"Good bye Winter, welcome Spring!"

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Сценарій розроблений для використання як позакласного заходу під час проведення Тижня англійської мови.
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Сценарій свята Good bye Winter, Welcome Spring!”


Teacher: Dear guests! Soon we will celebrate a holiday which is called Candlemas. Winter and spring meet on this day. But winter is nearly over and spring is coming. That’s why we gathered today – to welcome spring say “good bye” to winter.

1st girl: Spring, spring, spring!

The trees are green,

Blue skies are seen.

Grey winter, go away!

The world looks new and gay!

2nd girl: March brings sunny days and winds,

So we know that spring begins.

April brings the primrose sweet.

We see daisies at our feet.

May brings flowers, joy and grass

And the holidays for us.

1st girl: Spring makes the world a happy place.

You see a smile on every face.

Flowers come out and birds arrive,

Oh, isn’t it great to be alive?

Teacher: We love spring. For every day there’s something new that comes to stay. Another bud, another bird, another flower that comes from the earth.

( Сценка з королевою квітів. На фоні – пісня «Квітка-душа»)

Queen of Flowers: My dear flowers! Spring is coming. When are you coming to the gardens and fields?

Flowers: We are coming! We are coming!

Queen: Who is coming first? I see it’s a snowdrop!

Snowdrop: I am first. I have a white dress. I am very pretty. I come when the snow is still on the ground. Do you see how beautiful I am?

Queen: You are really very beautiful. People are looking forward to seeing you in March. Who is the next?

Violet: And I come next. I don’t like snow. It is so cold. I like warm days. My dress is violet. I am Violet.

Queen: Surely! You are charming! Meet one more flower.

Lilly-of-the-Valley: Hello, dear! My name is Lilly-of-the-Valley! I miss sunny days very much. I am very glad to see all of you!

Daffodil: I come next. I am yellow like the sun. I like to dance in the wind. my name is Daffodil.

Queen: Then May comes. Who are May flowers?

Tulips: Look at us! We have many dresses – red, yellow, pink, white. We come when the sun is very warm. We are tulips!

Lilac: I am light violet. I bloom in May and make the gardens beautiful. My name is Lilac!

Bluebell: I am the last flower in May. I am blue like the sky and my dress is like a bell. I am the Bluebell.

Queen: My dear flowers! go to the gardens and fields and make them beautiful. Let’s be glad the spring all together.

1st girl: Do you know that due to spring

We again want to sing.

2nd girl: In the merry month of May

All the children are so gay,

They all play and sing and say,

“Winter days are far away!”

Teacher: For many people spring is the time when they expect something new, expect happiness and new feelings. The nature renews and there’s a feeling of the beginning of a new, better life. We see new leaves on the trees, new grass and new flowers. we hear the singing of different birds and understand that winter is over and summer is knocking on the door.




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Англійська мова, Сценарії
9 лютого 2019
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