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Відкритий урок з іноземної (англійської) мови на тему "РОБОТА. ВИБІР ПРОФЕСІЇ".
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Урок №_____

Тема:Робота і професії

Підтема:  Карє’ра.Співбесіда. (Careers. Job  Interviews.)

Мета уроку:
Освітні: розвивати навики монологічного усного і письмового мовлення; активізувати раніше вивчену лексику по темі “Професія” в усній і письмовій мові; розвивати навики аудіювання, уміння спілкуватися англійською мовою.
Розвиваючі: розвивати інтелектуальні здібності учнів; формувати уміння виділяти головне, порівнювати і аналізувати.
Виховні: розвивати в учнів самостійність мислення; сприяти профорієнтації учнів.
Дидактичний матеріал: картки із завданнями, робочий зошит

Обладнання : комп’ютер, роздатковий матеріал.

Тип уроку: урок засвоєння нових знань

 Хід уроку

1. Організаційний момент (3 хв)

Today we’ll talk about very important problems for you – choice of the career and job interviews. Katherine Whitehorn, a British journalist once said: “The best advice given to the young is: find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay for doing it.” Do you agree with this statement?

            2. Актуалізація опорних знань (5 хв)

1. T. – I’d like you to answer some questions:

- Have you decided yet what job you’d like to do when you’re older?

-Would you like to go to university? If so, what do you think you would study?

-Do you think you’ll ever go abroad to work?

-Can you imagine yourself running your own company one day?

-Would you like to do the same job that someone in your family does now?

3. Повідомлення теми,мети,завдань уроку (1 хв)

We’ll talk about very important problems for you – choice of the career and job interviews

        4. Сприйняття та усвідомлення нового матеріалу( 15хв)

2.T.-It has become a common practice to have an interview before getting a job. So, look at the advice for job interviews and make a list of things to do and not to do during the interview.

Put on (одягати) casual clothes for the interview.

Go out (піти) for a walk before the interview to relax.

Think about the job and write down your strengths(сила) and weaknesses(слабкість).

Find out (знайти) information about the company.

Turn upявитися) at the interview a couple of minutes early.

Take down (робити нотатки) notes during the interview.

Make up (скласти) information about yourself.

Make out (робити вигляд) you understand something when you don’t.

Go into (вдаватися) a lot of detail about your personal life.

Speak up (розмовляти) and express yourself clearly.

Sit up straight and maintain eye contact. (Сідайте прямо і підтримуйте зоровий контакт)



(If students disagree about the answers, encourage them to argue the case.)

Answers: Do: sentences 2,3,4,5,7,11,12 Don’t sentences: 1,6,8,9,10

ІІ  Reading .

a) Pre-reading activity.

T.-I’d like you to read through the whole text quickly to get a general idea of the meaning.

Mandy’s account (пропустила) of an interview.

“Yesterday, I had an interview for a holiday job at summer camp for children. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to (1) …… about the organization, but I did (2) ……….all the things I’m good at! In the morning I woke up late quickly (3) ……. some jeans and a T-shirt.          I (4) ……….. at the office five minutes late, so I walked straight in and (5) ……… I couldn’t (6)…….. what the  interviewer was saying and I had to ask her to (7)…….. She asked about my experience with children, so I (8)…….. a lot of detail about my younger brother. Then she asked me to tell her about my work experience and I (9)…….. a story about some voluntary work(волонтерська робота) with a youth club. She stopped asking questions, so I (10)…….. and (11)…….. of the room. I think I’ve got a good chance of getting the job. What do you think?

 b) While-reading activity.

      T.-Complete Mandy’s account of an interview with verbs from the previous exercise  :

Answers: 1. find out-з’ясувати; 2. write down-записати; 3. put on-одягати; 4. turned up-з’явилася; 5. sat down-сідати; 6. make out-розгледіла,зрозуміла; 7. speak up-говорити,повторити; 8. went into-увійти в; 9. made up-вигадала; 10. got up-встала; 11. went out-вийшла

c) After-reading activity.

T.-Do you think Mandy got the job? Why or why not?

   (Students discuss whether they think Mandy got the job, and if not why not. What should she have done differently)

   Answer: No, she did not get the job because she made a lot of mistakes: missed the interview(опоздала на собеседование), put on (одягати) casual clothes for the interview, did not find out (знайти) information about the company,went into (вдаватися) a lot of detail about your personal life etc.

T.-You are right, it will be difficult for Mandy to find a good job.

III. Listening dialogue(Job Interview Tips: Tell Me About Yourself v2. Example of a good answer)

5. Осмислення нового матеріалу (15 хв)

IV  Speaking.

T.- OK, and now I’d like to know more about your future career plans.

(Teacher asks students to tell her the job they do, or the one they would like to do. Teacher chooses two or three students who do, or would like to do the same kind of work and put them together to prepare for a job interview for a specific position of their choosing.)


T.- I want you to create a character . Use your imagination and fill         in the next form:

Your name:






Current occupation (Профессия в настоящее время):


Relevant personal qualities(личные качества):


Previous working experience:


Present level of English: (Elementary-Элементарный,Intermediate-Средний, Advanced-Продвинутый уровень)


Country you are currently in:


The rest of the class will be working in another group to write interview questions for this position.

(Applicants from group A are interviewed by interviewees from group B.)

V.  Writing.

T: We have studied the successful scheme of the job interview, but there is one more point for the successful job search, it’ curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Name: Maureen Taylor

Date of birth: 21.03.1981

Nationality: British

Address: 87, Orchard Rise, Bishop Castle SY9 7H


Secondary school: Newcastle, 1992-99

“A” levels: English Literature (C), Maths (B), Economics (D)


Voluntary work for Community Links 1996-

Teaching English - St. Paul’s Church, Bishop Castle


Driving licence; First Aid Certificate (First Class)


Reading, cinema, cooking, swimming


6. Підбиття підсумків ( 3 хв)

 T.- At today’s lesson we’ve spoken about your future career plans and learnt  to behave during the job interview.

7. Домашнє завдання( 1 хв)

Your home task is:

1 рівень - to write a list of your skills and strengths, at least ten points.

2 рівень - fill in your personal Curriculum Vitae.