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Матеріали до уроку з теми "Подорож навколо Британії", у ході уроку використовувалось відео , інформація з підручника учні повторювали the Present Continuous, the Present Perfect, the Present Perfect Continuous Tenses.

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Around Great Britain

Номер слайду 2

Make up the sentences using the Present Perfect Continuous Tense. What/Henry/to watch/on TV/since 7 o’clock? Why/you/ to type/this letter/so long? They/not to write/the test/for two hours. Mary/to study/at university/for two years now. Where/they/to wait/for us? How long/Eddy/to fix/his MP3 player? I/not to play/computer games/since 5 o’clock. The girls/to do/ the shopping/since 10 o’clock. Liz/to plant/ flowers/in the garden/for two hours now. My granny/to make/jam/since 11 o’clock.

Номер слайду 3

Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous, the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous Tense. 1) Ann and Jane can’t play with you, Ted. They ... (to clean) the house at the moment. Ann ...(to dust) the furniture for half an hour now, and Jane ... (just to finish) vacuuming the carpets. 2) The boss is in his study. He... (to read) a report of the manager. He ... (to read) it since morning and ... (not to finish) yet. 3)... you ... (to see) Pam today, Jack? — Yes, she ... (to have) lunch with her friend in the cafeteria now. They ... (to sit) there for twenty minutes now. 4) How long ... Elizabeth ... (to attend) design courses? — She ... (to attend) them since last month. She ... (already to learn) a lot. 5) Where ... Simon (to be)? — He ... (to make) photocopies of some articles in the library now.— For what? — Simon ... (to take) part in a conference next week. He ... (to prepare) a speech for it for a week already. 6) ... you ... (to be) to the new restaurant yet, Cindy? — Well, we ... (to go) there tonight. Mike ... (already to book) a table.

Номер слайду 4

Do you know the British landmarks? 1. The capital of the country where Glasgow is situated 2. An English city famous for having three football teams. 3. The city where The Beatles were born. 4. English cities known for their universities. 5. The magnificent Scottish Castle named after capital. 6. The world famous Scottish lake where a monster perhaps lives. 7. The most famous prehistoric monument in Britain built as a circle of stones. 8. A stone wall barrier built to separate the Pict tribes in Scotland and the Romans. 9. These cliffs are truly one of the most famous English landmarks. They have been a welcoming site for returning sailors through the many centuries. 10.It is the world’s biggest ferries wheel and another of London’s most modern landmarks. 11. According to ancient legend, the Irish warrior created it between Northern Ireland and the coast of Scotland. 12. This English national park is famous for its lakes, forests and mountains. 13. The Welsh national park with the tallest peak in Wales.

Номер слайду 5

Place Date Town/city Name British cities

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