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Презентація Power Point для виховного заходу "St. Nicolas"

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Презентація Power Point для виховного заходу "St. Nicolas". в презентації представлене життя та діяльність святого Миколая. презентація є частиною виховного заходу (дивіться у моїх розробках)

Зміст слайдів
Номер слайду 1

St. Nicolas’ Life and his deeds

Номер слайду 2

Myra. A long time ago, in a country far away, in a town Myra, lived a man who loved God very much.

Номер слайду 3

Decision to follow Jesus. He loved God with all his heart and his neighbors as himself. His name was Nicholas. When he was a boy parents told him about Jesus. Nicholas wanted to live the way Jesus taught. When Nicholas was a teenager a terrible sickness came to his town. Many people died including his parents. Nicholas went to live with his uncle who was a bishop in the church. His uncle taught him more about God. Nicholas' parents were rich and after they died, Nicholas was rich, too. Nicholas decided to do what Jesus said, to "sell all you have and give to the poor."

Номер слайду 4

ST. Nicolas calms the storm. When he grew to be a young man, Nicholas decided to visit Holy Land. But his journey home was not without difficulties. A few nights a violent storm arose and the ship was close to falling apart. So Nicholas cried out to God in prayer. Soon the storm calmed and the waters were peaceful.

Номер слайду 5

Nicolas – a bishop. Early one morning Nicholas came to church. Many bishops were there to choose a new bishop. The oldest bishop had dreamed that the first person to come that morning would be named "Nicholas" and he should be the new bishop.

Номер слайду 6

Nicholas ordained to priesthood. At first Nicholas said that he was too young, but the bishops said it was what God wanted. So Nicholas was ordained a bishop in the city of Myra.

Номер слайду 7

Securing grain for the people of Myra. Once it didn't rain for a long time and the ground was so dry crops couldn't grow. There was almost no food and people were hungry. They thought they might starve and die. A ship loaded with wheat came to the city. Bishop Nicholas wanted to buy wheat so everyone would have something to eat. The ship's captain said he would get in trouble if any of the wheat was sold. Nicholas told the captain it would be all right and not to worry.

Номер слайду 8

Starvation. The wheat fed everyone for two years. And enough was left to plant and bring an end to the famine. Nicholas had saved the people!

Номер слайду 9

Innocent Men        Another time three innocent men were going to be killed for something they hadn't done. When Bishop Nicholas heard about this, he ran to the place where the men were kneeling in front of the executioner. Nicholas grabbed the sword and stopped it and saved the men's lives. Nicholas sent the three men safely on their way.

Номер слайду 10

Angry ST. Nicolas. Much later people had different ideas about who Jesus really was. The Emperor asked all the bishops to come to Nicaea to figure it out. While they were talking about the problem, Bishop Nicholas got so angry he lost his temper and slapped one of the men who disagreed!

Номер слайду 11

Prison. Nicholas was put in jail and told he couldn't be a bishop anymore. Nicholas was very sorry for losing his temper and he asked God to forgive him. He was forgiven and made a bishop again.

Номер слайду 12

Saint Nicholas is a friend to everyone. God's love shone through Nicholas and shows us how to follow Jesus and love and care for others. Saint Nicholas is a friend to everyone - sailors and fishermen, the innocent,  and, especially, children.

Номер слайду 13

ST. Nicolas’ Presents. All around the world girls and boys hang up stockings or put out shoes before St. Nicholas' Day, which is December 6th. When they get up the next morning, the children run to look in their stockings or shoes, hoping to find little treats and surprises from St. Nicholas.

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