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Позакласний захiд "MISS ENGLISH"

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Матеріал містить розробку конкурсу краси з англійської мови "Miss English". Сценарій можна використати при проведенні тижня англійської мови, в позакласній роботі.

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РКЗО “Володимирівська середня загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ст.”









Розробка виховного заходу

з англійської мови:












                                                                 англійської мови

                                                              Булгакова В.В.













Сценарій позакласного заходу

Miss English – 2017”

Мета: виховувати любов до країни, мову якої вивчаємо, почуття прекрасного; розкривати таланти учнів,  їхні творчі здібності.

                           Фанфари (трек 1)

Виходять ведуч та ведуча.

Compere. Ladies and gentlemen!

Compare 2. Madam et monsieur!

Compare. Пані та панове!

Compare 2. We are glad to see you! You are welcome to our competition “Miss English”.

Compare. In our competition involved four charming girls. So, let”s wish them good luck and lots of positive emotions.

Compare 2. Every little girl dreams of becoming a Princess. Our participants also dream about it.

Compare. Today our girls are waiting for different tasks, so when they appear on this stage, let’s welcome them with clapping.

(Трек 2)

Number 1 Rita Kaletnik

Number 2 Samira Katdzharova

Number 3 Luisa Dovga

Number 4 Rita Kuvshynova


Compare 2. And now, Let’s introduce our jury:

Charming and beautiful woman

Brave and handsome

Responsible and smart

After each task our jury will  show points from four to five. Then at the and of the competition the points will be counted by the jury to determine the winner.

Compare 2. Girls, we are glad to see you there. And today you will compete in your learning of English.

Compare. The items of our competition are as following:

1.Visit cards.

2.How clever are you?

2.Yummy, yummy.


Compare 2. Let’s begin girls. First task, you must introduce yourselves.

Number 1.Hello everyone! My name is Rita Kaletnik. I am ten. Iam Very open, cheerful, sociable, clever girl. I like  Learn English, engage in the dance Studio. I love to sing, dance, draw, love to read books. I love my family. I have mother, father and younger brother. I am a communicative person and I have a lot of friends. Thank you for attention.


Number 2

First of all I should say, that it’s not easy to speak about yourself  as it is hard to have a look at yourself from aside. But at the same time who knows me better than I do.  Let me introduced myself. My name is Samira. I am 11. I live in Demuryno. I am pupil of fifth form. I’d like to say a few words about my character. I am a sociable person, so I’ve got a lot of friends. I appreciate people’s honesty, kindness, sence of justice and intelligence. I don’t like when people are rude and agressive. I get on well with people. That’s all I can say about myself. Thank you.

Number 3.

My name is Luisa. I am eleven and I study in 5th form. I am very proud to be student of our school. I love my classmates and our tutor . They are cool. A have small family: mummy, daddy and me. I also have a pet. It’s a dog Dora. She is very clever. I am very heartfull and responsible. Of course, I have a lot of plans and dreams. And I would be more than happy if I did well and my dreams came true. I wish all participants good luck. Thank you.

Number 4.

Hi! I am Rita Kuvshynova. I am seven years old. I am a pupil of second form. I like to go to school. My school is nice. My favourite subjects are Ukrainian, Math and English. I have a good relations with my classmates. My favourite cоlor is violet. My mummy says me that I am a sociable, energetic and hardworking. Thank you very much.

Compare 2. Thank you, girls! And now we are going to see the results of our visit cards.

Number 1 Rita Kaletnik ………..

Number 2 Samira ………………

Number 3 Luisa ………………..

Number 4 Rita Kuvshynova …………….

Compare. Now, Let’s relax a bit and while the girls are preparing for the next competition, we will listen a song performed by Yulia Dudnyk and Alla Deinega.

Compare 2. The next task, you must  answer to the questions. We have a magik bag with different questions, you need take and answer on them. Are you ready. Let’s start.

What is the capital of Great Britain?

What is the capital of Ukraine?

What seas is Ukraine washed by?

How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

How many seasons in a year?

What is the main river in London?

Name the days of the week.

These two brothers live not so far apart. One of the left, one of the right. But they never see each other. (eyes)

Compare. And it’s time to get the points from our jury

Number 1 Rita Kaletnik ………..

Number 2 Samira ………………

Number 3 Luisa ………………..

Number 4 Rita Kuvshynova …………….

Compare 2. The next item will be delicious, tasty and yummy. Because our girls will present their favorite dishes. Are you ready! Let’s start.


Number 1 Rita Kaletnik ………..


Number 2 Samira ………………


Number 3 Luisa ………………..


Number 4 Rita Kuvshynova

Compare. And now our jury will show the points.

Compare. Attention, please, dear guests our best pupils will dance for you.


Compare. I see, our today`s contest us coming to its end and the last task called "Defile".  Participants need to walk on the stage and show their beauty.


Compare 2. Girls, it was great. Applause, please. dear friends, while the jury is summing up the results.

Compare. Thank you very much.

Compare. Well, the jury, it`s time to declare the winners of our competition. You`re welcome.

“Miss Beauty”___________________________________

“Miss Smile”____________________________________

Compare 2. And now be attentive, please. Now we hear the name of "Miss English 2017". Who is she? "Miss English is:".

“Miss English”___________________________________

“Miss Clever”____________________________________

Compare.Congratulations to "Miss English". You were the top. You really demonstrated perfect knowledge of English.

And _____________________ you are “Miss Clever” today. Congratulations.


Compare2. But all the other participants were also great. There is no need to worry. I`m sure next time you`ll be luckier.

Dear guests, thank you for your attention!!!!!











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