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Конспект уроку для використання вчителями при вивчені теми "Україна". Містить цікаві та різноманітні завдання, які допоможуть зробити урок ефективним та успішним.

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Ukraine is an independent state



  • to develop students' cognitive and creative skills;
  • to practise students' speaking and listening skills;
  • to encourage students to work on projects;
  • to enrich students' knowledge about Ukraine's history and places of

interest, about Ukrainian constitution.



T: Good morning! Glad to see you. Are you in a good mood today? I think you will try your best and succeed. Today you'll show your skills and abilities in making projects. What do you think about the motto of the lesson written on the blackboard?

"Know yourself and you will know the world."

Hryhoriy Skovoroda

(Pupils explain the motto.)

T: We have already finished studying the topic “From the history of Ukraine". And this theme cannot be complete without speaking about most picturesque sights of our country, Ukrainian history and constitution.

Ps: We have many historic places and places of interest in our country.



T: Let's play the game "Brain-ring". Split into two teams. I'll ask you some questions about Ukraine and you should answer as quickly as possible. So, let's start.

1. How do we call Russians, Byelorussians and Ukrainians in one word?

(The Slavic people)

  1. Who is the head of Ukraine? (President)
  2. Name the two mountainous areas that are situated in Ukraine. (The Carpathian Mountains, the Crimean Mountains)
  3. What is the cultural, social and political centre of Ukraine? (Kyiv)
  4. Who established Ukrainian as the national literary language? (Taras Shevchenko)
  5. Name the main rivers of Ukraine. (The Dnieper, the Danube)
  6. What part of Europe does Ukraine occupy? (Southeastern part)
  7. What is the national Ukrainian currency? (Hryvnia)
  8. What is the name of the ancient Slavic state? (Kyiv Rus')
  9. Where are the Golden Gates situated? (In Kyiv)
  10. What does the word "Cossack" mean? ("A free man ")
  11. What are the names of the heroes from the legend about Kyiv's founda­tion? (Kyi, Schek, Khoriv)
  12. Who was the first President of Ukrainian People's Republic? (M.Hrushevs 'kyi)
  13. What are the colours of the national flag of Ukraine? (Blue and yel­low)
  14. What is the name of the central street in Kyiv? (Khreshchatyk Street)


  1. Listening

T. Listen to some songs about Ukrainian capital and Ukrainian people and after listening be ready to answer the question: “Why are we proud of our Ukrainian history, capital, people?

Kyiv, My Dear

Waves are tenderly creeping

And the day is to the end.

Rising Banks of the Dnieper

Are my ancestor's land.

Rustling branches are singing

Their dreams in my ear.

And the melody's ringing:

Kyiv, my dear.

Cannas, dark red and amber,

I shall give you my heart.

Let my sweetheart remember

Faithful friends miles apart.

Days and evenings are winging.

Our meeting is near.

And the melody's ringing:

Kyiv, my dear.

Tired Kyiv is sleeping,

All its dreams are serene,

Nights lights necklaces keeping

Dnieper waters in sheen.

Velvet evenings are bringing

New gladness and cheer,

And the melody's ringing:

Kyiv, my dear.


A Ukrainian Girl

Lots of various khans

Took me captive, using guns.

They whipped and mauled me,

Many times enthralled me.

They failed to make my hair curl.

I revived from my tear, a pearl.

It occurred since I am a Ukrainian girl.


Our fellows used to say I am a blooming bud.

And my phrases sing and play,

words like spring streams scud.

That the music from my heart

makes them dance and whirl.

But I'm just my nation's part, a Ukrainian girl.

But I'm just my nation's part, a Ukrainian girl.


  1. Use of English

T: You know that the main law of Ukraine is our constitution

  • What is the Constitution?
  • Do you know your rights?
  • What are the most important duties of each citizen?

Task 1. Remember words. Consult a dictionary.

To adopt






To secure






























To facilitate




To prohibit





Task 2. Match two parts of sentences.

  1. The Constitution is _________________________________________________________________
  2. All citizens of Ukraine _________________________________________________________________
  3. Ukraine is _________________________________________________________________
  4. On July, 28, 1996 the Verhovna Rada adopted _________________________________________________________________
  5. The Constitution secures _________________________________________________________________
  6. According to the Constitution Ukraine is _________________________________________________________________
  7. The Constitution was adopted by _________________________________________________________________
  8. One of the most important civil rights is _________________________________________________________________
  • the Ukrainian  Parliament – Verkhovna Rada.
  • Rights, freedoms and  duties of all citizens.
  • have equal rights.

     -    a presidential-parliamentary republic.

  • a fundamental law of the country
  • the right to education.
  • a sovereign, independent, democratic, social state.
  • the Constitution of Ukraine.

V . Reading

T: Read the text


On June 28, 1996 the Supreme Rada of Ukraine has adopted the Constitution of Ukraine, its Fundamental Law. The 28th of June has been proclaimed a state holiday.

The Constitution establishes the country's political system, secures rights, freedoms and duties of citizens, and is the basis for all its laws.

According to the Constitution the head of the state is the President, who is elected directly by the voters for a term of five years with no more than two full terms.

The Supreme Rada is the only body of the legislative power of Ukraine. There are 450 people's deputies who are elected for a term of five years.

The highest body of the executive power is the Cabinet of Ministers. It is responsible to the President and is accountable to the Supreme Rada.

Justice in Ukraine is exercised entirely by courts. The Supreme Court of Ukraine is the highest juridical body of general jurisdiction.



Task 1. Match pairs.

1. The main law of the country _____________________________________________

2. The head of the state ___________________________________________________

3. The highest body of the legislative power __________________________________

4. The highest body of the executive power ___________________________________

5. The bodies which exercise justice _________________________________________

6. The leader of the government ____________________________________________

7. The person who elects the power __________________________________________

8. The person who is elected to the Parliament ________________________________

(the Prime – Minister, the Constitution, a voter, courts, the Cabinet of Ministers, The President, the people`s deputy, The Supreme Rada)

Task 2. Answer the questions.

  1. What is the Constitution?


  1. When was the Constitution of Ukraine adopted?


  1. The Constitution is the basis of all laws, doesn`t it?


  1. What brunches of power are there in any democratic country?


  1. What kind of state is Ukraine?


  1. Who is the head of the state?


  1. What is the only body of legislative power?


  1. How many members does the Ukrainian Parliament consist of?


  1. What is the highest body of the executive power?


10. Who exercises justice in Ukraine?



Task 3. Read some articles of Ukrainian Constitution.

Chapter I General Principles

Розділ І Загальні засади

Article 1

Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, lawbased state.

Стаття 1

Україна є суверенна і незалеж­на, демократична, соціальна, правова держава.

Article 2

The sovereignty of Ukraine extends across its entire ter­ritory.

Ukraine is a unitary state.

The territory of Ukraine within its current frontiers is indivisible, and inviol­able.

Стаття 2

Суверенітет України поширю­ється на всю її територію. Україна є унітарною державою. Територія України в межах існуючого кордону є цілісною і недоторканною.

Article 4

In Ukraine there is a single citizenship. The bases for the acquisition and termi­nation of Ukrainian citizen­ship are prescribed by law.

Стаття 4

В Україні існує єдине грома­дянство. Підстави для набуття і припинення громадянства Ук­раїни визначаються законом.

Article 5

Ukraine is a republic. The people are the only source of power in Ukraine. The people exercise power directly and through the bo­dies of state power and local self-government.

The right to determine and amend the constitu­tional order in Ukraine be­longs solely to the people and may not be usurped by the State, its organs or officials. No one may usurp the auth­ority of the State.

Стаття 5

Україна є республікою. Єдиним джерелом влади в Україні є народ. Народ здійс­нює владу безпосередньо і че­рез органи державної влади та органи місцевого самовряду­вання. Право визначати і змінювати конституційний лад в Україні належить виключно народові і не може бути узурповане дер­жавою, її органами або посадо­вими особами. Ніхто не може узурпувати дер­жавну владу.

Article 6

State authority in Ukraine is realized on the basis of its division into legislative, ex­ecutive, and judicial power.

Organs of the legislative, executive, and judicial power exercise their authority wi­thin

the limits prescribed by this Constitution and in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

Стаття 6

Державна влада в Україні здійснюється на засадах її по­ділу на законодавчу, виконав­чу та судову. Органи законодавчої, вико­навчої та судової влади здій­снюють свої повноваження у встановлених цією Конститу­цією межах і відповідно до законів України.

Article 10

The state language in Uk­raine is the Ukrainian lan­guage.

The State guarantees the comprehensive development and use of the Ukrainian language in all spheres of society across the entire ter­ritory of Ukraine.

The unfettered develop­ment, use, and protection of Russian, other languages of national minorities in Ukraine is guaranteed.


Стаття 10

Державною мовою в Україні є українська мова.

Держава забезпечує всебічний розвиток і функціонування української мови в усіх сфе­рах суспільного життя на всій території України.

В Україні гарантується віль­ний розвиток, використання і захист російської, інших мов національних меншин Украї­ни.

Держава сприяє вивченню мов міжнародного спілкування.

Застосування мов в Україні га­рантується Конституцією Ук­раїни та визначається зако­ном.

Task 4. Read the sentences and put “Plus” if it is true and “Minus” if it is false.

The Constitution of Ukraine was adopted on behalf of Ukrainian nation –

       Ukrainian citizens of all nationalities.

Ukraine is an independent, democratic, law based state.

Ukraine is a federal state.

The citizen of Ukraine cannot be the citizen of another country.

Power in Ukraine belongs to the President and the Parliament.

The Verkhovna Rada has the right to change the Constitution.

The power in Ukraine divides into three brunches: legislative, executive and


The only state language in Ukraine is  the Ukrainian language.

     The people of Ukraine cannot use any other languages besides Ukrainian.

There are some kinds of censorship in Ukraine.

Task 5. Translate sentences into English in written.

1. 28 червня – це державне свято, День Конституції. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Конституція України забезпечує політичні права громадян. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. Державним прапором України є синьо-жовтий прапор. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Державною мовою в Україні є Українська мова. Держава гарантує вільний розвиток мов національних меншин. ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

5. Територія України є неподільною. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. Згідно з Конституцією Україна є парламентсько-президентською республікою. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7. Громадяни України мають не тільки права, а й обов’язки. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

8. Кожен громадянин віком від 18 років має право обирати. ____________________________________________________________________




T: Before you start presenting your project remember some project as­sessment points:

  • information usefulness;
  • presentation product;
  • language skills;
  • communicative skills.


Leader: Let us introduce you our project. It is a crossword. When you guess all the words you'll read the name of one of the Ukraine's wonders.


  1. The main street of Kyiv. (Khreshchatyk Street)
  2. Chief of Zaporizhian Sich, head of Sich administration. (Hetman)
  3. Who founded the Zaporizhian Sich? (Cossacks)
  4. The main city of the country. (Capital)
  5. Branch of knowledge dealing with past events of a country. (History)
  6. The founder of the Ukrainian literary language. (Shevchenko)
  7. What did Zaporizhian Cossacks cherish above all? (Freedom)
  8. The ability to behave bravely in a situation where most people would be afraid. (Courage)
  9. The longest river of Ukraine. (The Dnieper)
  10. A public announcement about something, often of national importance.


  1. The country in Eastern Europe, the name of your native country.


  1. What did Ukraine proclaim in 1991? (Sovereignty)
  2. A piece of land that is completely surrounded by water. (Island)
  3. To break into pieces, to ruin. (Destroy)


T: You were excellent at presenting project. Now each of you has an opportunity to analyse your work, to tell us about your impressions.

PI: We must learn and know the history of our country.

P2: Today's lesson has broadened our outlook. We have learned more about constitution of Ukraine.

P3:1 want to cite Byron's words: "He, who loves not his country, can love nothing". I'm proud of the cultural and historic values of Ukraine, of our Ukrainian people, of our capital.


T: Write a short essay about history of Ukraine, Ukrainian constitution.


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