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The aims of class:

-to get acquainted with English people and their capital;

- to watch London's sights and to know more about London;

to revise English grammar and vocabulary.

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London is the capital of Great Britain

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The aims of class to get acquainted with English people and their capital; to watch London’s sights and to know more about London; to revise English grammar and vocabulary.

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London. Trafalgar Square Tower Bridge. Nationalgallery. Buckingham Palace. Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The Houses of Parliament. Big Ben. Downing street

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Buckingham Palace

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The Houses of Parliament

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10 Downing Street

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Tower bridge

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Tower of London

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Answer the following questions:1. What is the most imposing and popular site in London? 2. When was the Tower of London built?3. Who begun the building of the Tower? 4. Did the Tower of London served as a fortress? 5. What is the Tower today?6. What is the Tower of London famous for?The Tower of London is famous as the Crown Jewels. Tower of London. Yes, the Tower of London served as a fortress, palace, zoo and prison The Tower of London today is the National monument and museum. The Tower of London was built in 11th century William the Conqueror

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Westminster Abbey

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Decide whether the following statements are True or False1. The Saint Paul’s Cathedral was built in 15th century. False2. The first church was built in 7th century A. D. by the Normans 3. The architect of St. Paul’s Cathedral was Sir Christopher Wren. 4. Saint Paul’s Cathedral predecessor was destroyed in the Great Fire of London False True5. In 1897 Queen Elizabeth chose to commemorate her diamond jubilee here True False

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Trafalgar Square

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National Gallery

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The Museum of Madame Tussaud

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All my loving

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Choose the correct answer1. Londoners think that Hyde Park is very:a)Beautifulb) Democraticc) Large2. In the Speaker’s corner people can:a)See the Royal familyb) Take part in different activities such as tennis and swimming.c) Make speeches3. From St. Jame’s Park you can see:a) The London Zoob) The British Museumc) Buckingham Palace4. St. Jame’s Park is:a) The oldest parkb) The youngest parkc) The most interesting

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5. One of the main sights in the park is:a) Speaker’s cornerb) The Open Air Theatrec) Buckingham Palace6. In Kensington Gardens is:a) The Albert Memorialb) London Zooc) Speaker’s corner7. The Kensington Gardens is famous for:a) Ancient treesb) Water birdsc) The bronze statue of Peter Pan

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Trafalgar Square Saint Paul’s Cathedral The Houses of Parliament Buckingham Palace The Tower of London15234

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Fill the sentences1. The is a Nelson's Column in the cеntre of 2. is the seat of the British government3. Buckingham Palace is the London home of the was built in 11th century. 5. Regent’s Park is famous for the6. was built in 17th century by sir Christopher Wren. Trafalgar Square. The Houses of Parliament. Queen4. The Tower of London. London Zoo. Saint Paul’s Cathedral

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