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Урок з англійської мови 3 клас "Holidays. Easter"

Про матеріал

Розробка уроку з англійської мови по темі "Свята. Великдень", метою якого є розвиток навичок говоріння та читання, активізація лексичного матеріалу, узагальнення знань учнів про традиції святкування Великодня в Україні та Великій Британії.

Перегляд файлу

Holidays. Easter

Objectives: to develop communicative skills, to develop pupils’ speaking, listening, writing and reading skills, to extend pupils’ knowledge about Easter, to practice pair work, to motivate pupils in expressing their own opinions and views on the topic, to teach pupils to respect traditions of their country.


I Introduction


Good morning! Glad to see you. How are you? Let’s sing our song “Hello”.


I’d like to begin our lesson with the words "Traditions make our history” Everyone has to know traditions of his country and his nation. And one side of the traditions is holidays.  What holidays do you know?

 Introducing the theme

Today we are going to speak about holidays which are celebrated in Ukraine and Britain. And one of the most favourite spring holidays. Try to guess it. Of course, it’s Easter.

II Main part of lesson

1. Vocabulary revision

            Every country has its traditions and customs to celebrate holidays. Let’s remember them. Look at the slides, say when and how we celebrate these holidays. Presentation “Our Favourite Holidays”

             New Year is on the first of January. We decorate New Year tree. We write the invitations and send them to relatives and friends. We have parties. We dance, sing and have fun. Father Frost brings presents to children.

2. Vocabulary presentation

         Easter is one of the most popular holidays in Ukraine and Britain. What are the symbols of this holiday? Look at the slides, listen and repeat.  Presentation “Easter”

Easter bunny, hot cross buns, eggs painting, church, lamb, egg hunting.

Write new words into your vocabularies.

3. Reading

We’ve got a letter from Bill. Let’s read and find out how they celebrate Easter in England.

Dear Taras,

Easter is coming! It is a great holiday in England. On Easter Sunday people go to church, give thanks to Christ, sing songs, listen to music. They say that at Easter the Easter bunny brings coloured eggs. Families sit for a big dinner. People like eating hot cross buns. How do you celebrate this holiday in Ukraine? Say hello to your family.

Yours, Bill

After reading tasks

Which sentences are true?

  1.          People go to church on Easter Sunday.
  2.          Easter bunny brings eggs to children in Ukraine.
  3.          In Ukraine children like eating hot cross buns.
  4.          People bring Easter baskets to the church in Ukraine.
  5.          Ukrainian children like painting Easter eggs.

Help Taras to answer Bill’s letter. Choose the right word from the box and complete the letter.

Easter, Easter cakes, Ukraine, Christ, church, family, songs, eggs, big dinner, hello, music


Dear Bill,

…is a great holiday in… . On Easter Sunday people go to …, give thanks to…, sing …, listen to … . In Ukraine we make … … . We paint … , too. Families have a … … . Say … to your ….

Yours, Taras

4. Song “Easter Bunny”

Tongue twister

Every Easter Eddie eats eighty excellent Easter eggs.

5. Brainstorming

We continue to speak about Easter in Ukraine and Easter in Great Britain.

Everyone celebrates Easter with a family. It’s very interesting for me to know:

-    How do you celebrate this holiday?

-   Do you help your mother to prepare for this holiday? What do you do?

-   Do you go to the church at Easter? What do you take with you?

-   Do you have special traditions of celebrations of Easter?

What are the symbols of Easter?

-         It symbolizes Easter and it’s a symbol of new life. (egg)

-         It is the first tree blossoms in spring and it’s a symbol of Willow Sunday. (a pussy-willow branch)

-         It is the traditional Easter bread in Ukraine. (a paska)

-         It is a symbol of Easter in England and symbolizes spring and new life. (Easter Bunny)

-         It is symbolizes Jesus’ victory over death. (a cross)

-         It is the traditional Easter bread in Britain. (a hot cross bun)

6. Vocabulary practice

Let’s continue to work with the words. I’ll give you the worksheets about the symbols of Easter. Your task is to fill in the gaps with the words in the boxes.

III Ending of the lesson


Your homework for the next lesson will be to make an Easter greeting card.


I’d like to thank you for the lesson. We spoke about our favourite holidays and Easter symbols and traditions. You were active at the lesson and I’m satisfied with your work.

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