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IMG_256Mickey Mouse: Hey! Hi! Hello! I am greeting you at our school English meeting. Today all of you and I are spending 45 minutes together. Ооps! Do you know who am I? Let me introduce myself. I am Mickey Mouse. I hope we will have fun together. And invite you to the magic trip.

Children (together): Mickey Mouse, where do we go?

Mickey Mouse: Dear pupils. I have a nice surprise for you. I love a surprise. And you? Please share your ideas with me. What place is it? Begin your questions with the words: Do we go ….

Children (together). Do we go to the park?

Mickey Mouse: No we don't.

Children (together). Do we go to the excursion?

 Mickey Mouse: No we don't.

Children (together). Do we go to the forest?

Mickey Mouse : No we don't.

Children (together). Do we go to the skating-rink?

 Mickey Mouse: No we don't.

Children (together).  Do we go to the theatre?

Mickey Mouse: No we don't.

Children (together).  Do we go to the circus?

Mickey Mouse: No we don't.

Children (together): Mike Mouse, we don't know?


Mickey Mouse: Oh, it's fantastic place. I am sure you'll like it. Kids I have something for you. Let's watch my favourite cartoon. Перегляд відео (“Disney's Animals”)


Mickey Mouse: It 's easy pease! Okay where do we go?

Children (together): To the zoo.

Mickey Mouse: Yes, we go to the Zoo. Let's start our trip! And I give you your tickets for our trip. You will fill it in. But right now you need to say the rules in the zoo. Look at the rules and repeat: Wild amimals. Can be dangerous. If you see one. Be careful. Run away.”

(Учитель кожному учню роздає білети для мандрівки в зоопарк. В білеті треба вписати cвоє прізвище та імя.)  (білет у подорож)




 Name ________________________Surname______________



Mickey Mouse: I am happy that we will visit the zoo together. Of course friends we can get there by bus. Could you please stand up and go to the station in the middle of the room. Excellent! So as you can guess we  take a bus. Please stand one by one. All right everybody move to the next side of the room and sing the song “Wild amimals. Can be dangerous. If you see one. Be careful. Run away.”


Children (together): “Wild amimals. Can be dangerous. If you see one. Be careful. Run away.”


Mickey Mouse: Hooray! We have done it. Right now we are at the zoo. Look, what can you see?

Children (together): Wild amimals.


Mickey Mouse: You are awersome. Okay shhh let's listen to them. (Драматизація)               


IMG_256Zebra: Hello! Who are you?

IMG_256Tiger: Hello! I am a tiger. And you?

IMG_256Zebra: I am a zebra. Do you like zebraS?

IMG_256Tiger: Yes, I do. You are very fast! And do you like tigerS?

IMG_256Zebra: Yes, I like tigerS. You are strong. Children like you .

IMG_256Monkey: No, no. Children like me.

IMG_256Tiger: Oh, who are you?

IMG_256Monkey: I am a monkey. I am very beautiful. Children play,sing and dance with me.

IMG_256Zebra: Stop, stop, stop. I think that children like all animalS. Sshhh! I see little children here. Stop talking.

 Mickey Mouse: Who are talking?

Children:  Zebra, monkey, tiger are talking.

Mickey Mouse: What animals do you like?

Pupil 1: I like zebraS.

Pupil 2: I like monkeyS.


(Учитель в ігровій формі знайомить дітей з першою тваринкою в зоопарку. Показує дітям тваринку, яка знаходиться у першій клітці.) Звучить музика.


Mickey Mouse: It was super. High five. Now we come to the first cage. Meet the monkey Lilly. Lilly is a very friendly monkey and likes to speak in funny voices.  


IMG_256Monkey Lilly: Hello, kids. Welcome to the magic zoo. I can speak English with you. That's why we are going to play a simlpe game. Come to the carpet. Under the carpet there are many green, red, pink ribbons. In turns pull it and I tell what you see. I will help you. Get to work!





Mickey Mouse: Well done, children! Now we can walk to the next cage. Meet the Bear Bob. It also has a task for you.



 Bear Bob: Wow, there are so many children! I always have a lot of fun. So come and play with me! You can see a road in the floor. There are some flashcards on it. Step by step on it and name what you see in the flashcards . Describe these crazy animals. (Using bubble wrap to make a road for game)  (Speaking.)

It has got an elephant's head, a kangaroo's body and a crocodile's tail.

It has got a giraffe's head, a zebra's body and a tiger's tail.

It has got a rabbit's head, a frog's body and a lion's tail.


Mickey Mouse:  Our trip is going on. We move to the third cage. Meet the parrot. It's name is Tosha. Tosha, what do we have to do?


 IMG_256Parrot Tosha: Be very attentively, because we play a funny game “Pizza on the move”. You should run around in circle, when I say “stop” you shoud stop near some cards. After that in turns describe the picture in front of you. (speaking)


  • For example: The elephant eatS soup.



  • The tiger eatS pizza.
  • The crocodile eatS  biscuit.
  • The giraffe eatS  ice cream.                                  
  • The elephant eatS soup.
  • The wolf eatS salad.    
  • The zebra  eatS cheese.
  • The lion eatS nuts.
  • The squirrel eatS  meat.


Mickey Mouse: Well, kids. Nice job. It's time to go to the next cage. Meet elephant. It's Ben. It has a very interesting task for you.


Elephant Ben: IMG_256 Read the description of the animals and guess. What it is? Show a correct picture. (Reading and pointing)


It's very long. It hasn't got any legs. It eats small animals. It's dangerous.

It's a (snake)                                                                        

It's very small. It has got a long tail. It's grey. It likes cheese.  It's a (mouse)                                                                                It's very big. It's strong. It lives in Africa. It has got four legs and a long nose — a trunk.

It's an (elephant)

It's a black and white horse. It lives in Africa. It eats grass.  It's a (zebra) 

It has got fingers. It can climb trees. It's brown. It lives Africa and Asia. It' s a (monkey)

This animal is a big cat. It can climb trees and it eats meat. It's brown. It s a (lion)

This animal is very dangerous. It lives in rivers in Africa.It's got big teeth, a long tail and short legs. It's green. It's a (crocodile)

It's very small. It can swim and jump. It is green. It's a (frog)


Mickey Mouse: Well, it is last cage for our trip. It's a tiger. Listen to it's task.

IMG_256Tiger: Describe the favourite animal after next categories. (speaking )


What animal is it? (name)

a lion

I like a lion.


yellow fur

It has yellow fur.

parts of body

a big body with a long tail, little ears

The lion has got a big body with a long tail. Its ears are little. Its teeth are sharp.

What does it eat? (food)


The lion eats meat.

What can it do?

run and jump

 It can run and jump.

What can`t it do?


But it can`t fly.












Mickey Mouse: So, dear friends our trip to the zoo is over. What animals do you like in our trip?  I would like to ask you write some sentence about it. We all got a piece of paper. It looks like a food for animals.

Pupil 1:  I like monkey Lilly. Monkey Lilly is funny. It has long tail.


Mickey Mouse: Now, you can feed animals and read your sentences. Now you have tickets that will remind you of this interesting trip. I hope it left for you only good emotions.









































Вчитель англійської мови

Максатова Тетяна Володимирівна








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