Тести від «На Урок»: Організація дистанційної роботи під час карантину

Object pronouns.The verb Must

Про матеріал

Контрольна робота з англійської мови для учнів 5 класу. Завдання: заповнити пропуски з object pronoun, доповніть речення правильними займенниками , заповнити пропуски модальними дієсловами must/mustn't.

Перегляд файлу

1 Use object pronouns to replace the words in bold


1.A:.Do you like board games?

B:No,I don't like_____________

2.This is my favourite CD.

Listen to _______

3.My sister has got long fair hair and blue eyes. Do you know _________?

4.Justine and I are in this photo.

Can you see_______?

5.Kevin,your father is tired.Can you help________?

6.They don't feel well.Can you take__________home?


2.Complete the sentences with the correct pronouns


1.Your T-shirt is on the sofa.Put__________in the wardrobe.

2.My favoutite singer is Beyonce.Do you like_________?

3.This is Ken. __________is my cousin

4.David hasn't got a pen.Give_____________this red pen.

5.I'am late for school.Can you give__________a lift?

6.Look at_________! You look silly with that dress.

7.Ben and Charlie are at the park.Let's go meet______there.

8.Mike and I are Italian. ___________don't speak Spanish


3.Complete the sentences with must/mustn't


1.____________I wash the car now?

I can do it later.

2.We__________leave.We'are late for the party.

3.You _____________ talk in the library.

4.You______________feed the animals at the zoo.

5.You __________call her.It's her birthday!

6.You ____________study for your test tomorrow.


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