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Контрольна робота з англійської мови для 11-го класу на тему: "Students' Life"

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Контрольна робота з англійської мови для 11-го класу на тему: "Students' Life". Метою контрольної роботи є перевірити рівень мовної та комунікативної компетенції за темою; розвивати пам'ять, увагу, мислення та мовлення учнів; виховувати самостійність.

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Topic 1.  Students’ Life

 Form ________   Group ____________

Name ___________   Surname ____________________


I. Vocabulary 

Match the following words with their definitions   

1)  memorable                            a) to have information about something

2)  autonomous                      b)  to succeed in an examination or test

3) a strategy                       c)  to give lessons in  a school, college, or university, or to help someone learn about something by  giving them information

4)  a target                             d)  to not pass a test  or  examination

5) to take responsibility for   e) to spend time reading, going to classes etc in order to understand new ideas and facts

6)  to teach                              f)  something that you are trying to achieve, such as a total, an amount, or a time

7)  to learn                                   g) a planned series of actions for achieving something

8) to fail an exam                h)  agree to be in charge of something or someone

9)  to pass an exam               i)  to get new knowledge or skills

10)  to find out                                j) to get information, after trying to discover it or by chance

11)    to know                                      k)  very good, enjoyable, or unusual, and worth remembering

12)  to study                                  l) having the ability to work and make decisions by yourself without any help from anyone else

13) to join                                      m) to become a member  of an organization


II. Grammar

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate form of the verb in brackets.

  1. If I had time, I __________( to go) shopping with you.
  2. If you ___________(to speak) English, you will get along with them perfectly.
  3. I would have told you, if I__________________( to see) him.
  4. If she ______________(to come) to see us, we will go to the zoo.
  5. If my father ____________(not/to pick up) me up, I'll take the bus home.
  6. If they had gone for a walk, they _____________(to turn) the lights off.
  7. If you (go) ________out with your friends tonight, I (watch) _____________the football match on TV.
  8. If I ________(to be) stronger, I'd help you carry the piano.
  9. If I _______________________(not/to study), I would not have passed the exam.
  10. He will be in a bad mood when we arrive if he ___________________(to wait) for long.
  11. If Andy gets a scholarship, he _________________(to study) at Cambridge this time next year.
  12. If you don’t stop soon, we__________________(to drive) for three hours without a break.
  13. They’ll get lost unless they ________________(to be) there before.


III. Reading 

Read the following text and complete the gaps with words from the table.

Grading is a (1) ___________used in schools to (2) _________students’ achievements. Almost every (3)___________keeps a record of each student's (4)____________in order to have some basis for measuring his (5)_____________.The record supplies information for (6) ____________to parents. Universities and (7) ______________often use this information to help determine whether they should (8) _________a student. For a long time, the most (9)_________method of recording achievement was by (10) ___________ .A few schools use no (11) __________system at all. Instead, each(12) __________writes a detailed (13) __________to the parents. Such letters report the student's progress,(14) _______, activities, and social adjustment.


Achievements, admit, attitude, colleges, common, letter, marking, method, percentage, progress, record     reports, school, teacher             


IV. Writing

 Comment on the following quotations (10-15 sentences). You can choose one of them.

  1. To choose time is to save time
  2. The more languages you know the more you are a human being.
  3. Language is the most powerful tool we have for reaching out to others
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