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Сценарій казки "Білосніжка і сім гномів" на англійській мові (уривок)

Про матеріал

Цей матеріал є сценарієм уривку з казки "Білосніжка і сім гномів", який можна використати для будь-якого англомовного свята або тижня англійської мови.

Перегляд файлу

The script of the fairy-tale “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs”

Once upon a time there lived a very angry Queen who had a stepdaughter Snow White. The Queen hated Snow White because she was more beautiful than the Queen herself. One day she decided to kill the poor girl and ordered a hunter to do it. But the hunter let her go away and Snow White went alone away in the forest. Suddenly she saw a little house and it appeared to be very cosy. So she decided to stay there.

Snow White: Oh, I’m so tired. I’m scared and so hungry. I don’t know what to do. Where should I go? (She sees a little house). Oh, a house, it is so funny and small. It is interesting who lives here. (She enters). There are seven little beds, seven little chairs, seven little plates, seven little cups and seven little forks. But I want to eat so much. (She eats). And I want to sleep. I think this bed will fit me.

(The seven dwarfs approach the house and sing the song “Heigh Ho”. They enter and see that someone has been here).

Doc: Look! Who ate out of my plate?

Grumpy: Look! Who drank out of my cup?

Happy: And someone used my fork.

Sleepy (whispering): Shch! Look! Someone is sleeping in my bed?!

Sneezy (shouting): This is a girl!

(Snow White wakes up and looks at them curiously)

Dopey: Don’t be afraid! We live here. I am Dopey (curtsy). And that (points to Bashful) is Bashful. He is very shy.

 Happy: Hi! I am Happy. I am glad to see you.

Sneezy: And I (a-a-a) (the other dwarfs begin hiding). I (sneezing). I am Sneezy (smiling).

Doc: Hello, I am Doc. That is Sleepy (points to Sleepy who is trying not to sleep). And that is Grumpy. Grumpy, come here! (Grumpy turns back from them). He is very serious. And who are you? What are you doing here?

Snow White: I am Snow White. And I am so unhappy. My stepmother wants to kill me and I have no home. (She begins crying).

Dopey: Don’t worry. You can stay here.

Bashful: Of course, you can. You’ll help us.

Others (except Grumpy): Yes, yes.

(Everyone is happy and they begin singing a song “The silly song”. Grumpy doesn’t want to do it but Snow White takes his hand and dances with him)




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26 липня 2018
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