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В даній розробці висвітлюються екологічні проблеми сьогодення, учні за допомогою різних методів навчання мають змогу закріпити словниковий запас в усному та писемному мовленні,удосконалити навички аудіювання з метою розвитку фонематичного слуху та тренування фонематичної пам`яті, розвинути мовну догадку та пізнавальні інтереси, діалогічне та монологічне мовлення, навчаться працювати в парах та групах, висловлювати та відстоювати власну точку зору.

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Тема уроку: The problems of our environment!

Мета уроку:

Освітня - повторити з учнями екологічні проблеми сьогодення, закріпити словниковий запас в усному та писемному мовленні.

Виховна - виховувати дбайливе ставлення до навколишнього середовища та усвідомлення важливості охорони довкілля

Практична - удосконалювати навички аудіювання з метою розвитку фонематичного слуху та тренування фонематичної пам`яті.

Розвиваюча -  розвивати мовну догадку та пізнавальні інтереси, навички аудіювання, діалогічного та монологічного мовлення, вміння працювати в парах та групах, висловлювати та відстоювати власну точку зору.

Обладнання: роздатковий матеріал, наочність, вислови, текст для аудіювання, плакати, комп’ютер, мультимедіа, підручник О. Карпюк, плакат з наклеєними проблемами навколишнього середовища

Тип уроку: узагальнюючий

  Хід уроку

І. Організація класу

  1. Привітання

Teacher: Good morning children, today we have summarizing lesson on topic “The problems of our environment!” We`ll speak about our environment and health. The Earth is our home. There are many large and small rivers, green forests, mountains and lakes in the world.  Environment means all the things around us: the land, water and air, animals and plants. But as you know, our world has a lot of problems with the natural environment such as pollution, damage of the ozone layer, deforestation, global warming, natural disasters, changing of climate and so on.  I would like to ask you some questions and to revise your knowledge .     So, lets start !

  1. Підготовка до іншомовного спілкування.

T: What is our environment?(The environmenrt is the sum total of all surroundings of a living organism, including natural forces and other living things)

What does the word “ecology” mean? (a scince of home, everything what around us)

How long have humans been living on the Earth? (2 mln years)

How long has technological progress been continuing? (200 years)


  1. Мовленнєва розминка

                                                                                                                                                                                Гра «Who will be the first ?»

Who will be the first and write the words to each letter of the word ,,EARTH ’’

E – east, environment, ecology

A – air , animals , area

R – rainbow, river, radiation

T – tree, trash, temperature

H – home , hill , human

ІІ. Основна частина уроку.

  1. Перевірка знань тематичної лексики (робота з картками)

Т: And now I give you the cards with the word and its explanation. Try to match them with their definitions and translate the sentences.

Environment is the land, water and air in which people, animals and plants live.

To pollute  to make air, water, soil, etc dangerously dirty.

Pollution is the process of polluting the place.

To cause means to make something happen.

Destruction is the act or process of destroying something.

Shortage is the situation in which there is not enough of something that is needed.

Dump is a place where unwanted waste is taken and left

To dump means to drop or put something somewhere in a careless way.

Waste means things you no longer want.

Poison is a substance that can kill you or make you sick if you eat it, breathe it, etc.

To poison means to make the land, lakes, rivers dangerous by adding harmful chemicals to it.

Nuclear means relating to the central part of an atom.

Weapon is something that you use to fight with.

 To survive means to continue to exist.

Т: Well done! And now I give you only definitions and you say one of the these words which are still on the screen. (To cause, to survive, dump)

  1.  Робота в групах

The 1st group “Greenpeace”.

Т: What is the pollution?

Name types of pollution do you know?

(Відповіді учнів)

 'POLLUTION' is the most commonly used word in our everyday life relating to the destruction of the natural air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on. No doubt the world is rapidly developing in every area possible which makes our lives much easier to live but on the other hand forgetting that we ourselves are destroying the natural resources.

  it is because of the rapid growth in technology and other areas of growth that leads to a massive increase the growth of pollution and the human activities too.

There are such types of pollution: air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and noise pollution 


The 2nd group “The friends of Earth”.


Т: Tell us about types of the pollution?

(Відповіді учнів)

One of the major causes of air pollution is the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This happens because of deforestation and fossil fuel burning.

There is  water pollution. Causes of water pollution includes waste products from factories, waste from power plants , waste from underground coal mines and waste from oil wells.

The major causes of land pollution are construction, domestic waste , industrial waste and agriculture. Plastic factories, nuclear waste disposals, and large animal farms, all lead to land pollution.

One more type of pollution is noise pollution. Noise pollution is caused when noise which is an unpleasant sound affects our ears and leads to psychological problems


The 3rd group “Royal Society of Protection Birds”

Т: How to Stop Pollution?

(Відповіді учнів)

Pupil 1. Walk or ride your bike whenever possible

Pupil 2. Choose local food whenever possible.

Pupil 3. Turn off lights and electronics when you are not in the room.

Pupil 4. Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.

Pupil 5 .Use fewer and environmentally friendly chemicals.

  1. Розвиток навичок аудіювання

T: So, now you should listen to the text and do some tasks.

Every year plants and animals disappear. In many lakes fish are dying. Fishermen are worried because every year there are fewer fish and some lakes have no fish at all. Scientists are beginning to get worried too.  What is killing the fish?

The problem is acid rains. Acid rain is a kind of air pollution. It is caused by factories of that burn coal, or oil, or gas. These factories send smoke high into the air. The wind often carries the smoke far from factories. Some of the harmful substances in the smoke may come with the rain hundreds of miles away.

Т: So you have a test paper, listen to the sentences and choose the right answer a, b or c

Виконання тестів за текстом.

  1. This text is about…
  1. Fishing
  2. Acid rains
  3. Air pollution
  1. Every year thousands of species of animals…
  1.               Are hunted for the meat
  2.               Fly away to different countries
  3.               Die out
  1. Acid rains is caused by…
  1.               Natural gas
  2.               Dust
  3.               Smoke send by factories
  1. Factory smoke
  1.               Can travel hundreds of miles
  2.               Is usually clean now
  3.               Stays over the factories
  1. Some lakes have no fish at all because…
  1.               People kill the fish
  2.               Fish can’t live in the polluted water
  3.               The water is too salty there
  1. Scientists…
  1.               Are beginning to get worried
  2.               Are sure that acid rains are not harmful for animals and plants
  3.               Pay attention to the problem
  1. Розвиток творчих здібностей учнів. Проектна робота.

T: Ok. Let us check your hometask. Your homework was to do the project work on the theme «The problems of our environment in Ukraine». So, listen to you.

The 1st group “Greenpeace”.

 Our group have searched the problem water resources.  I will drop your attention to the problem of water resources. The Earth is 4,600 million  years old. Modern man has changed our planet in many ways. Many of the things that we have done are good, but many, more are not good for the Earth. Rivers are the principle  part of Ukraine’s water resources. Ukraine has got a wealth of rivers. On the whole they belong to the basins of the Black Sea and the Sea of Asov. In some of the southern regions there are almost no rivers. The southern coast of Ukraine is washed by the waters of the Black Sea and the Sea of Asov. Rivers and other water resources (reservoirs, lakes, ponds ) play an important role in water supply, and are used sources of energy. Navigable rivers are important for transport.

 Ukraine has insufficient water supplies. The scarcest water resources are in the south-eastern part of Ukraine in the area where industry is centered. There are no local sources of water supply in such large cities as Kharkiv, Lviv. Thus canals have been dug from reservoirs on the Dnipro to provide water to the arid regions of the country.

T: Is it true that factories have caused the pollution of the water in this region?

Pupil: Factories have also caused the pollution of the land and water. As a result, many Rivers and lakes are now dead.

The 2nd group “The friends of Earth”.

Our group have searched the problem «the greenhouse effect”?The percentage of Carbon dioxide in the air has increased a lot. It comes from burning oil, coal and wood. This had formed a “layer of gases” around the Earth. The heat from the sun cannot get back into space and so the temperature is rising (the “greenhouse effect”). This means that the level of the sea is rising and the climate is changing. Speaking about of the use of nuclear power plants nowadays people, first of all, mention the great tragedy of Chornobyl. The World Health Organization scientists warm that skin, breast and lung cancer rates will rise in the future because of the amount of contamination caused by the explosion of the reactor. What Chornobyl showed most clearly  was that one country’s nuclear power station are everybody’s problem. In the places where people drink poisoned water, eat bad food and breathe polluted air they suffer from serious diseases, die early and their children are born weak.

T: How many times did it take to seal the reactor?

Pupil: It took nearby two weeks before the reactor was completely sealed.

The 3rd group “Royal Society of Protection Birds”

Our group have searched the problem of deforestation around the world and in our Carpathian Mountains. Trees are lungs of our planet. They give us oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they protect soil from erosion.

 But nowadays people destroy forests around the world. They cut down trees for having fields for planting crops. However, deforestation is very dangerous for the environment. Firstly, the wildlife loses the area of living. Secondly, the soil suffers of erosion. Thirdly, deforestation leads to floods in some regions of the world. The last research say that one adult tree can absorb about 1 thousand liters of water.

According to our search, during the last 50 years a great deal of forests in the Carpathians has been cut down . It leads to changes in local climate. That is why we have so much trouble with floods in this region. The scientists remind us that all elements and systems are interconnected in nature . Irresponsible attitude to it might lead to terrible results.

The Effects of Deforestation are disastrous , they are Climate Imbalance, Increase in Global Warming, Soil Erosion, Floods, Wildlife Extinction and so on.

T: How can we stop deforestaition?

Pupil: Clear cutting of forests must be banned.Also the cutting must  be replaced by  planting young trees to replace the older ones that were cut.

T: Thank you for your work.

ІІІ. Завершальна частина уроку.

T: Now, children, it’s time to find some ways of solving our problem.  I prefer for you to write down your ideas about the solving environmental problems on green leaves. Come and stick them around the Earth.

1. Вирішення проблем учнями

     Pupil 1: We should clean up the air.

      Pupil 2: We mustn’t pour waste into the seas and rivers!

      Pupil 3: We should protect animals and danger.

      Pupil 4: We must change people’s attitudes towards the environment.

      Pupil 5: We could use solar energy more.

      Pupil 6: The governments ought to make tough laws against litter.

      Pupil 7: We can save more energy and water.

      Pupil 8: We should ban cars which use leaded petrol.

      Pupil 9: We must find ways of preventing oil spills.

      Pupil 10: We shouldn’t use products which damage the ozone layer.

      Pupil 11: We ought to stop cigarette advertising.

      Pupil 12: We must take litter home after the picnic

2. Підведення підсумків уроку

T:  It’s time for summing up. An outstanding English writer John Galsworthy said “If you don’t think of the future  you will not have it”. Let’s think about the future. Let’s keep our planet tidy and make it better place to live in.  Let’s save the Earth for future generations.



27 серпня 2019
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