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Урок "Ідемо за покупками"

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дана розробка уроку стане у нагоді при опрацюванні лексичних одиниць із теми "Покупки", тренуванні граматичних структур “ would ”, ” are sold ”.
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План-конспект уроку


Тема: Покупки

Підтема: Ідемо за покупками


Практичні цілі:

1.Активізувати, тренувати в мовленні учнів вживання лексичних одиниць з даної теми.

2.Ввести прислів’я з теми, що вивчається.

3.Розвинути навички письма, читання, аудіювання, говоріння.

4.Повторити граматичні структури would ”, ” are sold

Bиховна, розвиваюча цілі:

1.Виховати повагу до товариша, вміння його уважно слухати.

2.Розвивати пам’ять, уяву, увагу, швидкість мовленнєвої реакції.

3.Розвивати комунікативні та творчі здібності учнів.

4.Розвивати зорову пам'ять.






























                                               Хід уроку



1.Початок  уроку. Оргмомент.

-How are you after the break?

-Were you as busy as a bee?

I think you will be as busy as a bee at the lesson. At this lesson we will continue to work at our topic.

-Do you remember what topic we study? We will revise our vocabulary, read the text, you’ll listen to a story.


2.Фонетична розминка.

-Is it possible to go shopping just now?

I invite you to visit selling off. Come up to me. You can see fruit and vegetables. I’ll show you the picture with the sound and you must name it. After that your task will be to buy (take) a fruit or a vegetable that begins with this sound.

[p]: pear, peach, plum, potato, pineapple.

[b]: beet, banana.

[k]: cabbage, cucumber, carrot.

[g]: garlic, grapes.


3.Опрацювання лексики.

There are different kinds of shops. Now I want to check if you know their names. I’ll read you some definitions of shops and you must guess their names. Be ready to write them at the blackboard.

  • The place where you can buy fruit and vegetables(THE GREENGROCER’S).
  • The place where you can buy milk and cottage cheese(THE DAIRY).
  • The place where you can buy meat(THE BUTCHER’S).
  • The place where you can buy postcards and newspapers(THE NEWSAGENT’S).
  • The place where you can buy fish and seafood(THE FISHMONGER’S).
  • The place where you can buy bread and rolls(THE BAKER’S).


the dairy                                                                                the butcher’s

-milk -meat

-butter -sausage






the baker’s                                                                            the greengrocer’s

-rolls -cucumbers

-bread -tomatoes



4.Введення прислів’я.

I want to ask you such a question: ” Why do we buy different food? ” I can help you to find the answer. There is one very good proverb in English. There are two key words there: ’live’ and ’eat’ . Can you guess it?

One should eat to live not live to eat.

-What does it mean? (The pupils give their suggestions.)

5.Опрацювання граматичних структур.

It is easy to guess that if we are hungry we can go shopping and buy something to eat. We must know what products are sold at different shops. Your task is to take one sheet of paper and find your partner. After that you must write the names of the products under the shops in which they are sold. You must use the structure is sold”/”are sold”.

Now let’s check your sentences.


6.Гра  «Бінго».

You worked hard and it is time to play. What is your favourite game? Let’s play “Bingo”. Using our active vocabulary complete the table.


7.Робота з текстом.

-Have you ever lost your way while doing shopping?

   -What happened to Steve and Molly?

Now let’s read the text. You must be very attentive. After reading your task will be to complete the gaps. If I clap my hands you must ask questions to the text.


Steve and Molly are in the _shopping mall_. They are looking for their mother. They know she is here, but where is she? They look in the _post office_. She is not  there. They cross the road and look in the _shops_ .They look in the _bakery_, the _butcher’s_ , the _dairy_ and the _greengrocer’s_ . They go past the _fishmonger’s_ to the _record shop_ . They don’t see her anywhere. A woman is standing at the _chemist’s_ . No, it isn’t Mrs.Parker.A police officer is standing at the _newsagent’s_ .

“Let’s ask him about our mother,” Molly starts to cry.

“Don’t cry Molly. I know where our mum is. Let’s look at the _supermarket_.”

The children go to the crossing by the _hairdresser’s_ . The traffic lights change to red, the cars stop, and they go across the road. Is that mum in the telephone box on the corner? No, it’s a man!

Then Molly says, ”Look! There’s our mother! She is at the _cafe_ looking for us!”



-Who does shopping in your family?

-What shops would you like to visit?

-What would you like to buy there?

-What would you like to do now?

Now we’ll listen to the story about shopping (аудіозапис). After  that you must put ”+“

next to the true sentences and ”-“ next to the false ones.

Wednesday morning Alice was very busy washing the clothes, so mother did the shopping. Betty and Jock went with her. She went to the butcher’s, where she bought meat for dinner. Jock liked going to the butcher’s because the butcher gave him a bone every day. Mother took the meat, and gave the butcher the money. Then they went to the baker’s. When they came into the shop Mrs. Johnson said, ”May I have one loaf of white bread and one loaf of brown bread, please?” The baker gave mother a white loaf and a brown one, and she bought a cake for Betty, too. Then mother wanted to go to the grocer’s to buy butter, bacon and eggs. They stood in front of the grocer’s window, and looked at the honey, oranges and sweets. Mother bought what she wanted and they all went home.


1.On Sunday morning Jane was busy, so her mother did the shopping.

2.Helen and John went with her.

3.Mother went to the butcher’s where she bought meat for dinner.

4.When they came into the baker’s Mrs. Johnson said, ’’May I have ten rolls, please?”

5.Mother wanted to go to the grocer’s to buy butter, bacon and eggs.

6.They stood in front of the grocer’s window, and looked at the honey, oranges and sweets.

7.Mother didn’t buy what she wanted and they went home.

Listen to the text once more and be ready to answer two questions.


  • Where did mother go?
  • What did she buy?


9.Підведення підсумків.

  • Summing up

We have revised our active vocabulary, read and listened to the texts, learned a new proverb.

  • Your home assignment is to write 10 sentences about shopping in your town. Write only about those shops that are in the center of your town. Name the shops you would like to visit and what you would like to buy in each shop.
  • Marks.



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