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Вивчення англійської мови повинне передбачати планування роботи та його проходження на кожному етапі.
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My way and plan of learning English

English plays the main role in our everyday life today. Therefore, I believe that I need to learn English every day to succeed in the future. Usually I read the news in English daily, check the dictionary and learn through your page too. I learn new vocabulary to improve my knowledge.

Sometimes I speak English alone or with friends and listen to English. English is important because in the world, we use English to communicate with each other. I choose one topic every week and also tell my friends that topic. We keep a group discussion every Sunday night to talk about it.

I use many methods to learn English such as, reading English newspapers, watching many English movies, reading English stories and talking with local friends. Everybody knows many books have been written in English language. English is very important throughout the world to learn many things internationally.

I mostly prefer listening, listening, listening because it will automatically help us to develop our listening skill, vocabulary building, accent, language proficiency, speaking style, grammatical variety, phrases and so on.  Native English speakers also started learning English by listening their family members and watching and listening to the crowd around them.  I watch English movies with subtitles, talk shows, news and listen to songs with lyrics.  Another thing I do is I generally give myself a particular topic and I take about 10-12 minutes to write on that topic which I think has been developing my skill rapidly."

In the future, I want to use English to communicate with foreigners and teach English children too.


In conclusion, I want to give some tips on learning English:

  • Practise every day. Make yourself a study plan. Decide how much time a week you are going to spend studying and stick to it. Establish a routine.
  • Keep a notebook of new words you learn. Use them in sentences and try to say them at least 3 times when you speak.
  • Visit EC’s free learn English website at least once a day and complete a lesson.
  • Newspapers are a good place to find passive constructs. Read through an article and see if you can find the passive sentences.
  • Read for the general meaning first. Don’t worry about understanding every word, then go back and look up new words.
  • For a word you don’t understand in a sentence, look at the other words around it. They will give you a hint. Try to guess the meaning from the context.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be confident. People can only correct your mistakes when they hear you make them.
29 травня 2020
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