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Олімпіада "Олімпіада 3 клас"

Про матеріал
Завдання розробленні для учнів 3 класу. При розробці завдань використано теми , що стосуються програми. Можна використати під час проведення тижня іноземної мови.
Перегляд файлу

                      ОЛІМПІАДНІ ЗАВДАННЯ  3 КЛАС.

 Listening - по 3 бали.
Hello! My name is Alex. I’m American. I live in New York. I’m 14. I have a family. My father is Mr. Green. He is 46. He is a taxi – driver. He drivers cars. His hobby is drawing. My mother is Mrs. Green. She is a housewife. She works about  the house. She likes cooking. My older sister Ann is 17. She is a student. She wants to be a doctor. She want to treat people. I have got a brother. His name is Bill. He is 6. He does not go to school. His hobby is singing. Nick likes playing with his ball. Our family is happy. We have got many friends. We love each other very much.

1.True (T) or false (F).
1. This text is about my friend’s family.
2. Boy’s name is Nick.
3. He live in London.
4. His family is big.
5. His father Mr. Green.
6. He drives cars.
7. His mother is a manager.
8. She like cooking.
9. He has got a sister and a brother.
10. His brother is older than his sister.

Reading – по 5 балів.

It is summer. The weather is hot. It is sunny. The sky is blue. Sometimes it is rainy. Days are long and nights are short. The trees are green. There are many flowers in the parks and yards. The birds are flying. Children don’t go to school. They have got summer holidays. They can swim and play. They go to the cinema and visit animals in the zoo. They eat many fruit: apples, pears, grapes, water-melons and others. Summer is my favourite season.
1.True (T) or false (F)
1. This text is about winter.
2. The weather is cold.
3. It is always rainy.
4. The trees are green.
5. There are many birds in the parks.
6. Children don’t go to the school.
7. They eat many fruits.

2. Choose the right answers.
1. It is …
a). spring                                        c). autumn
b). summer                                     d). winter
2. It is …
a). warm                                          c). rainy
b). cool                                            d). sunny
3. Day are…
a). big                                              c). bad
b). small                                          d). long
4. The trees are …
a). nice                                             c). yellow
b). big                                              d). green
5. The birds are … in the sky.
a). eating                                          c). flying
b). singing                                        d). sitting
6. Children have got … holidays.
a). winter                                         c). summer
b). spring                                         d). autumn
7. They can … and …
a). swim                                          c). play
b). fly                                              d). climb
8. They eat many fruits …
a). apples                                        d). onions
b). pears                                          e). water-melons
c). grapes

3. Put these words in the correct order.
1.It/ summer/ is.
2. is/ sky/ blue/The.
3. trees/ The/ green/ are.
4. Are flying/ The birds/ sky/ in the.
5. don’t go/ Children/ to/ school.
6. summer/ They/ holidays/ have got.
7. Summer/ my/ favourite/ is/ season.

Writing – 30 балів
Choose one of the topics for your composition.
About yourself.
About your family.
About your pet.

Speaking – 34 бали
Choose one of the topics for your composition.
My family. My mother. My father. My hobby. My sport. My pet. Winter. Spring. Summer. Autumn. My room. My toys. On a farm. In the zoo.












Кількість балів ____________.

Прізвище учня (учениці) ________________________________.


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