Phrasal verbs to call, to break, to give. Тренувальні вправи.

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Подані нижче тренувальні вправи на правильність вживання фразових дієслів допоможуть вчителю на різних етапах роботи на уроці англійської мови. Теоретичний матеріал до кожного дієслова стане в нагоді при виконанні завдань.
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  1. Study the entries. out - кричати, викрикувати, викликати негайно

ex. He called out the names and the winners stepped forward.

2. call on - заглянути на хвилинку, зайти в гості

ex. I called on Mike on my way home. at – зупинятися в

ex. This is the express service to London, calling at Manchester and Birmingham. up- дзвонити по телефону, призивати на військову службу

ex. Why don’t you call your mother up and surprise her. back – передзвонювати

ex. We’re just in the middle of dinner. Can I call you back later?

6. call off - скасовувати; припиняти; відкладати, переносити

ex. The football match was called off because of the bad weather.

7. call for – гучно вимагати, зобовязувати

ex. This calls for a celebration!


  1. Match phrasal verbs with their definitions.

1 call out

2 call on

3 call at

4 call up

5 call back

6 call off

7 call for

 a) to make a short visit to a person or a place.

 b)  to make a phone call, to order somebody to join the army, navy or air force.                                                                                                           

c)  to say something loudly or to shout in order to attract attention, to ask somebody to come, especially to an emergency.

 d) to stop at the places mentioned (used about a train, a ship, etc.)

 e)  to demand or need something.

f)  to return a phone call

 g)  to cancel something.


  1. Fill in the gaps with necessary phrasal prepositions:

Off, for, up, off, back, on.

1. He called … the dogs when he saw it was his neighbour.
2. All men under 30 were called … to fight in the war.

  1. Peter’s birthday party was called … because he was feeling bad.
  2. She always calls … her granny, when she goes to the swimming pool on Sundays.
  3. The typist had called the manager … before he left for London.
  4. Such brilliant ideas call … good prizes.


  IV.     Complete the sentences with the correct phrasal verb.

call back, calling out, called off, called up, calls for, called at.

1. I heard someone …my name from a distance.

2. I … at the office to pick …my laptop before coming here.

3. He …me … to tell me the good news.

4. The bank manager said he would … after lunch.

5. The celebrations were … after the tragic accident.

6. The crisis … immediate action.

       V. Translate   into English.

1 Марк зайшов до Наомі, коли він був у місті.

2 Ми змушені були викликати лікаря вранці.

3 Я подзвонив Сему, щоб дізнатися, чи він хоче сходити в кіно.

4 Я передзвоню тобі як можна швидше.

5 Тобі доведеться передзвонити мені через деякий час.

6 Збори відмінили через страйк.

7 Вечірка, присвячена закінченню року, скасована директором школи.

8 В цьому рецепті потрібне молоко, а не вода.



II. 1c), 2a), 3d), 4b), 5f), 6g), 7e).

III. 1 off, 2 up, 3 off, 4 on, 5 back, 6 for.

IV.1 calling out, 2 called at, 3 called up, 4 call back, 5 called off, 6 calls for.


1. Mark called on Naomi while he was in town.
2. We had to call out the doctor in the morning.

3. I called Sam up to see if he wanted to go to the movies.

4. I'll call you back as soon as possible.
5. You have to call me back after a while.

6. The meeting was called off because of the strike.
7. The end-year-party has been called off by the headmaster.

8. This recipe calls for milk, not water.



I. Study the entries.

1. break down - вийти з ладу, перестати функціонувати, зламатися, втратити самовладання

Ex. John's car broke down so he had to take the bus.

2. break in - перервати, втрутитися;

 - користуватися або носити що-небудь нове, поки воно добре функціонує, поки воно не втратило вигляд; -вдиратися, вдертися, незаконно проникати;

Ex. Jane broke in on the conversation and told us to get back to work.

3. break into -  вдиратися, вдертися, незаконно проникати;

- втрутитися, перервати;

Ex. Burglars broke into the house around midnight.

4 break off - припиняти

Ex. Sally broke her engagement to John off.

5 break out - вибухнути, спалахувати; - втекти, вибратися

Ex. Rioting broke out as a result of the strike.

6 break up -  закінчити відносини, одруження, заручини, шлюб, і т. п.;

- розбивати на дрібні шматки; - розганяти натовп, припинити суперечку, бійку, і т. п.; - закривати навчальний заклад на канікули, розпускати учнів на канікули

Ex. After her marriage broke up, Emma went to live in London.

7 break through - прорватися, пробитися, йти напролом. 

Ex. The sun broke through heavy clouds over my city.

II. Match phrasal verbs with their definitions.

1 break in-

2 break out-

3 break up-

4 break down-

5 break off-

6 break into-

7 break through-

a) to enter a building by force;

b) to stop operating, to make a substance separate into parts or change into a different form in a chemical process;

c) to escape from a prison;

d) to stop doing or saying suddenly;

e) to end a relationship with somebody, to separate into smaller pieces;

f) to enter a place that is closed;

g) to manage to get past something that is stopping you.


III. Fill in the gaps with necessary phrasal prepositions:

Into, through, in, down, in, up, off

1 Jane broke … the conversation and told us what she knew.
2 While we were discussing the situation, Terri broke … to give her opinion.
3 I need to break these shoes … before I go hiking.
4 We need to break this problem … in order to solve.
5 The ship broke … on the rocks.

6 The protesters were trying to break … the line of police.

7 After a bad argument, they decided to break … their engagement.


IV. Complete the sentences with the correct phrasal verb.

broke off, broken down, broken into, break in, broke out, broke down.

1 He was telling his ridiculous story and suddenly… .

 2 The garage has been … three times this year.

3 I feel our relationship has… .

4 The prisoner… .

5 Our teacher … the final project … into three parts.

6 I need to … these shoes … before we run next week.  


 V. Translate   into English.

1 Наша машина зламалася в п’яти кілометрах від міста, і нам довелося йти додому пішки.

2  Двері будинку відкрита. Можливо, хтось вдерся в будинок.

3 Він розірвав заручини з Кріссі.

4 Заняття в школі закінчаться в наступному місяці.

5 Троє ув'язнених втекли з в'язниці.

6 Батьки вийшли з себе, коли дізналися погану новину.

7 Поліція розігнала демонстрацію перш, ніж вона вийшла з-під контролю.



II 1a), 2c), 3e), 4b), 5d), 6f), 7g).

III 1 into, 2 in, 3 in, 4 down, 5 up, 6 through, 7 off.

IV 1 broke off,2 broken into,3 broken down, 4 broke out, 5 broke down, 6 break in.


1 Our car broke down about five kilometers out of the city and we had to walk home.

2 The door of this house is open. Somebody might have broken in.

3 He has broken off his engagement with Chrissy.

4 School will break up next month.

5 Three prisoners broke out of jail.
6 The parents broke down when they heard the bad news.

7 The police broke the demonstration up before it got out of control.


  1. Study the entries.

1 give away- віддавати, дарувати, роздавати

Ex. Why did Nancy give all of her furniture away?

2 give back-повертати, віддавати

Ex. When are you going to give that book back to your teacher?

3 give in- поступатися, здаватися

Ex. Never give in! You can do it!

4 give off- виділяти, випускати (запах, колір, освітлення, тощо)

Ex. That white flower gives off a beautiful smell.

5 give out-роздавати, розподіляти

Ex. I earn extra money by giving out brochures on the street.

6 give up- перестати, кинути, здаватися, залишити спроби

Ex. The police told the thief to give his gun up.

II. Match phrasal verbs with their definitions.

1 give away-

2 give back-

3 give in-

4 give off-

5 give out-

6 give up-

a) to send something (smoke, a smell) out into the air

b) to show or tell the truth about something which was secret

c) to stop doing or having something that you did or had regularly before

d) to return something to a person that you took or borrowed it from

e) to agree to something you don’t want to do

f) to stop working, to become exhausted, fail.


III. Fill in the gaps with necessary phrasal prepositions:

Away, out, up, off, in, away, back

1 He gave … the secret.

2 The murderer gave… .

3 Yesterday our washing machine gave… .

4 My parents gave … and allowed me to take a dog as a pet.

5 I lent him some books months ago and he hasn’t given them … to me.

6 He smiled politely and didn’t give … his real feelings.

7 Cars give … poisonous fumes.


IV Complete the sentences with the correct phrasal verb.

giving off, gave out, gave up, giving away, gave out, give in, give back.

1 They’re … a CD with this magazine.

2 The fire was … a lot of smoke.

3 He … copies of the report at the end of the meeting.

4 The food supplies… .

5 He … smoking a month ago.

6 I’ve go to … this essay … to my teacher by Friday.

7 You have to … my dress … , I need it in the evening.


 V. Translate   into English.

1 Наступної суботи ми влаштовуємо для Сьюзан вечірку, про яку вона нічого не знає, тому веди себе як звичайно, і не видай наш сюрприз.

2 Сара кинула палити 5 років тому.

3 Вона роздала всі гроші бідним.

4 Поверніть книгу, яку ви брали.

5 Вона здала свою екзаменаційну роботу.

6 Ця лампа дуже яскраво світить.

7 Його сили закінчилися, коли він пробіг таку довгу відстань.

8 Ви прийшли так пізно, що ми перестали вас чекати.




II 1b), 2d), 3e), 4a), 5f), 6c).

III 1away, 2up, 3out, 4in, 5back, 6away, 7off.

IV 1giving away, 2giving off, 3gave out, 4gave out, 5gave up, 6give in, 7give back.


1 We are having a surprise party for Susan next Saturday, so don't give our surprise away by acting suspicious.
2 Sarah gave up smoking 5 years ago.
3 She gave away all the money to the poor.

4 Give back the book you borrowed.

5 She gave in her exam paper.

6 This lamp gives off a very bright light.

7 His strength gave out after running that long distance.

8 You were so late that we gave you up waiting for you.


























































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