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Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "harvest festival"


1child: «Come» said the Wind to the Leaves one day.

           «Come over the meadow and we will play.

            Put on your dresses of red and gold.

             For summer is gone and the days grow cold


2 child: Red leaves and yellow leaves, 
             Orange leaves and brown. 
              Leaves are dancing everywhere 
              Happily dancing down.


Танок з листочками.

З'являється Осінь


Осінь: Hello, my friends! 
            Glad to see you here! 
             Do you like my dress? 
             Do you like my parks and gardens?


                 Hello, Autumn Fairy! 
                It is very good that you are here! 
                Probably you brought presents for the pupils! 

            Look, my apples are like honey! 
            Everybody makes some jam. 
            I brought you flour and you will make a pie! 
            You can see my honey and my autumn weather!

             Do you know my sons? 
            What are their names? 


September, October, November!

You are right! Meet them!


September:  September means its time again

                     for going off to school.

                     The days are getting shorter

                     and the nights are getting cool.


October : October leaves are lovely

                They rustle when I run

                Sometimes I make a heap

                And jump in them for fun.  


November: No sunshine, lots of rain,

                   No warm days, snow again!

                    No bugs or bees No leaves on trees.

                    You must remember

                    I am November! 
                 Thank you, dear. Autumn also is the time for the harvest. 
                 Some vegetables came to our party.


Танок овочів


Tomato: I’m the bright red tomato

              In cool place on vines I grow,

              My taste is tangy, my shape is round

              Flooding the markets, I’m always found


Beetroot: I am the bulbous root

                The reddish-purple beetroot

               I grow under the ground

               As colorant I’m renowned


Onion: I’m the bulb-shaped onion

             I grow underground

            All the year round,

             In every town I am found


Pumpkin: The Jack-o’-lantern of Halloween,

                  I’m a pumpkin

                  The biggest vegetable all gourds are my kin

                  My sweet pulp’s orange or yellow

                  I have a thick and hard skin


Cabbage: I’m a veggie, Cabbage is what I’m called

                Layers of leaves tightly packed in a ball

                I’m color I’m purple or green

                 At every greengrocer’s I am seen



Potato: I’m tuber called potato

              I grow under the ground

             I store food in me

             All the year round I am found


Mushroom: I’m an edible mushroom

                      I’m also called a toadstool

                      I’m a plant, in fact a fungus

                      I don’t need sunlight to grow thus


Carrot: I’m lovely carrot

              I’m actually a root

              I love sunshine

              I grow underground in places cool.


Apple: I’m little apple

             Red and round

            On a tree I am found

            If you take a bite

           You will see just how tasty I will be


Pear: Soft and sweet and almost round

          Color is a greeny-brown

           Eat me with the skin or bare

           I’m juicy pear


Вчитель: Wonderfull vegetables!

                But, do you see? We have some guest! Who are you?


Rain: I am rain, I am  falling all around,
I fall on field and tree,
I rain on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea.


Bчитель: Oh,no! Go away!!! Children, let’s sing song


Пісня: Rain, rain


 Bчитель: Somebody is knocking! 
                Oh, this is a grandpa!
                Hello! Glad to see you!

                What happens?

Grandpa : Hello! Glad to see you! We have a big turnip in our kitchen-garden.  I want to pull it out. One,two, three! It is too big for me. Granny, come here! Help me please!


Granny: All right, Grandpa. I’m coming:


Grandpa and  Granny: One,two, three…. One,two, three. Oh, it’s too big for us!

Granny: Granddaughter! Granddaughter, help us, please!


Granddaughter! All right, Granny. I’m coming.


Grandpa, Granny and Granddaughter:  One,two, three…. One,two, three. Oh, it’s too big for us!


Granddaughter: Dog, dog, help us,please!

Dog: All right, Granddaughter. I’m coming.


Grandpa, Granny and Granddaughter, Dog :  One,two, three…. One,two, three. One,two, three…. One,two, three. Oh, it’s too big for us!


Dog: Cat, cat, help us, please.

Cat: All right, Dog. I’m coming.


Grandpa, Granny and Granddaughter, Dog and Cat :  One,two, three…. One,two, three. One,two, three…. One,two, three. Oh, it’s too big for us


Cat: Mouse, Mouse, come here! Help us,please

Mouse: All right, Cat. I’m coming.


Grandpa, Granny and Granddaughter, Dog Cat and Mouse:  One,two, three…. One,two, three. One,two, three…. One,two, three. One,two, three…. One,two, three. One,two, three…. One,two, three.

The turnip: Here I am!

All: What a big turnip we have!!!




Осінь: good bye


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