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"Kyiv and sights"розробка уроку.

Про матеріал

Вдосконалення навичок говоріння з даної теми, активізація лексичних одиниць в усному та писемному мовленні учнів; ознайомити учнів з визначними місцями столиці, прищеплювати почуття поваги та любові до Батьківщини.

Перегляд файлу

Lesson Plan

Form: 5

Topic: Kyiv and sights.

Aim: to develop speaking skills on the given topic; to activate lexical units in oral and written speech; to acquaint the pupils with places of interest of the capital; to inculcate the feelings of respect and love of our Motherland.

Equipment: text- books, pictures of Kyiv sights, Ukrainian state symbols, cards/phrases of  agreement/disagreement/teaching cards.


  1. Introduction.

Phonetic drill

I’m a student

I’m a good student.

I’m a clever student.

I’m a talent student.

I’m fantastic student

Warming – up

Find your compatriot.

The class is divided for group work. The pupils are given the cards containing questions and answers about different countries and their capitals. They walk around the class – room trying to find their partners asking questions from the cards. If they’ve found a partner, they stay together.

The Main Body.

Activity 1/lexical units

“Calling associations”

T: What associates in your mind with the word “Kyiv”.






The pupils write the words in and then make up their own sentences with them.

Activity 2.

      The class in divided into several groups. Each group is given a set of sentences in which the words are mixed. The task is to write the words in the correct order to get sentences in the shortest time:

  1. Famous/ is/Kyiv/its/parks/for/attractive.
  2. Year/visit/Kyiv/people/every/Many.
  3. Has/transport/city/well-developed/the/a/system.
  4. Are/many/galleries/Kyiv/in/art/system.
  5. Proud/capital/Ukrainians/of/their/The.

Activity 3.

True and False Statements.

  1. The main city of our country is Lviv. (-)
  2. Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe. (+)
  3. The capital is situated on the picturesque banks of the Dnipro River. (+)
  4. More than 1 million people Lviv in Kyiv. (-)
  5. The city is green and beautiful. (+)
  6. A lime- tree is a symbol of Kyiv. (-)
  7. There are no sights in Kyiv. (-)
  8. The city is famous for its old and beautiful churches and cathedrals. (+)
  9. The main street of the capital is Volodymyrska street. (-)
  10. Kyiv antis are proud of their capital. (+)

Activity 4

Read and match.

This kind of work is taken from the textbook.

Activity 5.

Pair work.

The phrases of a short dialogue is written on the blackboard are not completed.

The pictures of Kyiv sights are on the blackboard too. The pupils make up their own dialogues filling the gaps in the phrases according to their likings:

Ps: I’d like to visit ….. and what about you?

Ps: As for me, I’m eager to see….. (too)

  1. Conclusion.


Let’s summarize what you can already say about our capital. Take turns in crossing out a word written on the blackboard and making your own sentence.






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