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Урок по темі "Здоров'я" у 7 класі

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Урок можна використовувати як підсумковий по темі "Здоров'я" у 7 класі. Діти працюють за комп'ютерами під час виконання тестів. Тести оцінюють комп'ютери.

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                   Урок по темі «Здоровя»

                       Health – 7-th  form

Мета : формувати вміння та навички учнів у використанні тематичної лексики в монологічному , діалогічному мовленні ; вчити виконувати тести на комп*ютері, розширювати кругозір учнів, розвивати навички співробітництва через роботу в парах, вчити  аналізувати і узагальнювати матеріал, розвивати навички аудіювання, розширювати кругозір учнів, виховувати повагу до співрозмовника.

Очікувані результати:

Вміння оперувати лексикою по данній темі, усвідомлення цінності  здорового способу життя.

I.Організаційно –мотиваційний етап.

  1. Початок уроку. Оргмомент.

Вчитель: Good morning, children!

Учні: Good morning to you

We are all in our places

With sunshiny faces.

Good morning to you

Look at each other!

Smile to each other

Enjoy our lesson

A warm smile at the lesson

Will encourage our work.

Вчитель: I am happy to see you

With sunshiny faces.

Nice to meet you in a good health.

How are you? How are you getting on? Are you in a good mood? How is the family? How are the things?

 Учні: Thank you well.

I am just fantastic.

Never felt better.

Everything is all right.

Fine , thanks.

Not too bad .

Вчитель: My congratulations.

  1. Введення в іншомовну атмосферу. Фонетична зарядка.

Вчитель: Dear children, look at the screen! We`ll do some phonetic exercises ( слайди )

  1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.( Вчитель говорить, а на екрані фільм)

Frankly speaking I think you have a lot of daily problems:

  • How to be well and attend school;
  • How to be a good pupil and to get good marks;
  • How to behave well at school;
  • How to be a nice friend and help a mate when he or she in trouble;
  • How to obey school rules and traffic rules.
  • And at last how to be healthy and to keep a healthy diet and a healthy way of  life.

        So , today we shall try to make new steps in learning English. We`ll speak about things which make  us healthy. You`ll practise speaking, listening, reading and writing. Today we`ll  have our last lesson on the topic “Health”. So the theme of our today`s  lesson  is: ‘ We want to be  healthy’

II. Основна частина уроку. Націлити на оцінювання.(Лист контролю on the desks)

  1. Розвиток навичок мовлення.

На екрані:  What  does it mean to be healthy?

Some people think  it just mean not being sick. But being healthy means feeling good too. It means having energy to play and to work. You see the Sun on the  blackboard.  It`s our health .


сонечкоWhat is health for you? What do you associate with health? And your first task is ‘Associations’.  Write  your associations with the word  « Health» on these  stripes – sunrays which you have on your desks.You can use your project work “Healthy and unhealthy food” “Healthy and unhealthy lifestyle” (учні пишуть свої асоціації під легку музику.) If you have written go to the blackboard and place your stripes – sunrays near the Sun. And now let`s speak about what do you associate with health.

На екрані з’являються вирази:     To my mind health is …..

                                                           I   think health is ……

                                                          I  am sure health is…..

                                       I    agree  with my classmates that …

                                            We should ….

                                        Shoudn`t do

  1. Патріотичне виховання :

I think  we should do morning exercises (go in for sport, eat a right food )   I think  we  shouldn`t  smoke or drink alcoholic drinks (take drugs). Уou need be healthy  and can defend our Motherland and be real patriots.

Teacher:  Put  yourself one point (1 бал за речення) for writing and for speaking.

3.  Рольова гра « Пацієнти і лікарі».

Вчитель: It`s great when you are well. But sometimes we have problems with our health . Now let`s play. You are divided into 2 groups. The pupils of the 1-st group will speak about complains. They are  patients and the pupils of the second group are doctors. They will give advices.

Symptoms                                                                       Advices

  1. I fell sick       -----------------                                         Stay in bed
  2. I have a headache   ---------------                                 Take some aspirin
  3. I have a toothache    ----------------                             Go to the dentist
  4. I have a sore throat   ---------------                              Gargle it
  5. I have an earache   --------------                                   Use some drops
  6. I`ve got a temperature   -------------                              Measure it
  7. My leg hurts -------------------                                       Do an X – ray
  8. I`ve got a cold  -------------------                                    Drink some hot tea
  9. I`got a backache  --------------------                              See the doctor
  10. I`ve got a burn     ------------------------                 Put a burn under cold  water

Вчитель:            Ok, you are good doctors.

  1. Розвиток навичок аудіювання.

 Вчитель: Now you will listen a dialogue between a patient and a doctor. Listen please , attentively becouse after it you will do a test.

Сценка учнів « У лікаря». Потім учні виконують тест на комп’ютері.

  • Good morning , Miss.
  • Good morning , Doctor.
  • What `s your name?
  • My name is…
  • What is happened with you?
  • Oh, doctor I don`t feel well.
  • What`s seems to be the problem?
  • I have a constant headache and I`m always tired.
  • How about your throat?
  • It hurts a little.
  • Do you have a cough?
  • Yes,  I have a cough too.
  • How long have you had these symptoms?
  • About three days and now I`m feeling really tired too.
  • Let me take your temperature.(in 3minutes) Your temperatureis 37,5 degrees C. And now I will take  your blood pressure.
  • Your blood pressure is normal. It seems that you have a flu. Do you work anywhere?
  • Sure, I work at school and last week I had no rest at all.
  • Don`t worry, I shall prescribe you the necessary treatment. You should take two aspirins every four hours. You should also get a lot of rest and eat much fruit and vegetables and also drink a lot of herbal tea, with mint  for example.
  • OK, I understand.
  • Do you smoke?
  • Oh, no I spend a healthy lifestyle.
  • All right, come back, please, next week for a check up.
  • I will. Thank you , Doctor.
  • OK. Have a nice day and be healthy. 



  1. Constant – headache
  2. I`m feeling – tired
  3. You had – symptoms
  4. I will take your – blood pressure
  5. Necessary – treatment
  6. Take – aspirin(3 points)
  1. Розвиток навичок читання: ( текст та тест після читання учні виконують на комп’ютері)


       1.   Don`t drink a lot of water.

  1. drink         b) eat        c) not drink

2 . Eat some cakes every day.

  1. Sweets      b) bread       c) fruit and vegetables

           3. Eat white bread .

a) brown         b) grey         c) black

           4. Go to the dentist every day.

a) every Monday  b) every week  c) every year

           5.Clean your teeth before meals.

a) for meals    b) after meals c) during the meals

          6.Go to bed late on school days.

a) very early  b) early  c)at midnight

            7. Drink cold milk.

a) warm  b) nice  c) hot

               8. Exercise is bad for you.

a) not good  b) good  c) well

               9.Stay outside and watch TV every day.

 a) Don`t stay outside    b)Stay inside   c) Don`t stay inside

              10. Eat sweets every day.

a)Don`t eat  b) don`t drink  c) not eat (5 points)



6.Розвиток навичок аудіювання: ( пісня пінгвінів та танок).  Do you like this dance? Now let`s sit down near the computers, please.

7.Підсумок уроку. Будова карти розуму(7 хв).

 I`m sure , my dear pupils, you have understand how it is important to be healthy and to keep healthy healthy lifestyle. Now let`s make ‘Mind map’ with your ideas what is good for our health and what is bad? Then you will save them as pictures jpg

Well done!                        Perfect!                             Your work is good!

Я з списком учнів оцінюю їхню роботу.

T. Very  good . Well done. You have worked excellent today. I wish you to be healthy , clever, strong, kind, happy. Thank you for the lesson. Write your names on your evaluations cards and give them to me. Pupils  do you want to say something?

Pup.  We want to give advice to you

First morning exercises regularly do

Of your health you must take care

Try to keep fit all the year.

8. T.  Your homework is to write 8-10 sentences about your healthy lifestyle.  The lesson is over. See you next lesson. Goodbye.


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