Літній табір.Англомовний загін "Creators"

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Літній табір.Англомовний загін "Creators". З метою розвитку та удосконалення комунікативних здібностей учнів
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School Camp

for Children


  Teacher N. Moskalenko




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Our Motto:

Early to bed

Early to rise

Make  a person

Healthy and  wiseD:\Вчителі\Наталія Григорівна\Англ. Табір 2017\IMG_20170529_131615220.jpg




  • to train and improve the pupils`      speaking skills
  • to train them in making up the stories, knowledge while working with the topical texts
  • to expand the pupils` knowledge of English as a foreign language
  • to develop the pupils`  logical way of thinking
  • to develop their imagination
  • to promote their intellectual curiosity
  • to teach the pupils` good manners of communication, to have a high respect for their classmates

The Members of English Detachment



1. Karyna Krupoder

2. Yaryna Zabiiaka

3. Victoria Osadcha

4. Polina Samyshyna

5. Taras Savela

6. Dariia Horbyk

7. Yevhenia Skum

8. Anastasia Dovbysh

9. Valeriia Nikitenko

10. Kateryna Nazarenko

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Grand Meeting.

Presentation of the detachment “Creators”



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Our Going to the Cinema

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The process of making up the name, motto of our English speaking detachment and choosing the detachment’s song

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International Day of Children. We like to play and spend time together

Morning exercises make us strong and healthy

Very often we spend free time at the picturesque banks of the river Kukolka

Improving grammar skills. 

We like to practise English

Improving speaking skills.

Lexical game “Word in a word”

We like to make an excursion around the village

At the village hospital. We have a good opportunity to consult doctors and be healthy


 At the Village Rada

A new church is situated in the centre of Popivka

Visiting a Zoo. It was exciting!

We can read

We can write

We can speak English too

We like learning English

And what about you?