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Урок "A Trip to London"

Про матеріал
Дана розробка буде корисною для тренування власних назв ( визначних місць Лодону), опрацювання матеріалу краєзнавчого характеру.
Перегляд файлу

                                                    ХІД УРОКУ


1. Початок уроку. Оргмомент.

-How often do your teachers come to the lessons with an umbrella?

-Do you have any ideas why I’ve taken an umbrella?

-Will you need an umbrella if you travel to London? Why?


 2. Ознайомлення з темою та завданнями уроку.

Today we’re going to travel to London. We’ll speak a lot about this city, watch a short video, learn how to get necessary information, write our impressions about London.


3. Введення вислову.

Let’s start our trip with one quotation about London.

When a man is tired of London he is tired of life. For there is in London all life can afford.

Let’s read and comment on it.


4. Робота з лексикою.

Now let’s decide what places of interest we’ll visit.

(All the pupils name places of interest of London. One pupil writes them on the board and acts as a teacher.)

You see, last month my friend returned from London. Let’s watch a short video and using our plan mark only those places he has visited.


5. Робота з текстом.

I’ve got some pictures with information about London but I’m not sure that everything is correct. We’ll work in two teams. You are to read the information, say if it’s true or false and add some more information. Don’t forget to express your opinion.


6. Говоріння.

-Would you like to work as a guide?

Now revise all the information about London and be ready to act as guides, conduct an excursion about places of interest.

(Cards with places of interest.)

All the rest are tourists. Be active and ask your questions, you are allowed to interrupt your guides. Be polite tourists.

(Examples of asking questions.)


7. Письмо.

You were very attentive tourists and now write your impressions into the Reference Book.



8. Читання.

There is one place everybody is eager to visit. This is Buckingham Palace. Read the information silently and say what strikes you as odd.            


9. Аудіювання.

Everyone knows that London is a rainy city and it’s nice to visit museums at that time.

-Is London rich in museums?

I’ve got a brochure but there are some mistakes there. Will you, please, help me. Listen to three messages about some museums in London and find five mistakes about them.

 Now I want you to look through the dialogue between the tourist and the guide and fill in the gaps.

Let’s check if you were right.


10. Підсумок уроку.

We’ve done a lot today. We’ve learned how to ask questions, we can conduct an excursion, we know how to write our impressions into the Reference Book.

It seems to me we don’t need our umbrella today but we’ll take it again when we go to London in order not to get wet through.



 11. Домашнє завдання.

At home you must make up dialogues between the tourist and the guide about the places you want to visit next time. You may use the brochure.

Have a nice day!