Сценка англійською мовою "Бременські музиканти"

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Сценка може бути використана при підготовці позакласного заходу з англійської мови, для інсценізації з учнями 5-6 класів.
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Bremen Town Musicians.

Donkey: I don’t have my strength any more. But still I have beautiful voice. I can go to Bremen and sing there for my living.

(Sees a dog) – What are you doing lying like that?

Dog: - I’m an old dog. As I grew older, I lost my speed. I can’t help my owner in hunting any more.

Donkey: Than I have an offer for you. I’m going to Bremen to become a singer. Come with me! Join the band. I can play the mandolin and you can play the drums.

(See a cat)

Dog: What’s up kiddy cat? You look very sad. What’s happened?

Cat: I’m older now. I’ve lost my energy to run. I haven’t got my sharp teeth any more. Instead of chasing mice I sit by the fireplace and get lazy. That’s why my owner kicked me out of the house.

Donkey: Hmm.. Then you should also come with us.

Cat: With you? Where are you going?

Dog: To Bremen. We are going to form a band and become singers. You can play the harmonica with us.

(See a rooster)

Donkey: It’s nearly noon, Mr. Rooster. Why are you still crowing?

Rooster: Tomorrow is Sunday. My master is having guests on Sunday. She is planning to serve me to the guests.

Dog: Why do you keep singing? Why don’t you run away?

Rooster: Where will I go?

Donkey: Ok,ok. Don’t waste your voice like this. Come with us to Bremen. We are building a band and we can use a strong voice like yours.

(Night comes)

Donkey: Let’s spend a night resting in the forest. We’ll continue tomorrow.

Rooster: I can see a light over there. There should be a house nearby.

Donkey: Let’s get up and go there. I’m not used to sleep in a dark forest like this.

(Come to the house)

Dog: What do you see, brother donkey?

Donkey: What do I see? I see a beautifully set dinner table.

Dog: That’s great!

Donkey: I see all kinds of food and drinks on the table.

Cat: Mmm, I am really hungry.

Rooster: Come on! Let’s get inside.

Donkey: Wait, I haven’t finished. And I see four awful burglars, eating and drinking at the table.

Dog: Burglars? I’m so hungry.

Cat: I wish there was a way to scare these burglars away from here.

Donkey: Ok, look! I’ve got a great plan. Listen to me carefully.

(At night one burglar returns in the house)


Burglar: In the house there is no one but four monsters, they all attacked me. Let’s run away as quickly as you can.

Donkey: Let’s live in this house. It is warm and comfortable. And we’ve got a lot of money left by burglars for food and drinks.

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Англійська мова, Сценарії
10 лютого 2019
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