Тести від «На Урок»: Організація дистанційної роботи під час карантину

Show devoted to the St. Valentine's Day

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Розробка виховного заходу на заявлену тему для учнів старших класів, мета якого - залучати учнів до вивчення англійської мови шляхом участі в позакласній і творчій діяльності. Весь вечір тільки про любов англійською мовою!

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St. Valentine’s Day……………


(Show devoted to the St. Valentine's Day)




Music “Love Story”

1. Ladies and gentlemen!

2. Dear teachers, pupils and guests!

1. Good evening, our favourite spectators!

Together. Glad to see you in our hall!

1. “If you want to be loved, then love”, wrote Robert Bills. Being inspired by these words let me open our English feast of love and romance.

2. Our best congratulations on the Day of Love and Sweethearts – St. Valentine’s Day!

1. We wish you the warmest smiles and good mood!

2. Tender love and romance!

1. Inspirations and encouragements!

2. Hope, magic and sweet dreams!

1. Passion, wonders and strong emotions! Joy and light!

2. Gifts, flowers and lots of lovely surprises!Real feelings! Happy smiles!

Together- HappySt. Valentine’s Day!

SongLove Story.

  1. Love is one of the most mysterious feelings which people have ever known. It feels our hearts, our thoughts and our deeds.
  2. Love is one of thebest feelings. It comes from the heart and touches the heart; it makes us feel inspired, cheerful and kind.
  1. Love is a magic feeling. It makes people better, stronger and kinder. People are happy because they love.
  2. And today, in such a remarkable day, we will try to write our own romantic story with a fascinating plot and the happy end.

Together.A love story. (Take feathers)

1. If I were apoetI would begin my poem withthe following words:

I’m writing to you, the hand is shivering,

And time is slowly running.

I’m hardly waiting for the minute

I’ll meet you…

Wake up on this special day

And read these words from me:

It’s not a dream. My love is true.

Look in my heart and see.

2.Well, you are a master! It’s the beginning. But what about the purpose, idea and the culmination?

1. SEARCH AND FIND LOVE! I suggest choosing a detective genre.

Dance “Spies”

2. OK!It’s high time to meet our boys and girls, the participants of this show who become romantic heroes of our modern story. Meet them! (Sit down at the little tables)

Presentation of the participants(See addition)

1. And we also want to introduce our honourable jury. They are experts in literary, musical and art genres.  They are … Meet them!

2. It will bedifficulttoday to choose the best pair from thesehandsome young men and pretty ladies.  Let's wish them of good luck! (Applause)

1 - So, it’s high time for our young men and girls to become participants of incredible tests, to plunge into exciting experiences and adventures. And the best representatives of the world detectives will help them with it. And here is one of them.

(A musical exit of the Detective with the doggie and a magnifier.  Music from  The Bremen Musicians.)

Detective.My best greetings! Youshould remember I searched for the daughter of the King, the fine Princess. I have a great experience and I suggest young men trying to find theirsweetheartstoo. I ask boys to leave temporarily in a secret room.

1. I ask assistants to hide girls under the coverlets.

2. I invite one of boys to come here and find his princess among these charming ones and crown her. Next!


Detective.OK! I see that many participants have a good eye and hold a nose down wind. And, in general, children have done the task well. I wish good luck!

1.It’s interesting, and we will write down that:

Detective ran here to us

And offered our boys a task.

They searched the girls and put on crowns,

And jury wrote points down.

2. I’m assured that jury c has fixed results, and we will listen to the song.

Song.You're My Love, You're My Life. (Patty Ryan)

1. Thefollowing chapter of our story tells that “... The spectators sitting in the hall have amicably turned their heads back. Therefrom, under the sounds of a familiar melody, two famous people were walking to the stage.

(Sherlock Holmes’s and Dr. Watson’s musical exit) Well, certainly, everyone has guessed in them Holmes and Doctor Watson.

Sherlock Holmes. Watson, I declare impossible exactly that tomorrow all local newspapers will blow about winners of this night.

Dr. Watson. Where is such a confidence from, my friend?

Sherlock Holmes. A deductive method, Watson, a deductive method (Tightened by a tube).

Watson.In such a case your potential winners should show us their intellect, educationaland artistic abilities.

Sherlock Holmes. I’m surethey will show it us!


Sherlock Holmes. Now each pair will show us the right and wrong situations which sometimes are between the boy and the girl.

Watson. Themes of situations were chosen in advance (An acquaintance, an entertainment, gifts, compliments, the invitation). Pair 1 –Do, please!..2, 3, 4, 5.

Watson.You were right, Holmes. All of them are good fellows! And it’s time for us to say Good bye!


2.We all are lucky with this detectiveand kindness always is with him.

You’ll know him by his appearance.Clever, moustacheErkjulPoirot.(Musical exit of ErkjulPoirot with an umbrella)


ErkjulPoirot. Ladies and gentlemen! I’m admired of you! You are occupied by such a noble thing - searching of the best pair. So, you’re searching for love. Walking here I have taken some announcements from a column, typing "is searched". Try on certain signs from announcements to find the necessary people in the hall.

(All the participants read the description of smb’s appearance in the piece of paper and take the spectatorson the stage.) Are you ready? So, the pair №1reads to the announcement text, and spectators and jury estimate conformity of the found personto the given signs.Pair 2,3,4,5. Do, please.

ErkjulPoirot. Well done! I thinkyou will find today what you are searching. So long!

Song.Say You’ll Never Go Away (Liana Ross)

1. I see,we have quite a good story. What is there further, in our plot?

2. Frenchmen callhimмесье.All women fell in love easily with him.

He will be here in all his beauty.It is James Bond,the agent 007. (The Musical exit of the Agent 007 with crowd of girls)

The agent007.Yes, yes, girls! Thanks! So long! My phone number is on your shoulder! See you again!.. Oh, these women... What won’t you make for the sake of them? For example, I have endured difficult minutes in a room with laser beams. And however, young men and girls will endure the same now on the stage. There is a corridor with obstacles before you. Each boy will try to pass it blindfold, without having hooked on ropes. And girls will prompt them how to do it. Is the task clear? The first pair. Do, please.Pair 2, 3, 4, 5.


The agent007. All of you are simple handsome men! Tell, please, the girl from the winners to call me! Be happy!

SongThinkin’ of You

1.Honey, what do you think of black cats?

2. I like them very much. And what about you?  Are you a member of the society on wildlife management?

1. Oh, no, but the detectives appearing here in due time have found and neutralized the gang under the name «Black Cat».

2. Uh you! And why had the gang such a name?

1. Theyleft a dead black cat on each scene of crime (a toy-cat is thrown on the stage from the side).

(GlebZheglov’sand V.Sharapov'smusical exit)

Zheglov. Ladies and gentlemen, dear citizens!Keep calmness! When workers of criminal investigation department are nearby -be quiet for your handbags, purses, mobile phones! Because the thief should be imprisoned!

Sharapov.Gleb, relax, don’t speaknow about it. Look, how many photos are there on the table. You can see boys and girls participating of our show.  Do you remember when we took the Humpbacked gang, after my girlfriend’sphoto had saved my life?

Zheglov. It’s a real truth, Sharapov. Let this contest add points to our participants. So, I ask the first pair come to the table.Volodia, prepare a stop watch.(At the  Sharapov’s command a  pair quickly finds parts of each other’s pictures and put them together in hands)

Sharapov - Have prepared... Go!.. Next!..


Zheglov. OK! The task was well done. I wish you not to have business with justice.

Sharapov. Good-bye, comrades!

(Tells jury time)

2. Well, whathave you written here? Will you be so kind to read it, please!

1. X FILE!  It’s TOP SECRET. So the private affair of our following detective is signed. Get acquainted!

(Stierlitz’ musical exit and Ket)

Ket. Colonel, have you received my note? Be silent! Do not tell anything! Help is better (Put down on the table 5 dolls). You ask me, where I’ve gotso many children? I won’t tell you. But they need the care of our participants very much. Only don’t interrupt me! I’ll give them a task. I ask teams to come to the table. It is necessary to swaddle these kids very quickly because they don’t have to catch cold. On my command "Go!" girls unwrap the dolls, show babies, give them boyswhoswaddle them again. Stierlitz, don’t prompt! Correctness of performance will be watched by our jury. Attention! Go!(All teams unwrap and swaddle the dolls)


Ket. Don’ttell me that all has passed well. I know it myself. Pass it better to Yustas’sCenter.           

Song Sealed With a Kiss (Jason Donovan)

2. Love is like poetry. Sometimes it is difficult to express our inner feelings and we use poetry because it is the most beautiful, impressive and effective mode of saying things.

1. Now our last hero will give a task for all participants on mutual understanding.

(Musical exit of the modern militiaman with elements of fighting)

Militiaman.I’mamodern representative ofpublic order and security of citizens. In my practice it is often necessary to understand people without words. Try to understand each other by means of gestures. For this purpose one person from a pair is listening to a song fragment through ear-phones and tries to showwith gestures having heard. Don’t use mouth mimic! See? Pair №1.,. Next…


Militiaman.All participants were marvelously quick-witted and musical. Songs are guessed, so, the task is done! My honour!

1.All tests for our pairs have ended. To my mind, it was a good romantic story, wasn’t it?

2. Yes. And these “espionage things”   have pulled together children. You saw, how they were exiting?

1. Yes but before jury council declares results of this show and names the best pair, I want to tell to you, Karina that you... Darling, you are the most beautiful poet  in the world!

2. And I want to tell to you, that you are the best, most talented writer!

1. Dear spectators! It is devoted to all of you in this hall...

Song Love Me (Elvis Presley)

2. Andnow some wordsfromour jury council!

1 –Dear  spectators, let's greet all detectives of this show once more for they have to tell us something very important...

Detectives– SEARCHFOR  LOVE! (Fireworks)

Additional Materials.

  1. Pairs’  Presentation + Slide shows

PAIR 1. Meet Nastia and Serhiy.Nastia looks like a princess. Smart, pretty, shy and naive, believes in miracles and love at the first sight. And Serhiy – a modern gentleman, amazing, thoughtful, the guy cannot be better. He is always in good mood. Look at the screen…(Slides)

PAIR 2. Meet Natalia and Alexander.

Natasha is a beautiful, easy-going, sociable and charming girl. Success always walks by her side. She gets well with all her friends!Sashais a clever fellow, cheerful and strong, the mobile phone genius of our school; in general, he’s a champion!Their slide show…

PAIR 3. Meet Victoria and Dmitriy.

Her actions and desires nobody can predict. She is changeable, as the sea: She’s either calm, or storming. Her partner Dmitry won’t escape from his caresses andreproaches. Strong,   brave, creative and handsome.Look at the screen…(Slides)

PAIR4. Meet Irinaand Alexey.

A cheerful pretty girl, sensire, tolerant, generous and helpful. She’s got many friends.Alexey’s a punctual, honest and organized boy, He is fond of sports, especially football. And, though, he does not bossover a band of boys, but for some reasontheyalways address for help to him. He’s got a word. Look at the screen…(Slides)

PAIR 5. Meet Kristina and Anatoliy.

Our girl Kristinka–looks like from a picture.From a cover of glossy magazine. She is cheerful, clever, reliable, friendly, hardworking and kind-hearted.Christina is the girl of a positive!Anatoly is a real friend, optimist, intelligent, clever and good-natured. Planning his work and life well, he never puts things away.Look at the screen…(Slide show)

  1. Songs.


Thinkin' of you I'm thinkin' of you

All I can do is just think about you

Thinkin' of you I'm thinkin' of you

Whenever I'm blue I am thinkin' of you


No matter how I try I don't find a reason why

Believe me it's nolie

I always have you on my mind

No matter what I see guess where I wanna be

Love is the answer I will find.


No matter where I go

This is the only show

I'd like to be a part

Come on and take my heart

No mailer where you are

Baby I can't be far

Cause I'll be with you all the time


This feeling deep inside

When you’re right by my side

I'll always be with you

Believe me this is true

Whenever we apart

You're deep with in my heart

Cause you’ll be with me all the time.



Seems you're an angel from the sky
You fill my fantasy
The way you look takes me so high
You're everything to me
And on my wall there's your photograph
How I'm longing for your smile
So come and touch me,
Come and feel me. Hear me cry

You're my love, you're my life
Every day, every night
Is it right what I feel
How I wish you were for real
You're my love, you're my life
Every day, every night
In my dreams I'm with you
Will you make my dreams come true

I'm all alone, the night has come
You're in my radio
Guess when you sing
I feel the sun
Now I can hear the show
Since from ever more you my destiny
Take my loneliness away
So come and touch me,
Come and feel me, hear me say

You're my love, you're my life
Every day, every night
Is it right what I feel
How I wish you were for real
You're my love, you're my life
Every day, every night
In my dreams I'm with you
Will you make my dreams come true

Since from ever more you my destiny
Take my loneliness away
So come and touch me,
Come and feel me, and me say

You're my love, you're my life
Every day, every night
Is it right what I feel
How I wish you were for real
You're my love, you're my life
Every day, every night
In my dreams I'm with you
Will you make my dreams come true




Look into my eyes and tell me what you see

 If this meant to show one say it's mystery

Since the day I met you baby I can feel

Deep inside my heart I know it's real

You have turned my dreams into reality

Baby not my hunter, you're sweet melody

It's the same old feeling baby, it's so real

 Deep inside my heart I know it's real.


Say you'll never, never, never go away

Say you'll never, never, never never go away.


Yesterday my life was just a history

Now I feel like mastering my destiny

Іt's the same old feeling baby, it's so real

 Deep inside my heart I know it's real


SEALED WITH A KISS.(Jason Donovan)


Though we've got to say good-bye for the summer,

Darling, I promise you this               

I’11 send you all my love every day in a letter

Sealed with a kiss.

Yes, it's gonna be a cool lonely summer

But I feel the emptiness.

I'll send you all my dreams every day in a letter

Sealed with a kiss.

I’11 see you in the sunlight,

I'll hear your voice everywhere,

I'll run to tenderly hold you,

But, darling, you won't be there.

I don't want to say good-bye for the summer Knowing the love I'll miss.

So let us make a pledge to meet in September

And seal it with a kiss.

Yes, it's gonna be a cool, lonely summer

But I feel the emptiness.  

I'll send you all my love every day in a letter

Sealed with a kiss.Sealed with a kiss.Sealed with a kiss.


LOVE ME. ( Elvis Presley )

Love me tender

Love me tender,

 Love me sweet,

 Never let me go.

Knew how made

My life complete

And I love you so.

Love me tender,

Love me true,

All my dreams fulfill.

For, my darling, I love you

 And I always will.

 Love me tender,

 Love me long,

Take me to your heart.

 For its tender I belong

And we'll never part.

 Love me tender,

Love me true,

All my dreams fulfill.

For, my darling, I love you

And I always will.

 Love me tender,

 Love me dear,

Tell me you are mine.

I'll be yours through all the years

Till the end of time.

Love me tender,

Love me true,

All my dreams fulfill.

 For my darling I love you

And I always will.


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