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У будівництві моста довжиною 265 метрів було залучено п'ять підрядників та близько 450 робітників. Для будівництва каркасу потрібні 11 000 тонн сталі. У той час багато людей не любили свій вікторіанський готичний дизайн, але з плином часу міст став одним з найвідоміших символів Лондона.

Лондонський Тауер був побудований на початку 11-го століття завойовником Вільяма. Вежа була розширена протягом 13 століття у фортеці, який ми сьогодні знаємо.

У ранні часи це була в'язниця. Тепер це музей.

Найпопулярнішою визначною пам'яткою вежі є його знаменита колекція коштовних каменів.

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LONDON S i g h t s e e i n g T o u r s Svitlana Anatolyivna Kalko, School 6, Bila Tserkva Culture Clips

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London Bridge Five contractors and nearly 450 workers were involved in the construction of the 265 meter long bridge. It took 11,000 tons of steel to build the framework. At the time many people disliked its Victorian Gothic design, but over time the bridge became one of London’s most famous symbols.

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London’s most famous symbol The bridge is built in Victorian Gothic style. It became one of London’s most famous symbols. Five designers and nearly 450 workers were involved in the construction of the bridge. It is 265 meter long. It took 11,000 tons of steel to build the framework.

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The Tower of London The Tower of London was built at the beginning of the 11th century by William the conqueror. The tower was expanded during the 13th century into the fortified complex that we know today. In early times it was a prison. Now it is a museum. The Tower's most popular attraction is its famous collection of Crown Jewels.

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Big Ben When most people heat the words "Big Ben" they immediately conjure up an image of the striking Victorian Gothic structure of the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster (the Houses of Parliament. The name "Big Ben" does not refer to the famous tower, nor to the four huge clock faces of this London landmark; instead, it refers to the largest of the five bells inside the clock tower, whose chimes are such a familiar sound to listeners to BBC radio over the years.

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The Clock Tower and The Hour Bell The clock tower of the Palace of Westminster took 13 years to build, and was completed in 1856. The tower is 316 feet high. The Hour Bell Big Ben - the hour bell - is said to have been named after Sir Benjamin Hall, Commissioner of Works, who was known for his bulk, as is the bell! The hour bell of Big Ben is 8 feet in diameter, weighs 13.5 tonns.

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Westminster Abbey There may have been a Christian church on Thorney Island as early as 604 AD, just eight years after the first Christian mission under St Augustine landed near Canterbury in 596 AD. In that same year of 604, Ethelbert, uncle of the king of the East Saxons, founded St Paul's in the City of London. . But it is to one man that we owe the marvellous church we can see today. Edward the Confessor (1042-1066) had a vision of an eclesiastic-royal complex including a palace with a large monastery and an abbey church suitable for royal functions and burials.

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The Tradition of Royal Coronations

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Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is the home of the royal family. A flag is hoisted each time when the Queen is in her residence. The palace has about 600 rooms, including a throne room, a ballroom, picture gallery and a swimming pool.

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Changing of the Guard The changing of the guard takes place daily at 11 o'clock in front of Buckingham Palace. A colorfully dressed detachment, known as the New Guard, parades along the Mall towards Buckingham Palace and during a ceremony replaces the existing, Old Guard.

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Banqueting House

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The London Eye The London Eye is the world’s largest wheel. It is also Britain’s beautiful new landmark for the Millennium, and gives people a new and exiting way to see London. It is located in the Jubilee Gardens The wheel opened in January 2000. It is 135 metes high and it weights 1.500 tonnes.

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The Observation Wheel People ride on the wheel in glass ‘capsules’. There are thirty two ‘capsules’ and each one takes twenty –five people. The wheel can take 1.500 passengers every hour. It turns very slowly and never stops, so you have to jump up and off.

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Internet Resources www.bbc.co.uk / worldservice

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