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Тренувальні вправи на розвиток навички письма в початковій школі "Englishman`s Home"

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Unit 2

Englishman`s Home

Тренувальні вправи на розвиток навички письма в початковій школі

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                                                                       Unit 2

                                            Englishman`s Home

                                                      Lessons 1-2

I. Read the dialogue and fill in the gaps.








- Ingrid, __________ is my sister Sally.

- Hell, Sally. Nice to __________ you.

- _____________ , Ingrid. __________ to meet you too. _________ are you from?

- I ______________ in Berlin. I`m _____________.

- Welcome to London, Ingrid!

II. Write what it is.

A thing on which we can sit. It`s ___________________________.

A thing which we open to air the room. It`s __________________________.

A room where people sleep. It`s _____________________.

A place where we keep our food fresh. It`s _____________________.

A place in the country where we can fish or swim in summer. It`s _____________.

                                                     Lessons 3-4

I. Look at the pictures and write the words.


h_______________                             f_________________                                 g________________


in the c________                     in the t________                           in the c_______

II. Match the numbers with the letters.

1) between                                                     a) зверху

2) in the middle of                                         b) навколо

3) around                                                        c) у кутку

4) in the corner                                              d) посередині

5) behind                                                        e) позаду

6) above                                                          f) між


                                                     Lessons 5-6

I. Unscramble the words.



       erplecifa                                 rrroim                                         llah                          upbarocd

   ______________                 ________________                  ________________             ______________




     darrwoeb                                          oseobalk                                     escth fo aredwsr

  _______________                                        ________________                                         _______________

II. Write the opposites.

1) My brother`s room is upstairs.___________________________________________________

2) I live in a big flat. ________________________________________________________________

3) The living room is downstairs. ________________________________________

4) This house is new. _________________________________________________

5) Switch on the washing machine. ______________________________________

6) Open the window. _________________________________________________

                                                         Lessons 7-8

I. Match the numbers with the missing numbers.

13                                    hundred                                 17                                fourteen

                15                        thirteen                            sixteen                           20

nineteen                         16                                    twenty                             19        

               seventeen                      14                       fifteen                         100

II. Match the parts of the sentences.



                  of the day.



             Many happy returns

             every happiness.



                     I wish you

    the nicest person in the word.



          Here`s great big kiss for


                                                  Lessons 9-10

I. Fill in the gaps with the missing numbers.

1) twenty, thirty, forty, __________, ____________, ___________.

2) one, three, five, __________, _____________, ____________.

3) nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, ___________, ____________, ____________.

II. Answer about your family.

How old are you? ____________________________________________________

How old is your Mum? ________________________________________________

How old is your Dad? _________________________________________________

How old is your brother/sister? _________________________________________

How old is your Granny? ______________________________________________

How old is your Grandpa? _____________________________________________

How old is your pet? _________________________________________________


I. Classify these words into a suitable group.

washing                         armchair               bookcase             dishwasher         micro-

machine                            sofa         chest of                toilet                         wave oven

      bath           cooker            fridge        drawers             TV set                shower

In the living room: ___________________________________________________

In the bathroom: ____________________________________________________

In the kitchen: ______________________________________________________

II. Write the missing numbers.

Twenty, forty, ___________, ninety, ____________, _____________, seventy,

___________, eighty.

III. Make up a greeting card for your mother`s birthday.


              Dear Mum


                                                                           Your __________.