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Урок на тему "This is my nose!" НМК "Family and Friends 1"

Про матеріал

План-конспект першого уроку теми "My Body" НМК "Family and Friends 1 2nd edition", де подається лексика, що знайомить учнів з темою, йде її закріплення через розвиток навичок читання, слухання, письма і усного мовлення у ігровій формі

Перегляд файлу

Topic: This is my nose

Objectives:  - to introduce the words devoted to the topic;

           - to understand a short story;

           - to develop reading, listening, writing and speaking skills;

           - to introduce and practice the plural form of the nouns;

           - to encourage pupils to learn English and speak about their body;

Tools: CB, WB, flashcards with the words, TS30-32, a video


Plan of the lesson


Lead in.

Greeting  Hello. (A “Hello” song )Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you, too. How are you today?

Warmer    Greeting dialogues


Main part of the lesson


Introduction the topic of the lesson Today we are going to start learning a new topic which is called “Our Body” so all of you will tell about parts of our body. We are going to learn some new words, watch a short story about our friends. We’ll speak a lot and do some listening and writing tasks that I’m sure you’ll like. So, let’s start!


Introducing the new vocabulary  Look. Here are some pictures of the words we have to learn ex1,2p20 CB

                           - a nose      - a leg

                           - a face    - an ear     -an arm


Working with the words - choral and individual repetition of the words

                    - translating the words from Ukrainian into English and vice versa

                    - making simple sentences (This is my nose. This is your face.)

                    - practice in writing the new words


A breaktime Worming up, Exercices


Developing the listening and reading skills Working with a short story.   Ex3p20CB

                                  Now let us watch a short video of our friends


Working with the video  -watching the story.

                      -discussing the plot.Trying to understand what’s going on

                     - eliciting the new vocabulary, repeating and translating the previously learned words

                     - watching with pauses and translating the phrases

A breaktime “Hands up, hands down…”

Grammartime  “an arm” - arms”

         - introducing the plural form of the nouns and explainig the main rules of its formation

         - practice in making the plural form the the learned nouns a nose - noses, an arm - arms

         - making simple phrases with the plural form of the nouns (my legs, your hands),   thanslating them:

         - making simple sentences  with the plural form of the nouns (This is my arms), thanslating them:

Further practice .Grammar&Vocabulary

   Now we can do some exercises;

WB ex1-4p21


Lesson outcome

Summing up the lesson  Today we have done a lot. We have learned new words, watched a story and now can tell and ask each other about parts of out body

Saying “Good bye” Now it’s time to finish our today’s lesson. Thanks for your work. Have a nice day! See you!

 A “Good bye” song


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