Урок. Розробка опорної схеми до теми " my Favourite Magazine"

Про матеріал

Розробка опорної схеми до теми " my Favourite Magazine". в розробці представлені ключові фрази та лекчисний матеріал, необхідний для побудови власного висловлення з теми

Перегляд файлу
  1. My favourite newspaper/ magazine is…
  2. It is a daily/ weekly/ monthly publication.
  3. It is small/ large/ not large.
  4. It consists of … (5) pages.
  5. This magazine looks attractive.
  6. The cover is bright with colourful pictures. It raises an interest of readers.




… appeals to

… is interesting for


Educated people


Children and teens



Sport fans

Holiday makers

Middle class people



This magazine is serious/ entertaining.


                                      There is


a great choice of topics.

a great variety of topics.

a wide range of topics and problems.






You can find different sections in it:


sport news

lifestyles of famous people/ singers/ actors/ celebrities

music (with posters of famous singers)



National/ international news


Cultural events

Computer games

Film reviews

Problem pages

Fashion pages




This magazine has a good reputation.