Презентація до уроку з англ.мови у 7 кл. з теми '' London Sights ''.

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Презентація до уроку у 7 кл. за темою : " London Sights '' допоможе вчителю при проведенні уроку. В презентації представлені естетично- оформлені слайди з визначними місцями Лондону та підібрані завдання і країнознавчий матеріал, який зацікавить учнів на уроці.

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London Sights Tetiana Larina - the teacher of English School № 4 Zhmerynka - 2018

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Pronounce the words The Tower of London Tower Bridge/ London Bridge St. Paul’s Cathedral The Thames Westminster Abbey Trafalgar Square Buckingham Palace The Houses of Parliament St. James’ Park Christopher Wren Whispering Gallery William the Conqueror

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Find the words with sounds [ou], [i:], [ei], Roadways One road leads to London One road runs to Wales My road leads me seawards To the white dipping sails One road leads to the river As it goes singing slow, My road leads to shipping Where the bronzed sailors go

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Around London

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Buckingham Palace is the official London residence and principal workplace of the British monarch. The palace isn't open to the public. When the flag is flying on the top the Queen is at home. Buckingham Palace

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The Houses of Parliament is the seat of the British Government. It is also known as the Palace of Westminster. Big Ben is the name of the clock on the Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament. Houses of Parliament

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Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square, the largest square in London, is often considered the heart of London.In the centre of Trafalgar Square there is a big column. At the top of the column there is a statue of Admiral Nelson who had to fight the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. You can feed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square. It is also famous for its fountains.

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London Eye is on the Thames. It's the largest observation wheel in the world and it's very popular with tourists. London Eye

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Madame Tussauds is a museum that contains wax models of famous people including The Royal Family, world leaders and music legends.

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The Tower of London was a fortress, a castle, a prison and a zoo. Now it's the oldest museum in London. The Tower of London

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It is the traditional place of coronation and burial site for British monarchs of the Commonwealth realms. It is the most beautiful church and one of the oldest parts of Westminster. Many English kings and queens are buried in Westminster. Westminster Abbey

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Three hundred years ago Greenwich was a village and now it is a part of London. Queen Elizabeth I lived in the Greenwich Palace. The Greenwich Observatory is the center of time and space because the prime meridian of the Earth, which divides east from west passes there. If you stand over the line, you can have one foot in each hemisphere. The Greenwich Observatory

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Oxford Street is one of London's most popular shopping destinations. It stands on the river Thames. England’s oldest and best university is there.

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1. Match the pairs столиця bridge прекрасна церква across the river діловий центр tower відомий парк ravens міст a beautiful church королева capital ворони business centre башта Queen через річку a famous park

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2. Match the pictures and the sights. 1. Oxford Street 2. Greenwich 3. Madame Tussaud's

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4. Buckingham Palace 5. The Tower of London 6. The London Eye

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7. Trafalgar Square 8. The Houses of Parliament 9. Westminster Abbey

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3.Guess the sight of London 1. One of the largest and oldest cathedrals in Europe: • Westminster Abbey • the Tower • St. Paul's Cathedral 2. The seat of the Government: • the Tower • the Houses of Parliament • Buckingham Palace 3. The largest clock in Britain: • London Eye • Big Ben • the Tower

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4. A symbol of English tradition: • Westminster Abbey • The Tower • The London Eye 5. The official residence of the Queen: • Westminster Abbey • The Houses of Parliament • Buckingham Palace

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4. Finish the sentences London is on the river… The population is about… The most famous bridge is… Now London Tower is a famous…

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5. Name the places you see in the photos

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Homework Imagine that you work in a travel agency. You have a visitor at the moment. Tell him about one of the sights of London.

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Thank you for the lesson!!!

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