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Урок англійської мови 8 клас "Do you Like Music?"

Про матеріал

Розробка уроку з використанням інтерактивних технологій. Впевнена, що основний акцент необхідно робити на кооперативному навчанні, тобто на роботі у командах (парах, групах, мікрогрупах).

Перегляд файлу


  1. To develop students’ reading sub-skills on the topic.
  2. To encourage students to justify their opinions.


Do you like music? Why, if yes? or Why not?( Ss’ own answers).

Today we’ll speak about role of music in our lives. Do you think music has a power?

 Ss’ own answers: Music has a power, gives us energy; may cause damage; can help you get relaxed etc.

When and where can you hear music?

( work in pairs) Teacher gets feedback from the class.

2. Reading and Comprehension.

The Power of Music


Nowadays it’s almost impossible to escape from music, even if we want to. It thunders out of every high-street shop, hisses horribly from other people’s stereos on public transport, and blasts out of open car windows.


Although many of us enjoy music, very few of us have any real idea of the effect music has on us. Most people assume that musical tastes are subjective- that one person will like jazz while another prefers classical. In fact, recent research in America and Australia has shown that appreciation of music is not a matter of individual taste. Certain types of music will have a particular effect on out minds and bodies, whether we like them or not. For instance, early classical music will help us feel relaxed and peaceful. Other types of classical music, such as the music of J.S.Bach and Mozart, are stimulating to the brain, encouraging curiosity and alertness. While classical music promotes loving feelings, hard rock music is particularly good example of music that makes us feel hate, jealousy, and violence.


As a result of this research, music is being used in hospitals, and doctors have found that 20 minutes of soothing music is often far more effective than tranquillizers. For example, after a recent operation, Fiona Richmond was not allowed to listen to her favourite heavy metal group. Instead, she was made to listen to gentle classical music because it was good for her.


Scientific work on the healing power of music started with planet research in the 1970s. Interestingly, many types of classical music speeded plant growth, whereas heavy metal caused plants to draw away from the speakers and die.


  1. Skimming.

Read the text individually and put in the paragraph headings suggested below. There are some words, the meaning of which you can guess from the context or find in the dictionaries on your desks. But don’t focus too much on unknown words. ( The words / expressions below are written on the blackboard.


Healing                                                   making sb or sth well again

Affect sb physically                                affect someone’s body    

Cure                                                         make people better

Harmful                                                  can hurt or damage people.


  1. Music all around us
  2. The effect of music
  3. Music for healing
  4. Music and plants
  5. Why have you chosen the particular headings? Discuss it with your partner. ( P1 P2)


Teacher asks students to read the text again and decide if the statements are true or false.

  1. Our taste in music is personal (false)
  2. Music can affect us physically (true)
  3. The only music which affects us positively is music that we like ( false)
  4. Music can be used to cure people in hospitals (true)
  5. Certain types of music can be harmful (true)

3. Follow-up discussion.

Think of any situation in your life when music affected you positively or negatively.

Then teacher asks Ss to share their thoughts in pairs/ groups of 4. Students give feedback from the groups. Teacher suggests to use posters and blackboard to present their ideas.

4. Summary

Teacher summarizes the outcomes of the lesson.

            5.Home assignment.

Students have to be ready with their answers to the questions based on a reading a text


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