КВК "Знавці англійської мови."

Про матеріал

Матеріал можна використати у позакласній роботі з англійської мови з метою збагачення знаннями студентів про англійську мову. Мотивувати студентів до вивчення англійської мови, правильно використовувати її у живому спілкуванні,підвести до усвідомлення необхідності та важливості вивчення англійської мови.,збагачувати словниковий запас студентів, тренувати в діалогічному та монологічному мовленні. Розвивати логічне мовлення, увагу,уяву та пізнавальний інтерес.Виховувати взаємопідтримку, взаємоповагу та заохочувати до творчості, прищеплювати любов до вивчення іноземної мови.

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"Знавці англійської мови"














Good attention. Ladies and gentlemen! We've gathered here today to hold the
competition of the many and quick witted between the teams of the II a and II b

We ask the teams to come put to the stage. As we see this is the team "The
Connoissers" (знатоки) and the Captain is       and this is the team "The smart fellows"
(умники) and the captain is...

Let's have the sortition to know which team will be the first to appear. First of all
we'll see the greetings of the teams.

Well, the floor is given to the team "The smart fellows", (after greeting).

Thank you. The next team is the team "The Connoissers". You are welcome. Jury,
will you show the marks of the teams'?

And now we're starting. Each team will receive a task to solve which you will
given some minutes.



The first task is a funny one. One student from each team goes to the blackboard.
We'll see how you can paint. I'll cover your eyes with a scarf. Let's draw the portraits
according to the dictation. For example. Will you draw the cat (the face of man)

  •       the eyes of the man? -   his body?
  •       his nose? -   his ears?

Thank you jury, will you give us the marks?



The next round is a lot of new words in a well - known proverb find as many words
as possible. The words are hiden inside other words and it needs some thinking to
discover them.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. (Кто не сидит на месте, добра не наживет).

You'll start your search at the word "Go". 5 minutes is given to you. For example, on,
not, in, table, tent etc.

When this period of time is over, the jury counts the words, compare them and cross the same ones out. The team which has the largest number is the winner.


The next round is a word puzzle. You'll have to fill in the answers to this puzzle with no words. Each of the answer can be completed by adding letters to no.

Part of the face no____________________

Frozen rain no _____________________

Month no___________________________

Brief letter no_______________________

Мusical instruments________no________ 

Study of stars____________no_________ 

This minute no_____________________

Uproar no ________________________



Make new words.

The next contest is the following - you'll given a number of words without the first letter. At the command "Go" the players will start completing the words. The jury compares the words formed by the players.

ore and ond ave

air eal atch ine

and ain oice ose

end ult ast eat

etter old ame

ing ight ow

est een oon



While the teams are working you'll be given the riddles. You can bring your team an
additional score.

  1.   What is the longest word in the English e) What river does it stand on?
    language? f) What is the highest mountain in Great
  2.   (smile-because there is a mile in it). Britain?
  3.   What part of Great Britain is described g) What is the capital of the USA?
    by Robert Burns? h) What river is connected with Tom
  4.   What town was W. Shakespeare born? Sawyer?



The next contest is as follows: you are given sheets of papers with words in turn each team says a word and the opponent should quickly find and say the rhyming twin. We'll see what kings of poets you are.

The first of words for this game:

A: meat; wink; bright; same; key; healthy; rather; funny; introduce; tower; be on; hotel; light; pleasure; life; near; rise; wealth; line; sit; fat; told; said; man; weather; airport.
B: right; think; seat; name; slow; tell; wealthy; father; sunny; produce; shower; soon; tall;
night; leisure; wife; here; size; health; nine; fit; cat; cold; bed; fun; leather; passport.



The next round is the following. Act as teacher, find and correct mistakes:

  1.   The table are dirty. 1. He said he will take a taxi.
  2.   What is you doing? 2. We is not in the assembly hall.
  3.   He play tennis every day. 3. My camera has made in Japan.
  4.   I will give you my book if you will come 4. He can to play tennis well.



Each team is given a part of saying of a proverb. The team is to find the rhyming partner to make a proverb.

he laughs best Who laugh fast

all is well that end is well

actors speak louder than words

one is never too old to learn

early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy

an apple a day wealthy and wise

as you sow keeps a doctor away

haste you will mow

makes waste


Now its time for captains contest. You see the captains on the stage. The first task is the following.

We'll see who is the best tennis player between you. You must throw a ball telling a word concerning Great Britain:

  1. London -  Trafalgar Square. The Thames - the Severn, etc
  2. One of you must ask questions and your partner must answer from the letter S (for


What is your name? Where are you going?

Sam. to Spain.

What's your surname? What subject do you Ike best?

Smith. Science

When are you from? What is your hobby?

from Scotland. Swimming, etc.


TASK 10.

Every team is given the task to name the words which must begin only from the letter: "B" or "W". Every member of the team must write one word: You'll start with the command "Go!"


TASK 11.

The next contest is called "Find the opposite to me". The team names the words and finds the

antonomy partner

a) the first team will start

remember - forget poor - rich

above - below high - low

present - absent the best - the worst

night - day slow - fast

enter - to go out difficult - easy

then the teams leave change than roles:


TASK 12.

The next round is called "Sketches from the life". I want the actors from each team to come
here. You'll be given some minutes to dramatize jokes. We'll see how you can cope with this
task and act. Take the jokes and get ready to act them.


Scene I.

Bobby (a lazy-bone) Where is Mummy/ would prefer her to Dad (keeping a record- book in his hand and looking side - ways and backwards as if being afraid that somebody can see him).

His Dad a sitting and ridding a newspaper.
Suddenly Bob smiles: Idea! Brilliant idea!
Dad: Do you her me?
Mr. Brown: Yes. Bobby.
В.: Stop reading your newspaper.
Mr. Brown: What do you want, Bobby?

В.: You see, Dad, John says his father is letter than you. But I think he is wrong. You are
letter than John's father. You can do everything. Can you, Dad?
Mr. Brown: Yes, I can.

В.: Then, Dad, can you write your name with your eyes shut?
Mr. Brown: (shutting his eyes). When must I write?

В.: Right here Dad. Many thanks. Mr. Brown continues reading the newspaper. Bobby opens
his record-book in which no other marks but "two-s" can be seen.

Scene II.
What is the going to be?
Conductor: How old is this boy?
Mother: Four

Conductor: How old are you sonny?
Son: Four
Conductor: Well, let him ride free this time, but know what he is going to be in the

Mother: What he is going to do?
Conductor: Either a giant or liar.


TASK 13.

The next contest is called "School subject". In the table the names of some school subjects are written but the letters are mixed up. Be quick change the order of the letters and then you will read the names of the school subjects:






TASK 14.

Now will see the homework of the teams. The first team: Listen! Look! Enjoy two
Englishmen have a talk on the phone. One the man's name is Mr. Speke. The second name is
Mr. Walt.

  • Are you there? Are you there W? No, I'm not there I'm here.
  • What's your name?
  • Walt.
  • Sorry.
  • What's my name.
  • That's what I asked you what's your name.
  • That's what I told you what's my name.
  • Oh, I see now. I didn't understand.
  • Who are you?
  • Speks.

-1 do speak. What's your name?

  • My name's Speke. I want to speak to Day.
  • You can speak today. I can hear you.

-1 don't want to speak to you. I want hear you speak to Day! to Day! to Day!

  • At what time?
  • Now! I want to speak to Day.
  • It's today now, Speke, speak, speak.
  • But I want to Steve Day now!
  • Oh, now I see. You can't speak to Day today. He doesn't want to Speke today. He told me about it.

Team 2.

Now you'll see the scene "Calm yourself.
P. Am I getting letter, Doctor.
D. As you know you are still M.
P. But tell me the truth, doctor. Do I have any hope?

D. I've read many medical books and I have done a lot of research on your problem.
P. Please, tell me the truth, no matter what it is.
D. You are going to get letter.

P. Wonderful. But the other doctor told me I would die anyway. How can say so.
D. Don't worry. 10% of people with this disease get letter.
P. Only 10%. You are a lier.

D. Calm yourself. You are the 10th patient that I've treated for this disease.
P. So what I still can't understand.
D. Simple mathematics. You are the 10  patient. You have to get letter because the other 9



It's high time for this jury to tell us the final result of our competition.

We congratulate both of the teams for participating in it and wash everybody good in

studying English, and losers don't be upset cheer up!

Today the fortune was on the side of... and tomorrow it v/ill be on your side. You

must only believe in yourself.


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