Possible answers:

  1. As for me, I go in for sport very often.
  2. I’m sure, sport helps us to keep our feet.
  3. I think if you go in for sport you will have a strong and beautiful body.
  4. In my opinion, sport gives us joy and pleasure.
  5. As for me, I like watching sport competitions because it’s interesting and exсiting.
  6. There is a proverb “A sound mind in a sound body” and I quite agree with it.


T: Listen to the descriptions of the sports and try to guess what kind of sport is it.

  1. It is a team game. Both men and women can play it. The players have a ball. They play the ball with their hands. There are six players in every team. (Volleyball)
  2. It is a very popular game in England and in Ukraine. The players kick the ball with their feet. The game lasts 90 minutes and has two halves. The players try to score a goal. (Football)
  3. It is a very beautiful kind of sport. It gives the sportsmen strength, rhythm and grace. The sportsmen do some exercises and dance to music on the ice. The dancers have very nice costumes on. (Figure-skating)
  4. This game is played everywhere – in Ukraine and in other countries too. It was first played in the USA. Each of the two teams has five players. They bounce the ball on the floor up and down with one hand. They try to throw the ball into the basket. (Basketball)
  5. It is a game of two players. Each player starts with sixteen different playing pieces. They move the playing pieces on a board. The aim of the game is taking your opponent's king. (Chess)


T: Your homework  was to find some information about the famous kinds of sport in GB. Who wants to tell us about them?

S1: I want to tell you about golf.

Golf   is a national game which originated in the 15th century. It is played on a golf-course by 2 or 4 persons, each with a small hard ball, driven with the club, into a series of 9 or 18 holes, using as few strokes as possible.

S2: I want to tell you about cricket.

Cricket   is a national game which started in the 17 century. It is played on grass field with bats and a small ball by 2 teams of 11 players each.

S3: I want to tell you about rugby.


Rugby   is a form of football played with an oval ball which may be kicked or carried. The game originated in 1823, in the town of  Rugby. Scoring in rugby is by points, not goals. The team has 15 players.

S4: I want to tell you about squash.

Squash  is a game played by 2 people with rackets and a small soft rubber ball in a court enclosed by four walls. The most basic philosophy of the game, which is, you have to hit the ball away from your opponent’s position. 

S5: I want to tell you about curling.

Curling is a sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target area which is segmented into four concentric circles. Two teams, each with four players, take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones, also called rocks, across the ice curling sheet towards the house, a circular target marked on the ice. Each team has eight stones. The purpose is to accumulate the highest score for a game. A game usually consists of eight or ten ends.

S6: I want to tell you about rowing.

Rowing is a sport  with origins back to Ancient Egyptian times. It is based on propelling a boat (racing shell) on water using oars. By pushing against the water with an oar, a force is generated to move the boat. The sport can be either recreational, where the focus is on learning the technique of rowing, or competitive, where athletes race against each other in boats.

S2: I want to tell you about croquet.

Croquet is a sport  that involves hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through hoops embedded in a grass playing court. Today Croquet is played all over the World with international tournaments being held annually in several countries. Variants of the game are also played in Egypt and Japan. It is encouraging that an increasing number of young players are participating in the game at all levels.


Pre-viewing. Vocabulary presentation.

T: You know that Englishmen are great lovers of sport. They like to talk and think about it. Sport plays a very important role in their lives. We’re going to watch  film about the most popular kinds of sport and games in Britain and the famous English venues. In this film you’ll hear many new words. Try to understand, learn and remember them.      

 (Slides 29-36)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Venues place used for a sporting event.  

(місця проведення спортивних змагань)

 Wembley (Wembley Stadium) – a famous sport stadium in London. The most important sports event held here every year.

 Wimbledon – district of  London. It’s well known around the world as the home of the All England Tennis Club.

St.Andrew’s –a town in Scotland, famous for the Royal and Ancient golf club.

Henley – a town on the river Thames. It is famous for the rowing races held there during the Henley Regatta.

  Lord’s Ground – a famous English cricket ground. 


T: While you watching film pay attention to the names of sports, games, venues, numbers. Try to understand more information because you’ll have tasks  and you’ll get marks for it.

  Post-viewing tasks.

T: What sports  have you seen? Name them.

(Football, cricket, rugby, tennis, rowing, swimming, cycling, walking, horse-racing, moto-racing, aerobics , hurdling, running, croquet, squash, curling)

T: And now you should be attentively,  read the tasks and  carry out the test.


  1. Match the game and the place. (Pair work)
  1. Lord’s Ground   rowing
  2. Wimbledon             tennis
  3. St. Andrew’s   football
  4. Wembley              golf
  5. Henley    cricket
  1. Complete the sentences with the following numbers. (Pair work)
  1. 1, 200   b) 412  c) 40  d) 20, 000

1. Over   …… Clubs belong to the British Cycling federation.

2. About ….... %  of  British people go walking.

3. The Pennine Way is  ….. kilometers long.

          4. There are  …… public swimming pools  in Britain?


      3. Say if the statement is true or false.

1) This is Wembley – the scene of some great football matches. +

2) Lot's of people go cycling in Britain. +

3) St. Andrew’s in Scotland is the home of football. –

3) Henley  is the center of the world rowing. +

5) Lord’s is the headquarters of cricket. +

6) All over Britain more and more people are taking up different sports and activities. +

7) Curling is a French game played on ice. -

  1. Vocabulary Review

Guess the name of the sport according to the following definition:

  1. 40% of the  British population is keen on this sport. They walk long distances across the country.
  2. This sport is very popular. People can go in for it in 20, 000 public institutions. It helps them to keep fit but for many it is just fun.
  3. Lots of people go in for this sport. There are 1200 clubs that are included in Association.
  4. This game is watched by 25, 000 funs on Saturdays and Sundays.
  5. The birthplace of this game is Scotland. It was included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games 2002.
  6. It is a very English game. For practicing it you need a large garden.

(Key:  a) walking, b) swimming, c) cycling, d) football, e) curling,  f) cricket)


  1. Homework

T: You may choose your  home task. For average level: find information about these popular English games and fill in the table.

  1. Fill in the table.




Team (players)


















2 players

A small soft rubber ball


b) Link the words in the “clouds” of one colour in order to make 7 idioms and translate them into Ukrainian.





Т:You were great today. I liked your working very much. Some of you were very active and inventive at our lesson. They are:___________________________________________________.

     Your marks are:__________________________________________

Such pupils as___________________________________________

have got________________________________________________.

And_____________________ your marks are__________________

Next time try to be more organize, more active during the lesson.


3. Reflection

- And now my dear pupils it’s interesting to me to know your attitude to our today’s lesson. You can see three balls on your desks: green colour means ”The lesson was interesting and useful for me”. Yellow colour means “The lesson was a bit boring for me and I had some difficulties”. Red colour means “The lesson was boring and not useful for me”.

















































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