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Розробка уроку англійської мови для 7 класу"Спорт у країнах Європи. Британські види спорту"

Про матеріал
Розробка уроку , на якому ми перевіримо навички вживання учнями тематичної лексики,навички у діалогічного та та монологічного мовлення, їх мовну здогадку й рівень засвоєння лексики, творчі здібності учнів, культуру спілкування, уміння робити висновки та узагальнення; формувати навички вживання модальних дієслів; розширимо уявлення учнів про види спорту у Британії,роль спорту у нашому житті.
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                         Sport In Britain

 Suggested level - A2-B1


  • удосконалювати навички вживання ЛО з теми у діалогічному та монологічному мовленні,при читанні та аудіюванні; систематизувати лексичний матеріал з теми;
  • розвивати мовну здогадку й довготривалу пам’ять, творчі здібності учнів, культуру спілкування, уміння робити висновки та узагальнення; формувати навички вживання модальних дієслів;
  •  розширити уявлення учнів про види спорту у Британії,роль спорту у нашому житті;
  •  виховувати допитливість,спостережливість,толерантність у спілкуванні, заохочувати до  вивчення англійської мови, здорового способу життя.

Обладнання:  аудіо додаток, мультимедійна дошка, комп’ютерна презентація уроку, картки із завданнями,  мікрофон.




 T: Are you ready for the lesson? Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you! So, let’s begin!

  Look at the screen,let’s watch a short flash-cartoon. Think and say why have I prepared it for you? (watching flash-cartoon )

T: So! Can you answer my question?

S1: This funny cartoon is connected with the topic of the lesson.

T: What is the topic of our lesson?

S:   Sport in Britain.

T:  Now  try to guess the proverb! Change the word order!


Sport In And Journeys Are Men Known

S:  In Sports And Journeys Men  Are Known  ( Slide 1)

T: You are right! The proverb is very suitable to the topic of our lesson.


T: Do you know the names of these sportsmen? ( Slide 2)

S2:Klochkova, M.Schumacher, D.Beckham.

T: Yes! You are right!

So,Today  we’ll:

  • Learn and revise your vocabulary on the topic
  • Listen , read the texts and do the tasks
  • Speak about sport in Britain
  • Discuss on the role of sport in our life


T: Children, what is your  attitude to the objectives of the lesson, what will be interesting or difficult for you?

S3: I think it’ll be difficult to listen and understand the texts!

 S4:I’d like to know more about sport in Britain.

   S3: I’d like to know  my friends’ opinion about sport in our life.

T: O’K! Let’s see!



T: Let’s remember the rhyme “Sport”.

Sport is fun for girls and boys.                              You can swim and play football,

It’s much better than the toys.                               Hockey, tennis, basketball.

You can sledge and ski , and skate                       You can jump and you can run.

And play snowballs with Kate.                             You can have a lot of fun!


  1) Revising vocabulary (Slide 3).

T: Now let’s revise  the words on the topic of the lesson.

(Tennis, boxing, horse-riding, boating, sailing, football, rugby, cricket;

to catch, to hit, to throw, to head, to roll, to kick, to touch)

 2) Interactive exercise “Microphone”

T: Let’s do an interactive exercise” Microphone”.What do you know about  the role of sport in our life and how do people go in for sport? Who wants to be our correspondent?(Student 1 is a correspondent)

S1: I wonder, is sport popular only among  young people?

S2: No, sport is popular among people of different age.

S1:Do you go in for sport?

S3: I do gymnastics.

S4: I do  karate, play football and basketball.

S5:  I go swimming.

S1:In what way  do people go in for sport?

S5: Some people do morning exercises, jog in the morning. Others train in the sport sections and clubs.

S1:Do you agree that all the people go in for sport?

S6: No, I don’t agree! Some people only like to watch sport games on TV or listen to sport news on the radio!

S1: Thank you for your answers!

Summing up after  doing the exercise.

T:What  do you think, children, what for  did we do this exercise?

S6: To remember the role of sport in people’s life, to know some facts about our friends.

S7: To revise our vocabulary on the topic.

T: I agree with you!



1. Speaking.  Role-play.

T: Children,  during the lesson the TV pogramme  Everything About Sport” will be on. The   pupils will be the presenters of the quiz “Popular British sports and games”. Let’s begin the first part of it.

( The presenters begin the quiz, they ask students to guess the kinds of British sports and games with the help of photos on the screen, Slide 4)

  • Tennis, boxing, horse-riding, boating, sailing, football, rugby, cricket, swimming


T: Very good!  You know different kinds of spor and games but do you know the history of any of them?.

 What do you know about the history of rugby?

 S:It’s like American football.

T: Yes , what else? Now let’s listen to the text about the history of rugby.


  • Pre-listening activities.

Look at the board (  presentation of words, Slide 5 )

 (William Webb Ellis,handle ,to set out ,slightly)Listen attentively. Be ready to do the task .


Rugby is a form of football which was started in 1823. Then the pupil of Rugby School William Webb Ellis Handled a ball and ran with it during the game of football. The first rules were set out in 1845. Rugby is played all over Britain nowadays. The standart game  ( Rugby Union) is played by teams of 15.

 Rugby Leage is a different form of the game. There are 13 players and the rules are slightly different.

  • After – listening activity.

Agree or disagree with the statements.

1. Rugby was started in 1823.

2. One sportsman handled the ball and ran.

3.There were no rules till 1845.

4.Rubby is played all over the world nowadays.

5.There are thirteen players in Rugby League.

6.Rugby Union is played by teams of 13 .

7.Rugby is played in Ukraine.

4.Relaxation Break, singing the song “ I’ll be there for you”


5. Speaking. Role-Play 2.


T: The sport programme must go on now.You are welcome the next two presenters

And the next quiz for your!


-Let’s continue the programme “Everything About Sport”!We’ll  speak about sports in Britain and try to play some of them. I’m Lolita!

-And my name is Lera!

-Look at the screen , think and say in what sports do we need these things and what are they?( O’K! ball, gates, of course, it’s football, British game that is now played all over the world!)

- Do you know the name of this sport? ( Yes, you need a   river, sea or lake , a boat and a team of strong sportsmen, it’s boating)

-Can you tell us what’s  this …and that? ( You are right, tennis court and ball, you need them for tennis)

-This sport is for real men! ( you need to have…? Yes, gloves and ring-it’s… yes, boxing)

-Have you ever played this game?( Yes ,it’s golf, You need to have a special stick, Tee, and a ball. You Tee your ball into the holes. Now,let’s try! Stand up, please! Imagine you have a Tee, so let’s hit the ball! O’K! you are the winners!)

-What is it? Of course, you’re right, it’s cricket! What do you need to play it? Yes a ball and a bat. Cricket is a bat-and-ball team sport. A game is a contest between 2 teams of 11 players each. One team bats, trying to score as many runs, the other-hits the ball. O’K, let’s try to play! Be ready, I’m batting the ball! Very good!

-Look at the screen! Can you name this sport? Yes, it’s rugby!  It’s originated in the United Kingdom. Rugby is played on a field, called pitch. It is considered a father of American football. The players of two teams can run, pass, touch, kick or catch the ball, by the way, you see the ball is oval. And you should pass the ball with your hands only on your back. Let’s try! I’m passing the ball. Thank you! Who says only boys can play rugby? Girls are also the best!

-Thank you for your attention! Good-bye and be healthy!

- And let’s watch the video.

( Watching the video about rugby ,1 minute)

Summing up.T: children why do you think we did such exercise?


7. Group work of pupils. Discussion : Your attitude to sport.

T: Let’s speak about your attitude to sport.

T: Children, don’t forget the rules of  the discussion:


  1. Don’t talk together, take turns.
  2. Don’t interrupt the person.
  3. Don’t laugh at anyone.
  4.  Don’t change the subject of the discussion.








Sample answers.

TEAM 1    negative                                                     TEAM 2 positive


1)I think that  sport takes a lot of time. My brother sometimes does his lessons late at night because of his trainings.


2)In my opinion  sport takes a lot of energy, causes a lot of trouble and makes you unhappy when you lose!


3) To my mind , it’s much funnier to   watch sport on TV you can always choose any competitions you want!

Watching TV unites family!

1) But as for me , sport builds character. To have healthy mind you must have healthy body!

2) I disagree with you ! You know : In Sports And Journeys Men  Are Known

Sport makes men out of boys, it teaches you to win and to lose!


3)  On the other hand , It teachers us to be disciplined, we find more friends in sport

, we have a lot of good examples

David Beckham, M. Schumacher and many others!




T: So, negative team, have you changed your mind ?

   What do you think now?

P:  We really have to go in for sport but don’t forget about lessons, doing chores your another hobbies?



8.Writing .

( повторення вживання модальних дієслів need, have to, must)

T: So , if you want to do  a certain sport, you need certain skills. What skills should different sportsmen have? Try to add the list.

A football player

A swimmer

A weight lifter

A jumper

A cricketer




needs to

doesn’t need to

has to



           run fast

be fit

be brave

think clearly

be patient







    2. Method “Press”. Complete the sentences:

  • Today at the lesson I have known that
  • I know such  words as …
  • Now I know that…
  • The lesson was ( wasn’t) interesting because…



T:Your home assignment  for the next lesson is 

( Be ready to speak about sport in Britain)

  T:  Our lesson is over. Our work was very fruitful!

 Go in for sport and be healthy! Good –bye  and good luck!!






























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