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Урок англійської мови для 3 класу. “ Professions and Clothes”.

Про матеріал

Повторити звуки та виконувати завдання з ними. Вивчити нові слова по темі “Clothes” та повторити раніше вивчені по темі “Professions” та виконувати різні завдання з ними. Вміти використовувати слова та словосполучення у діалогічному та монологічному мовленні.

Перегляд файлу

Урок англійської мови для 3 класу “ Professions and Clothes”.


  1. to repeat some sounds and to do exercises with them;
  2. to learn new words for the topic “Clothes” , to repeat words for the topic “Professions” and to do exercises with same;
  3. to repeat numerals (1-10) and colours;
  4. to understand short texts after listening and to do different actions;
  5. to operate words and words-combinations for the topic in dialogues and speech.



  1. pictures for the topic;
  2. an invitation;
  3. a bus;
  4.  cards ( Yes, he/she is., No, he/she is not., I want to be a … . , “Jumbled Letters”, sounds, words, exercises with sounds, exercises with words, I need to buy a … ., Are you a … ? , Yes, I am., No, I am not., You are a … ., I am wearing a … ., bus-stops).
  5. pencils;
  6. shopping lists;
  7. a book;
  8. a copy-book;
  9. a song “Head and Shoulders”.


I Organize moment

Look at the window and tell me please:

  • What season is it now?
  • What months is it now?
  • What day is it today?
  • What is the weather like today?

In such a good weather we are having our lesson.

II Theme and aims

Look at the board and tell me please :What is the topic of our lesson?

There are some pictures on the board.

Let’s start! Oh! Look! Today I have received an invitation to the school show.

Oh! No! We are not ready! We have to do a lot of things. During our lesson we will prepare to this show. Our way to this show is very long and it is not easy. During our trip we will have some bus-stops and we need to do some tasks to get to this show. This beautiful bus will help us. Take this bus and Let’s start our trip.

III Warming up

This is the first bus-stop “Playtime”

a) Let’s play a game “Am I right?” I will ask you and you will answer me. These cards will help you.

  • Is he a businessman?
  • Is he a doctor?
  • Is he a singer?
  • Is she a waitress?
  • Is he a waiter?
  • Is she a teacher?
  • Is she a secretary?
  • Is he a driver?
  • Is she a seller?
  • What’s his job? He is a … .
  • What’s her job? She is a … .
  • What do you want to be? I want to be a … .

b) Now take this cards and Let’s play another game. This game is “Jumbled letters

Try to guess What job is this? This is a … . or number one is a … . OK.

  • odcort
  • genisr
  • divrer
  • tewiae
  • trswiase
  • esllre
  • rsctareey
  • uibsssnnmea
  • echtare
  • ecdarn

Now take the bus and Let’s go.

IV Pronunciation

 The next bus-stop is “Sounds”.

Listen to the tape-recorder. Look at these cards and repeat. Read these words.      Ex 2 p 76. 

[eə] bear, chair, where, wear

[au] count, house, blouse, trousers

[з:] bird, shirt, skirt

[ju:] music, Tuesday, suit

[u:] school, blue, shoes

[iŋ] playing, swimming, wearing.

Now  take this card and do this task.

Put the words into the proper boxes.

Wear, shoe, music, skirt, blue, there, suit, shirt















Check on this task. Read the words in the first column, in the second, in the third, in the fourth.

Ok. Let’s go.

V  Vocabulary

The next bus-stop is “Words”.

Listen to the tape-recorder, look at the board we can see clothes there and repeat.

  • Which clothes are for men?
  • Which clothes are for women?
  • Which clothes are for men and women? 

A coat is for men and women. A blouse is for women. A shirt is for men and women.

A skirt is for women. A dress is for women. Trousers are for men and women. A suit is for men and women. These shoes are for women.

Now take your exercise books, open at page 36. I’ll tell you the words and your task is put the right number under the picture. But first of all Let’s repeat the numerals from 1 to 10.


  1. trousers
  2. blouse
  3. dress
  4. skirt
  5. coat

Lets check. Number one is … .

Our clothes are colourful and bright. Now we are going to colour too. Take your pencils, read the text and colour these pictures following the instructions.

Ex 1 p 36. But first of all let’s repeat all colours. The poem “Щоб навчитись малювати

  1. The blouse is brown.
  2. The trousers are blue.
  3. The coat is green.
  4. The skirt is red.
  5. The dress is yellow.


Ex 2 p 36. Take your day books. Open your day books. Find Thursday and write down your homework. OK. Our trip is on.

What are you wearing? I am wearing a … .

I have known a short poem about clothes, listen to me.

Caps and shoes and dress and blouses,

T-shirts, shorts and dress and trousers.

Repeat after me all together.

Only girls repeat after me.

Only boys repeat after me.

Very good. Let’s go.

VI Reading

 The next bus-stop is “Reading”. Look at the people of different profession, listen to the tape-recorder about these people and their clothes. Ex 1p75.

Read these sentences and translate. 

I have got a task for you too. I’ll give you a picture. A man or a woman is on the picture. And a sheet of paper with the text but some words are disappearing . We have to complete these texts. Work in pairs. Then read your texts.


This is Mrs. Brown.

She is Bill’s … .

She is a … .

She is wearing a … .


This is Mr. Brown.

He is Bill’s … .

He is a … .

He is wearing a … .


This is Mr. Evans.

He is Nick’s … .

He is a … . 

He is wearing a … .


This is Mrs. Evans.

She is Nick’s … .

She is a … .

She is wearing a … .


This is Mr. Jones.

He is Jane’s … .

He is a … .

He is wearing a … .


This is Mrs. Jones.

She is Jane’s … .

She is a … .

She is wearing a … .


This is Mr. Green.

He is Tom’s … .

He is a … .

He is wearing a … .


This is Mrs. Green.

She is Tom’s … .

She is a … .

She is wearing a … .


This is Mr. Smith.

He is Sam’s … .

He is a … .

He is wearing a … .


This is Mrs. Smith.

She is Sam’s … .

She is a … .

She is wearing a … .

Complete my sentences.


Jane’s mother is

Nick’s father is

Jane’s father is

Bill’s mother is

Sam’s father is



Tom’s mother is

Nick’s mother is

Bill’s father is

Tom’s father is

Sam’s mother is

VII Physical Activity

 The next bus-stop is “Physical Activity”. We work very hard and now we will have a rest. Stand up and do some exercises. “Head and Shoulders”. Ok. Take our bus and let’s go.

VIII Speaking

The next bus-stop is “Speaking”.

During our lesson we speak about professions. You know that world of professions are colourful and bright. All professions are good and need. Your father and mother have got different professions and earn money in different ways. Tell us please about your families. Thank you.

IX Writing

  The next bus-stop is “Writing”.

As you know we will go to the school show party and we need specials clothes. That’s why we have to go to the shop to buy different clothes.



(a seller)









Check on your task. I need to buy  a … . Now we can go to the party show. We have done all our tasks, we have buy specials clothes and now - show party .This party is devoted to different professions. You have a profession. Now tell us a descriptions. We will listen very attentively. These cards will help you. Try to guess What is my job?

Are you a … ? Yes, I am. No, I am not.

A secretary

I am wearing a white blouse and a green skirt. I work I an office. I can type very well. What is my job?

A waitress

I am wearing  a pink blouse, a red skirt and red shoes. I work in a café. What is my job?

A doctor

I am wearing a white coat. I work at the hospital. I can help ill people. What is my job?

A businessman

I am  wearing a blue suit. I work in an office. I can make money. What is my job?

A singer

I am wearing a blue dress and nice shoes. I can sing very well. What is my job?

A teacher

I am wearing a blue suit. I work at school. I can teach children. What is my job?

A waiter

I am wearing a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes. I work in a café. What is my job?

A dancer

I am wearing a long red dress and red shoes. I can dance very well. What is my job?

A driver

I am wearing  a red sweater, a white shirt, trousers and black shoes. I can drive a car. What is my job?

A seller

I am wearing a white blouse, a blue suit and black shoes. I work in a shop. I sell apples, bananas and plums. What is my job?

IX Summarizing

Our trip is finished. Your are good. Tell me please:

What professions do you know?

What  clothes do you know?

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