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Конспект з англійської мови "BOOKS IN OUR LIFE"

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Сучасне покоління дуже мало читає, а читання іноземною мовою-одна із основних навичок здобувачів освіти для покращення рівня знань. Урок розроблений з метою заохотити здобувачів освіти до читання.
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Предмет: англійська мова

Клас: 8

Тема: Книги в нашому житті.


Ключові компетентності:

Спілкування іноземною мовою

Інформаційно-цифрова компетентність

Уміння вчитися упродовж життя

Ініціативність і підприємливість

Соціальна та громадянська компетентності


Інтегровані змістові лінії: Громадянська відповідальність (ознайомлення з розмаїттям літературної спадщини).


Обладнання: комп’ютер, мультимедійний проектор, текст для аудіювання At the Library”, завдання для контролю розуміння текст.


  1. Introduction.

Good morning, pupils! I`m glad to see you today.

The topic of our lesson is devoted to books which are the sources of knowledge and information.

Today we are going to talk about books in our life and people who write books. I hope the lesson will be interesting to you!


  1. Warming-up.

Do you like literature?

Who is your favourite writer?


Choose the name of the book and the author.

  1. Tom Sawyer                              a) J. Swift
  2. Harry Potter                               b) D. Defoe
  3. The Jungle Book                        c) J. Rowling
  4. Gulliver`s Travel                        d) J. London
  5. Winnie-the-Pooh                        e) M.Twain
  6. Robinson Crusoe                        f) R. Kipling
  7. White Fang                                 g) A. Milne


Key: 1.e, 2.c, 3.f, 4.a, 5.g, 6.b, 7.d


  1. Listening.
    1.        Pre-listening activity.

Do you go to the library?

Why do we need libraries?


  1.        Listening.

At the Library

We like reading. There are a lot of books in our country. But we can`t buy all books which we like, that`s why we go to the library. Libraries are very important in the life of people.

You can go there if you want to take out a book and read it at home or if you want to read the books at the library.

What is the library? It is a big, light room. There are many bookcases and bookshelves with a lot of books on them.

You can see novels, poems, plays, books on history, geography, arts at the library. Adventure books are very popular. You can see a reading room on the right with many tables and chairs where you can read books, newspapers and magazines. You can find millions of books by the greatest writers and poets well known all over the world.

Pupils go to the library to read books, to look through some new magazines and to prepare for their reports. The librarian helps the pupils to find the books they need. Many teachers go to the school library too. Sometimes they prepare to the lessons at the library.


  1.        Post-listening activity.
  1. Choose the right variant.

1.There are a lot of … in our country.




2.We go to the library …

a)because we can not buy all books which we need

b)to look through the magazines

c)to spend our free time

3.you can go to the library if you want …

a)to take out a book

b)to buy a book

c)to meet your friends

4.The library is …

a)a big clean room

b)a small light room

c)a big light room

5…. are very popular.

a)Historical novels

b)Adventure books

c)Fairy tales

6.You can see a reading room with …

a)many tables and chairs

b)3 tables and chairs

c)many computers

7.Pupils go to the library …

a)to spend their free time

b)to read books, to look through magazines

c)to watch films

8.Sometimes the teachers … at the school library.

a)prepare the reports

b)spend their free time

c)prepare for the lessons


  1. Find true and false statements

1.You can go to the library if you want to buy a book.(F)

2.Pupils go to the libraries to spend their free time.(F)

3.Adventure books are not very popular.(F)

4.Sometimes the teachers prepare for the lessons at the schools library.(T)


  1. Writing

Open the brackets.

His favourite book Robinson Crusoe … … (to write) by a famous writer Daniel Defoe. It … … (to publish) in 1719. It`s main character … (to live) on an island after his ship sinks. They say the book … … (to base) on a true story. No wonder, it … … (to translate) into many languages.


  1. Work in groups

1.Match the words with their definitions


1.A library                             a)is a place where you can read books

2.A librarian                          b)is a story of love with happier events

3.A reading room                   c) is a person who works with books

4.A teenager`s romance         d) is a place where you can borrow books

5.Grown-up books                  e) are the books written by adults

Key: 1.d, 2.c, 3.a, 4.b,5.e


2.Guess the names of the writers


1.An English writer who was born in Ireland in 1667. His novel “The Gulliver`s Travel” is known all over the world. (Jonathan Swift)

2.A famous English children`s writer. His first book appeared in 1865. It was a fairy-tale about a small girl and her adventures in wonderful land. (Lewis Carroll)


3.An English writer, he was born in India. One of books was called “The Jungle Book” where the main hero is Mowgli. (Rudyard Kipling)

4.The main hero of his book is Robinson Crusoe. (Daniel Defoe)


5.A British writer. He was born in Scotland and created a famous character- the detective Sherlock Holmes. (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

6.A modern English writer, she was born 1965, she wrote her first book at 5 or 6 years old, her first book about Harry Potter was published in 1997. (J.K.Rowling)


  1. Summing-up.

Today we have got a lot of information about books and now we have to sum up. So, why do we need books? Express your ideas.


  1. Hometask.

Your hometask will be to write a mind map “Books in my life”.


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