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Урок введення лексичного та граматичного матеріалу

Про матеріал

Урок введення лексичного та граматичного матеріалу по темі: On the Farm. Domestic Animals.Лексичний матеріал: "Тварини на фермі". Граматичний матеріал: these are|those are. ( 3 клас Підручник: Карпюк.)

Перегляд файлу

3 клас

Theme of the lesson: On the Farm. Domestic Animals.


Aim: To present and practise new words on the topic of the lesson;

          familiarise pupils with classroom and textbook language;

         to practise dialogue speaking; to read and understand the text;

         to learn the constructions these are|those are and practice them in speaking.


  1. Greeting and warm -up

      Good morning, children!

How are you today?

Look at the blackboard and guess what shall we learn today about?

(Animals, farm, domestic animals)

Let’s play a game “who says what?”

What animal says “bow-wow”? (mew-mew; moo-moo; chick-chick; oink-oink; cock-a-doodle-doo; hi-ho; quack-quack)

  1.  Listen and point. Then say.

Listen to the song “old McDonald had a farm” then say what animals are mentioned.  (choose the cards on the blackboard)

  1. So, can you guess, what is the topic of our lesson? Yes, it is about animals on a farm.
  2. Now, open your books (p.43) and say what animals you can see there. (pupils name the “animals” and their plural forms)
  3. Let’s play. (pupils are divided into 4 groups, each group receives a set of cards with farm animals; teacher says different words among them the animals, children have to show the named animal as fast as they can; the group that shows faster than others wins.)
  4. Reading.  A) pre-reading We can see a farm on  pages 43-44. What animals can we see? How many cows, goats, horses, hens? What colour are these animals? Look at the blackboard and name animals that occur in the dialogue.

B) while-reading:  read the dialogue in roles and count how many animals live on the farm?

C) post-reading : answer the questions:1)  What animals has grandfather got on his farm?

 2) Does Tom like the animals on the farm?

3) What is the name of grandfather’s favourite hen?

4) Can Tom count the eggs?

7.  Physical pause.

Stand up and let’s move.

I can jump like a rabbit. Jump. Jump. Jump.

I can climb like a cat. Climb. Climb. Climb.

I can run like a horse. Run. Run. Run.

I can walk like a goose. Walk. Walk. Walk.

I can sleep like a pig. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

(repeat twice)

  1. Grammar. These/those are…

Look, listen and repeat. This is a chick.- These are chicks.(teacher shows cards) (try to translate the sentences.)

That is a cow. –Those are cows. (try to translate the sentences.)

Are there any examples of this/that/these/those in the dialogue on pages 43 -44?  (pupils find examples of this/that/these/those in the dialogue)

Training grammar in a text.(p.45)

A) pre-reading activity: speaking on the pictures to the text.

What animals can we see? What animals have these colours: white, black, brown, pink, red, grey, yellow?

B) while-reading:  read the text and find examples of structures these are/those are in it.

C) post-reading:  1) How many examples of these are/those are in the text?

2) give your examples of these are/those are according to the text.


Find and correct mistakes.

  1. This is a goose – То – гуска.
  2. These are geese – Це – гуси.
  3. That is a duck – То – курка.
  4. Those are cows – Це – корови.
  5. These are horses – Це – коні.
  6. Those are rabbits - То – свині.


9) Hometask: to retell the text “On Grandpa’s Farm” using the pictures to the text.

10) Summary

a) Game “Animals”(two teams)

Name animals using structures this is/that is or these are/those are .

The team that names more - wins.



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