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Урок для 3 класу.”My favourite subject”.

Про матеріал

Повторити слова по темі.Продовжувати вчити слухати та виконувати різні завдання на основі прослуханого. Продовжувати вчити складати діалоги та короткі розповіді.

Перегляд файлу

Урок англійської мови для 3 класу”My favourite subject”.


     1) to repeat some sounds and to do exercises with them;

  1. to learn new words for the topic “Clothes” , to repeat words for the topic “Professions” and to do exercises with same;
  2. to repeat numerals (1-10) and colours;
  3. to understand short texts after listening and to do different actions;
  4. to operate words and words-combinations for the topic in dialogues and speech.

Equipment: Cards, songs, books, presentation.

I Organize moment

- Good morning! I am glad to see you!

- Good morning! I am glad to see you!

Sit down, please. Today we have got an unusual lesson. A lot of guests have  come to see us. Say “Good morning” them.

II Theme and functions (Presentation)

- Watch the video and guess the theme of the lesson.

- What are you going to talk about? We are going to talk about our favorite  subject.

III Warming up

We have learnt the poem. Let`s recite it.

What day is it? It`s Monday.

It`s a happy day.

We have got English lesson.

Hip- hop, hooray-hooray!

IV Speaking

a) - What day is it today?

- What lesson have you got today?

- How many lessons have you got today?

- What is your favorite subject?

-What subject don`t you like?

-What is your favorite day? Why?

- What day don`t you like?

- Song “ What`s your favorite subject?’’

b) Every day you go to school. You can meet your friends and go to school together. You can speak and discuss your problems on the way to school.



-What day is it today?

-It`s Tuesday.

- Oh! Good! It`s Sport on Tuesday. I like Sport. And what lesson do you like?

- I like counting and doing sums. Maths is my favorite lesson.

c) Try to guess

At school pupils have got their day books and they have their timetable. They write their lessons into their daybooks. You have got  your own daybooks and you write your timetable too.  Try to guess.

- I`ll tell you the lessons and you`ll tell me the day.






1. Ukrainian

1. Maths

1. Ukrainian

1. Ukrainian

1. Reading

2. English

2. Ukrainian

2. Maths

2. Reading

2. Maths

3. Maths

3. Computer


3. Sport

3. Civic Education

3. Music

4. Sport

4. Reading

4. Nature Studies

4. Health Basics

4. English


5. Nature Studies

5. Reading

5. Maths

5. Sport


6. Handicrafts









Try to guess What day of the week is this?

1. -You have got Maths on this day. (Tuesday)

- You have got Handicrafts on this day.

2. – This is the week day. You have got no English on this day.( Thursday)

- You have not got Nature Studies.

3.  – You have got English but you haven`t got Reading ( Monday)

4. -You don`t go to school. This day is after Friday. ( Saturday)

5. -You have got Nature Studies but you don`t have Computer Science ( Wednesday)

6. -This is the week day. You have not got Ukrainian on this day. (Friday)

7. – You don`t go to school. This day is before Monday. You like this day very much. ( Sunday)

OK .Very well.

V Listening

We have got a friend in London. He is Bill. You know him very well.  He goes to school too. He has his daybook too. Some subjects he likes but some doesn`t like.  Look at his daybook and tell me:

- What subject does he like?

- What lesson doesn`t he like?

- What is his favorite subject?






































He likes______.

He doesn`t like_______.

His favorite subject is_______.

And  he sent us some e-mails and  videos very often. Bill and his classmate are speaking about schooling.

Listen to the and tell me

- What is the boy name?

- What sport do they like?

Listen to them and do this task. Choose the right variant. Look through 1 minute and then listen to them.

a) Choose the right variant.

1) I  can see ______.

a) boys

b) girls

c) a boy and a girl

2) I can see _____ .

a) three boys

b) two boys

c) one  boy

3) They are   ______.

a) in the camp

b) in the room

c) at school

4) They are speaking about_______.

a) Art and P.E.

b) Music and P.E.

c) Maths and P.E.

5) After school they  are playing ________.

a)  football

b) tennis

c) basketball

6) The boys names are _________.

a) Bill and Jinsu

b) Bill and Tom

c) Jinsu and Tom

VI Physical Activity

VII Reading

Taras and Bill are pen friends. Very often Taras sends e-mails to Bill in Great Britain. There is an e-mail in our textbooks. Read this text and tell me please:

-What are his favorite days? Why?

- What is his favorite subject? Why?

a) I`ll read you sentences you listen to me attentively . When you agree with me you will show green cards.  When you don`t agree with me you will show red cards and correct.

1) Taras lives in England.

2) Taras is Bill`s pen friend.

3) He goes to school.

4) His favourite days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

5) His favorite subject is English.

6) He doesn`t like playing games.

7) They do sums at English.

8) Taras likes singing songs.

VII Homework

Ex 4 p 57. Help Bill to write an e-mail.

VIII Speaking

You go to school too and you have got your favorite subjects too.  Tell us about yourself.

1) My name is____. I am a schoolboy/ girl. My favorite subject is Sport. I like playing football. I like running , jumping and doing exercises. My favorite days are ….. I have got Sports on these days.

2)  My name is____. I am a schoolboy/ girl. My favorite subject is Art. I like painting pictures and drawing. My favorite day is ------. I have got Art on this day.

3) My name is____. I am a schoolboy/ girl. My favorite subject is Music. I like playing music, singing songs and listening to music. My favorite days are -----. I have got Music on these days.

4) My name is____. I am a schoolboy/ girl. My favorite subject is Maths. I like counting and doing sums. I like playing with numbers. My favourite days are …… I have got Mahts on these days.

5) My name is____. I am a schoolboy/ girl. My favorite subject is English. I like speaking English, reading texts, singing songs. I want to visit Great Britain one day.

IX Writing

At school we learn a lot of subjects. We do different things  at our lessons. Complete my sentences.

1) Pupils read texts, learn poems at--------- .

2) Pupils jump, run, play sports at--------- .

3) Pupils sing songs, play music at---------.

4) Pupils draw, paint pictures at -------- .

5) Pupils speak, read and write English at------- .

6) Pupils count and do sums at-----.

X Summarizing

Some children in our group like English. So today we had an English lesson.

Do you like English?

Are you good at English?

















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