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Тема уроку: Молодіжні організації

Мета: Допомогти учням вдосконалювати читання та усне мовлення;

розвивати в учнів комунікативні навички;

виховувати в учнів соціально активних членів суспільства.

Тип уроку: вивчення нового матеріалу, комбінований.

Обладнання: Підручник А. Несвіт, роздатковий матеріал.

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Тема уроку: Молодіжні організації


Мета: Допомогти учням вдосконалювати читання та усне мовлення;

            розвивати в учнів комунікативні навички;

            виховувати в учнів соціально активних членів суспільства.

Тип уроку: вивчення нового матеріалу, комбінований.

Обладнання:  Підручник А. Несвіт, роздатковий матеріал.



                                                Хід уроку


  1. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення


  1.   Організація групи до уроку


      Good morning, children! How are you today?

       Sit down! I am very glad to hear this.


  1.   Вступна бесіда з учнями


 Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?  What was your home – task for today?


  1.   Оголошення теми і мети уроку


T:  Today we are going to speak about youth organizations. You’ll read some facts from the history of the Scout movement discuss the rules of the Ukrainian Scouts and try to create your own rules for a youth club.


      ІІ. Основна частина уроку


1. Перевірка домашнього завдання

Writing an autobiography


 2. Answer the questions: Do you know any youth organizations? Are youth organizations necessary for young people? Why? Would you like to join any youth organization.


 3.  Youth organizations in Ukraine. (див. додаток 1)

Please read the text and answer the questions which are after the text. 


4.  Plast – national Scout organization of Ukraine. (див. додаток 2) 

Please read the text and try to translate this text into Ukrainian.


  1. ex. 3, с. 34.


Look at ex. 3 on page 34 and try to translate the words truthful, conscientious, punctual, frugal, just and fair, friendly, helpful and kind, productive, disciplined, industrious using vocabulary at the end of the book. After that when you find these words you must say about yourself using these words.  


  1. ex. 4 (a), с. 34.

Look at ex. 4 (a) on page 34 and work in small groups. Think of your own youth club, either a real or an imaginary one. State clearly the purpose of the club. Discuss the laws for the members of your club to follow.  


  1. ex. 4 (b), с. 34.

Now, open your copy – books, write down today’s date and do ex. 4 (b) on page 34.   Write a list of 12 rules for the membership in the youth club you’ve decided to organize. 


ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку


  1.               Підсумок уроку

Today we spoke about the Scout moment. Would you like to know more about this organization? Would you like to join it? Why? The lesson is over. Good – bye.

  1.               Домашнє завдання

      Ex. 4 (c), p. 34.  .  



























                                                                                                   Додаток 1

Youth Organizations in Ukraine

It’s a well-known fact that citizens of any democratic society have the right to enter legal organizations, associations, groups.

In Ukraine there are more than 5000 associations, funds, unions, charity organizations, ecological organizations, movements, clubs, centers, branches of international organizations.

Youth organizations occupy a special place among this variety.

I am sure that society should pay more attention to them because children and young people are the future of our society.

According to the Law of Ukraine about Youth Organizations the aim of all organizations for youth and children is to satisfy and protect legal social, economic, creative, spiritual and other common interests of their members.

These organizations help to bring up the younger generation, develop active civic position, develop the best qualities and traits of character. They teach young people to become leaders and they involve them in different kinds of activities:

political, social, ecological, cultural, sport.

Working together the young people learn how to love and protect their motherland, they learn how to become real citizens of their country.

It should be noted that the organizations for youth and children can unite young people from one class, school, district, town, region. There are also all-Ukrainian

organizations. The most numerous of them is Plast. It is a scout organization in Ukraine. Its history began on December 4, 1911 in the west of the country.

 Oleksandr Tysovskyi, Petro Franko, Ivan Tchmola were the founders of the first circles.

This organization renewed its activity on the territory of Ukraine in 1990. On December 22, 1992 it was officially registered as the organization of the young people.

Other  well-known organizations of Youth and Children are the society “Sich”, sport brotherhood “Tur”.

The processes of forming new organizations for youth and students is going on.

For example, the organization “Pora” was formed in the days of Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

In conclusion I’d like to say that it’s great to be a member of some organization,

To communicate with those who share your ideas.


Answer the questions.

  1.   Who has the right to enter legal organizations?
  2.   What kinds of organizations are there in Ukraine?
  3.   Why does the society have to pay great attention to youth organization?
  4.   What is the aim of all organizations for youth and children in Ukraine?
  5.   How do these organizations help young people?
  6.   Whom can youth organizations unite?
  7.   What is “Plast”?
  8.   When did the history of “Plast” begin?
  9.   What are the other youth organizations in Ukraine?
  10. Is the process of forming youth organization going on?
  11. Is there any youth organizations in your school, town?
  12. Would you like to be a member of any youth organization? Why ?


                                                                                                           Додаток 2


                     Plast - National Scout Organization of Ukraine

Plast is Ukrainian scouting organization. The goal of Plast is to promote an all-round, patriotic education and self-education of Ukrainian youth on Christian principles. Being non-political and non-confession organization, Plast educates youth as conscious, responsible and valuable citizens of local, national and world community, the leaders of the society.

Plast was established in 1911, shortly after scout movement was founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1907, and already in 1912 in Lviv, Ukraine its members swore the First Plast Oath. Among the founders of Plast there were Dr. Oleksandr Tysovskyy, Petro Franko (son of Ivan Franko – famous Ukrainian poet, writer, political writer and public activist), and Ivan Chmola. The word “Plast” comes from Ukrainian word “plastun” which was the name of Scouts of Ukrainian Cossacks.  


                                              Plast's coat of arms      

Plast's coat of arms is Scouting’s Fleur-de-lis - flower of the lily - inseparably interlaced with Ukrainian coat of arms Trident (“Tryzub”).

To reach its educational goals, Plast uses own unique education method. Its basic principles include free-will membership, education and learning through game and work, gradual system of studies and trials, self-governing  in a circle, encouragement of initiative and self-management, perception of the nature and living in the nature, support of special interests and talents of children and youth.

Unlike most scouting organizations in the world where membership is limited by the age of 25 years, membership in Plast is lifelong. Conventionally membership falls into four Age groups: Cub Scouts (age 6-12), Rover Scouts (12-18), Older Plast members (18-35) and Senior Plast members (those turned 35). All educational and administrative work in Plast is performed by Older and Senior Plast members solely on a volunteer basis.

Plast in Ukraine unites about 10.000 members of different ages and by that is the biggest scouting organization in Ukraine. Today about 130 local councils are present in all 24 Ukraine’s administrative units and in Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Plast actively cooperates with state authorities and other public organizations implementing various social and educational programs.

During the year Plast in Ukraine conducts more than 100 educational outdoor camps with different specializations: sporting, marine, aeronautical, arts, skiing, alpinist, archaeological, horse-riding, ecological, etc. At these camps Plast members master their knowledge and practical skills obtained during the year at weekly studies. Among the biggest events carried out by Plast on all-Ukrainian level are: intellectual-art competition “Orlykiada”, creative festival “Den Plastuna”, sporting event “Spartakiada”, distribution of Light of Peace from Bethlehem among local communities, touristic contests “Stezhkamy herojiv” and “Osinniy reyd”. On a local level, Plast councils conduct lots of social-cultural and educational events.

Besides Ukraine, Plast also officially exists in eight states, namely: Australia, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Plast organizations from all nine states are united into world-wide Conference of Ukrainian Plast Organizations, headed by Plast Head (known as "Nachalniy Plastun").






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