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Урок "Мій улюблений дім"

Про матеріал

Розробка уроку для 5 класу з англійської мови за підручником Enterprise I. Тема "Мій улюблений дім", мета: формувати граматичну компетенцію, навчити описувати кімнату, автоматизувати вживання прийменників місця, розвивати навички розуміння на слух, розвивати світогляд учня. У розробці використані різноманітні форми роботи.

Перегляд файлу

Білоцерківська гімназія № 2









Відкритий урок

з англійської мови

в 5-Б класі

по темі «Мій улюблений дім»















Підготувала: вчитель англійської мови

Бочкарьова І.О.



















Theme: My Lovely Home.

The type of lesson: the formation of grammatical competence on the Prepositions of place

The kind of lesson: combined lesson


  • Vocabulary: words related to furniture, types of houses
  • Reading: for gist to match information, reading for specific information
  • Listening: to match information
  • Communication: describing dwelling
  • Grammar: the Prepositions of place


Methods and techniques used in the lesson: explanatory and illustrative method (information-reproductive); the method of stimulation and motivation.

Work in class: collective, individual

The equipment of the lesson: textbook Enterprise I, workbook, notebook, audio snippet, video presentation.



  1. Introductory stage:

Good morning, children! (Good morning,)

  • I am glad to see you. How are you today? (We are fine, thank you. And how are you?)
  • I am fine, too, thanks.


  • Warming-up

 Introduction of the theme.

  • Let’s start our lesson from phonetics. Let`s repeat after me:

                                          Jim's room is light

                                          And very clean.                                   

                                          The ceiling is white.

                                          The walls are green.

And now let`s train the proverbs:

1) East or West home is best.

2) There’s no place like home.

3) Home is where the heart is.

4) My home is my castle


  1. Main stage:

Today we are going to speak about your houses or flats. We'll learn: where is the TV-set, where is the sofa, where are the different things in the room.

1) But first let`s remember the types of houses. Look at slides and say what kind of house is it?

  • A cottage,
  • a block of flats,
  • a terraced house,
  • a skyscraper

Now, say What house do you live in?


2) Now, remember the kinds of rooms. Name the rooms, please. Say what kind of room is it?

    Game « Guess the Room»

  • We usually cook meals here. – It’s a kitchen!
  • We can watch TV and rest in this room. – It’s a living room.
  • We can have a shower here. – It’s a bathroom.
  • You can sleep here or play with your toys. – It’s child’s bedroom.

Perfect! Look at the screen and name other parts of the house. – A master bedroom, a garage, a study, a garden, a dining room, a basement, an attic. Nice work.


3) Now, let`s remember the names of furniture. Name the pictures.

A dishwasher, a sink, a fridge, a cooker, a table, cupboards. –We can find in the kitchen.

A sofa, a bookcase, armchairs, cushions, flowers, TV– We can find in the living room. 

A mirror, a bath, a washbasin, towels. – We can find in the bathroom.

A bed, a lamp, a computer, toys, bookshelves –We can find in the bedroom.


4) Well done. So, let`s remember the Prepositions of place. Look at screen and name.

in, on, under, behind, next to, in front of.


  • Time for break. Song If you`re a kid.


5) Open your WB p 13 Ex 6. Fill in correct preposition.


6) The auding text. Listen and fill in the gaps. Work with cards.

There is a table in the room. There is a vase on the table with some flowers in it. The book is in front of the vase. There is a ball under the table. There is a chair next to the table. The plant is behind the chair. There is a poster on the wall next to the plant.

Now, change please your cards with your partner. And correct the mistakes. (Check with the screen)


7) Let`s play the game. Say What is it and where is it?



Extra: GB ex 6 p14.

8) Summarizing


Homework .

– You  have worked hard today and I think you are almost ready to do your homework. You should describe your room in your exercise-books. 


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