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«Sport in our life»

в 10-ому класі
"Serious sport is war minus the shooting".

George Orwell, English writer


to present and practise some vocabulary related to sport

to practise speaking about sport

to present prediction as a listening strategy

to practise writing an article

Warm up



Does the mention of the word "sport" make you run and put on your train­ers? Or look for somewhere to hide?

Answer these questions and find out how much you like sport. Be honest!

1.    It's a cold, wet Sunday afternoon. Do you:

a)    go out and play games?

b)    watch sport on TV?

c)    read a book?

2.    The World Cup Final is on TV. Do you:

a)    watch the match?

b)    study and listen to the match on radio?

c)    go to your bedroom and play on your computer?

3.    The Olympics are taking place on the other side of the world. Do you:

a)    stay up all night to watch TV?

b)    read the result in the morning newspapers?

c)    yawn when friends talk about it?

4.    Your new boyfriend / girlfriend wants to play tennis on Saturday. Do you:

a)    agree immediately and practise every day?

b)    go, but say you're not very good?

c)    say you're not interested and suggest going to the cinema?

5.    The sports teacher is talking to the class about organizing a sports day. Do you:

a)    volunteer for every event?

b)    choose one event you'd like to be in?

c)   hide behind a big student? 6.   Your sports teacher chooses you to run in the 1500 metres race. Do you:

a)    practise running for a week before the race?

b)   just do your best and not worry about winning?

c)    phone the school on the day of the competition and say you re ill?

Points Results

a)   5 points 6 points or less: You hate sport,

b)   3 points 7—18 points: You quite like sport

с)   О points More than 18: You're a sports fanatic!

Introducing the Topic


A)  Match the following words and expressions with their Ukrainian equiva­lents.


1. tobogganing                        a) боротьба

2. ski-jumping                         b) веслування

3. keeping fit                           c) біг підтюпцем

4. chess                                   d) санний спорт

5. draughts                              e) стрибки на лижах с трампліна

6. wrestling                             g) гра у кеглі

7. jogging                                h) шахи

9. leisure centre                       i) вести здоровий спосіб життя

10. rowing                               j) центр відпочинку

Answers: 1 е, 2 f, 3 i, 4 g, 5 h, 6 a, 7 b, 8 d, 9 j, 10 с

B)   Which sport is different from the other three in each group. There may be

more than one possible answer, so discuss all of them with your partner.

1.    basketball football tennis baseball

2.    judo volleyball boxing wrestling

3.    table tennis sailing cycling swimming

4.    volleyball table tennis boxing tennis

5.     baseball golf tennis football

6.    swimmimg sailing wind-surfing rowing

Answers: Only one suggested answer is given here!

1.    tennis (an individual competition not a team game);

2.    volleyball (can't be used for self-defence); '.

3.    table tennis (is played with a ball);

4.    boxing (neither net or ball is used);

5.   golf (a golf course is much larger than baseball and football grounds or

a tennis court);

6.   swimming (doesn't need any special equipment).

C)   Put each of these sports into one of the three groups.

Volleyball, football, judo, basketball, rugby, diving, swimming, cycling, boxing, golf, windsurfing, sailing, badminton, shooting, rowing, wrestling, skating, baseball, high jumping, skiing, fencing, handball, table tennis, lawn tennis

   Sports played or done in teams:...

   Sports that can be played or done against one other person:...

   Sports that can be played or done alone:...

  1. Look at these sentences:

 You go swimming.

 You play football.

 You do athletics.

Which verb do we use for:

a)    ball game?

b)    most sports ending in —ing ?

c)    other sports?


Fill in the space with missing prepositions.


___ (in) my opinion sport is one___(of) the things that helps to keep

people fit and healthy. Physically inactive people get older earlier than those

who have plenty___(of) exercise. Being___(in) good health means having

both body and mind___(in) good working order, free___(from) disease an


I like Latin proverb that says "A sound mind is___(in) a sound body"

If you want to be physically and mentally healthy, go___(in for) sports.

Sport is very popular___(in) our family. Practically all the year round my

father and I do our usual morning exercises___(on) the stadium which is

close___(to) our house. Only if the weather is really nasty we do them___

(at) home. When my Dad was young he was a good basketball player and played

___(for) his institute. He has never given___(up) playing and now he has

training twice a week. Sometimes he takes me___(with) him and I play___

(with) his team-mates.

My Mum and young sister are good swimmers and they go___(to) the

swimmers pool every Saturday___(in) winter and use every chance to swim

in the river when it is warm.

My favorite sport is tennis. I have been playing it___(since) I was nine!

I belong___(to) a youth tennis club and often take part___(in) different tennis tournaments. I don't always win___(—) them but every time 1 lose a game

I learn something___(about) my mistakes. I believe that sport help to build

character. tennis I am good__(.at; other sport games and our school

I' I teacher often asks me to play___(for) our volleyball, football and basket-

ball teams. I never refuse because I enjoy playing.

All our family like to watch sports programmers___(on) TV. We support

"Dinamo" Kyiv football team and never miss important matches. We re also Inn key fans and really upset our favorite team loses. But we never have pessimistic feelings because we believe that winning is not the main thing___(in) sports


(i ness the sport

In groups, one person thinks of a sport and the others have to guess which in   You only have ten yes / no questions.

 Exxample: Is it a team game? I )o you do exercises? I )o you use a ball? Is it an indoor sport? Is it an Olympic Sport?


Listening Strategies:

Before you listen, always look for clues that will help you understand what you are going to listen to, e.g. the title, pictures, captions, etc.

 Use your knowledge of the world to try to predict answers to the ques­tions.

Guess the answers which you can then check when you are listening.

A) Key words:

Bungee jumping — a dangerous sport of being tied to a long rope and lumping from a high place:

Ice-diving — a very dangerous sport of diving under ice in very cold regions of the sea.

Sky-surfing — a very dangerous sport of moving through the air with

I hoard on your feet after jumping out of plane and before you open your parachute (a wide piece of cloth above your head like an umbrella: it makes you fall slowly)

Snowboarding — the sport of standing on a long board and moving across snow on the ground.

Snowrafting — a dangerous sport of standing on a wide board with a sail Hut traveling across show on the ground.

White-water rafting — a dangerous sport of moving in a small rubber boat hi parts of river where the water moves extremely fast.

B)  Guess the answers:

1.    People do extreme sports in order to feel:

a)    excited;

b)    nervous;

c)    happy.

2.    Extreme sports have become popular in the last:

a)    5 years;

b)    10 years;

c)    20 years.

3.    People usually bungee jump from:

a)    airplanes;

b)    high buildings;

c)    bridges.

4.    In sky surfing people do mid-air:

a)    gymnastics;

b)    dancing;

c)    swimming.

5.    Snowboarding has similarities with:

a)    skiing;

b)    surfing;

c)    canoeing.

6.    Snowrafting is:

a)    quite dangerous;

b)    very dangerous;

c)    not very dangerous.

7.    For white-water rafting you need:

a)    a big river;

b)    a warm river;

c)    a mountain river.

8.    Ice divers:

a)    swim under the ice;

b)    walk on the bottom of lakes

c)    walk upside down the ice.

Presentations of pupils


Choose one of the following topics.

Most people understand the importance of sports in the people's life but not all people go in for sports. Can you explain why? Think of a particular sport and describe the qualities that a good player needs to have.

There is an opinion that the woman's boxing, kick-boxing and other dan­gerous kinds of sports should be banned. What do you think about it? and write a composition.

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