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Тести до підручника Карп'юк 7 клас, для перевірки знань учнів. Підійде для самостійних робіт або семестрової роботи (перший семестр) з письма.
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Test Paper № 2 Variant 1


Похожее изображениеКартинки по запросу grater clipart1. What is it? Write the name of these cooking equipment.

Картинки по запросу ladle clipartКартинки по запросу can opener clipartКартинки по запросу set of knives clipartКартинки по запросу cooker clipart 




2. Match the words with their description.

  1. a dishwasher


  1. a fridge


  1. a cooker


  1. frying pan
  1. used for cooking food in hot fat or oil
  2. used for keeping products
  3. used for cooking food, typically consisting of an oven, hob, and grill and powered by gas or electricity
  4. machine for washing dishes automatically

3. Circle the correct answer

  • Let's _____________ for a meal

a. to go out                           b. go out                             c. going out

  • How about _________________ this evening?

a. to visit                             b. visit                                  c. visiting  friends

  • Why _____________ a cake tonight?

a. don’t bake                        b. don’t you bake                c. doing bake

  • We ______________ a pizza while you are there

a. could cook                       b. cook                                 c. have cooked



Похожее изображение4. Look at the picture and describe the way of cooking







5. Write about your favorite food. Use the words: to cook, first, then, to add,  finally, to cut (slice)






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Test Paper № 2 Variant 2


1. What is it? Write the name of these cooking equipment.

Картинки по запросу cutting board clipartКартинки по запросу teapot clipartКартинки по запросу pan clipartКартинки по запросу spoon clipartКартинки по запросу cup clipartКартинки по запросу cooker clipart 




 2. Match the words with their description.

  1. a cutting board


  1. a cooker


  1. a microwave



  1. a ladle
  1. used for cooking food, typically consisting of an oven, hob, and grill and powered by gas or electricity
  2. an electric oven that heats and cooks food
  3. a wooden or plastic surface for cutting products
  4. large long-handled spoon with a cup-shaped bowl, used for serving soup or sauce


3. Circle the correct answer

  • _____________ shopping this afternoon.

a. Let's going                           b. Let's to go                    c. Let's  go

  • What ____________ your sister for help in making hamburgers?

a. about asking                        b. about to ask                 c. about ask

  • How _________________ a few potatoes for your borshch?

a. about peeling                       b. bout to peel                 c. about you peeling

  • Let's __________________!

a. cooking together                  b. to cook together          c. cook together



4. Look at the picture and describe the way of cooking

Похожее изображение__________________________________________________






5. Write about your favorite food. Use the words: to cook, first, then, to add,  finally, to cut (slice)




Choose any of the following topics and speak of it.

In and out of school

  What’s your favorite subject?

  Why do you like it?

  Who is the teacher?

  Which subjects are you good at?

  Which subjects are you poor at?

  Who is your favorite teacher?

  What subject does he or she teach?

  Why do you like him or her?

  Do you have to wear a uniform to your school?

  Do you like wearing a uniform?

  Are you a member of a school club?

  How often do you meet?

  What social networking sites do you use?

  What are some good points about social networking?

  What are some bad points about social networking?

  Do you have a Facebook page?

  Do you use Twitter?

  What information do you usually search for?

  What kind of information are you comfortable releasing to the public?

  Do your parents use social networking sites?

  What type of information should you put on social networking sites?

At home

  What daily household jobs have you got?

  Do you like to help your mother?

  Can you clean the flat?

  Have you got many flowers at home? Do you water them?

  Do you help to lay the table?

  Do you go to the shops and buy food?

  What can you buy in the shops yourself?

  How often do you go to the market?

  Who does most of the household chores in your family?

  Do you like any of household chores?

  How often do you help you parents?

  How much time does it take you to clean your room (do the washing up, etc.)?

  Have you ever done any repairing yourself?

  Do you like doing something yourself?

  What do you like to do most?

  Do you like gardening?

  How do you feel about your duties?

  What should teenagers do to stay at a healthy weight?

  What is food for many people?

  What do you think about fast food? Is it useful?

  Do you think that food nowadays is safe?

  How important is cooking and eating food for you?

  Do you prefer cooking for friends at home or going to the restaurant?












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Test Paper № 2 Variant 1


Read the text and do the tasks.


There are many problems that British schools are facing today. One of them is making sure that schoolchildren eat healthy food.

Gone are the days when children were thrilled with excitement at the thought of Christmas treats like oranges and tangerines or simple desserts like rice pudding. Nowadays any fruit and vegetables under the sun can be bought in supermarkets all the year round. There is only one problem with that — fruit and vegetables that are bought out of season have very little taste. On the contrary, sugar drinks like Coke and numerous varieties of flavoured crisps are full of flavour — and chemicals additives! Also, most British mums of today work full time and the last thing they want to do when they get home is cook. Supermarkets are here to “help” — pre-package and ready-made meals have filled their shelves.

As a result, many schoolchildren would rather go hungry than eat fruit or vegetables instead of the more familiar crisps, burgers and chips.

There’s nothing wrong with having a can of Coke every now and then but four cans a day is asking for trouble. Did you know that a can of Coke contains about eight teaspoons of sugar and artificial sweeteners? As a result, many modern kids suffer from such illnesses as diabetes, cancer and tooth decay. And, of course, there are more and more children who are extremely overweight.

In Britain, children can either choose to bring their own lunch or buy their lunch at school. Children from poorer families can have free school dinners but many of them don’t take them for various reasons.


Say if the following statements true or false.

1. Many years ago children couldn’t even dream about pineapples.

2. Nowadays you can buy pineapples when you wish.

3. In supermarkets fruit and vegetables are tasty and full of vitamins all the year round.

4. A lot of pre-package and ready-made meals contain chemical additives.

5. Many schoolchildren would rather eat some salad than stay hungry.

6. You should never have Coke. It’s harmful.

7. Coke contains a lot of unhealthy things.

8. Fast food and Coke can cause dangerous illnesses and overweight.

9. In Britain children can have lunch only at school.


Complete the sentences.

Tastiest, illnesses, tastier, chemicals, cooking, healthy

1. Children should have only ... without... .

2. Many years ago fruit and vegetables were ... than nowadays they are.

3. The ... meal is that one which you’ve done yourself just before serving.

4. An ad says: “You have no time for ...? Come to our supermarket — we’ll help you!”

5. Cola can cause many ... .

Answer the questions.

1. Why don’t children like fruit and vegetables nowadays?

2. Why do most mums prefer ready-made meals?

3. What is wrong with Cola?

4. What is the reason of different illnesses and overweight among children?


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