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Контрольна робота з читання для 7-го класу: "Household chores"

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Дана контрольна робота даю можливість перевірити навички та вміння учнів 7-х класів з читання по темі: "Household chores".
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Text for Reading

Household chores

Doing the household chores is a necessary part of our life. I am Ban and I have a lot of duties. My parents are often tired and I must take care of them. Everybody is happy when their home is bright and clean.

I think that doing any household chores is fun. I sweep the floor, tidy my room, clean the shoes, dust the furniture, make food myself and do every kind of work. It`s not easy to do every kind of work at home, but I try to learn doing everything myself.

Very often I go to the market with my mother. We buy some vegetables and fruit. Then I help my mother to carry them.

We have got a country house. There is a big garden with many trees, bushes and flowers in it. There is a lot of work in our garden as well and I help my parents do it. We sweep the yard, cut away dry and useless branches of the trees weed the flowerbeds and look after our dog.

I usually clean my flat on Friday. I believe that doing some chores makes a man feel fine and satisfied with his own life.



Reading  (the first term)

  1. Choose the correct word.


1.Ben usually has a lot of… (fun, duties).

  1. Everybody likes it when their house is… (tidy, dirty).
  2. Ben often goes to the market with his… (father, mother).
  3. Ben`s family keeps a… (dog, cat) in their country house.


2.Match two parts of the sentences.


1Ben has to take care of … . a) the things they buy

2He does every kind of… .           b) dry branches of the trees

3.Ben helps his mother to carry… . c) his parents

4. In the village they cut away… . d) work


3.Choose the correct answer.


  1. Are Ben`s parents often tired?
  2. Yes, they aren`t. b) No, they are.  c) Yes, they are.
  3. Does Ben sweep the floor?
  4. Yes, he do.       b) Yes, he does.   c) No, he does.
  5. What do they buy at the market?
  6. Fish b) Meat                 c) Fruit
  7. Is there a big garden in the village?
  8. Yes, there isn`t. b) No, there is.  c) Yes, there is.



Nakonechnyi Vitalii Romanovych
28 липня 2019
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