Тест на тему Using of possession

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Тест на закріплення possession 's\s'. Тест складається з 3-х вправ які допоможуть вчителю прослідкувати на скільки добре учень засвоїв матеріал. перевірить чи зрозуміла дитина як показати кому належить предмет на письмі.

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 Test   Possession 's s'

1. Open the brackets

  1. (Martin) (parents) (neighbors) _________________________ dog is too loud in the evenings.
  2. (Those women) __________________ uniforms are of different colors.
  3. (Tim) (sister) _________________ son is a good friend of mine.
  4. (My mother) (boss) _______________ daughter is a fine athlete.
  5. (My friends) (cousins) ________________ pet is a Cretan iguana.
  6. (His neighbors) (children) _______________________ playground was designed by our studio.
  7. (Theodor) (grandparents) ____________________ 50 years of marriage anniversary is in September.
  8. (St.-Petersburg) (founder)____________________ birthday is at the end of May.
  9. (Her doctor) ____________________ reliability helps her to keep trying.
  10. (Susan) (Geometry) (tests) ___________________ results leave much to be desired.

2. Say in other words

  1. The nephew of the sister of my friend is going to become a professional hockey player next year.
  2. The distant relatives of my wife won't be present at our family reunion.
  3. The best skill of the son of his partner is his capability to arrange really great parties.
  4. The wool of these sheep is not good enough to use it for coats.
  5. The handwritings of colleagues of my brother give nothing but a headache to anyone who tries to read it.
  6. The hobby of friends of her sister-in-law requires a lot of time and money.
  7. The name of the inventor of the telephone is Alexandr Graham Bell.
  8. The kitten of neighbors of their friends climbed the tree one day and couldn't get down without help.
  9. The clothes of these strangers looked weird as if made of paper.
  10. The heels of the shoes of my niece need an urgent repairing.
  11. The lie of the friend of her brother cost us a large sum of money.
  12. The garage of team mates of Kimi will be sold to pay out the debts.
  13. The decision of friends of our parents to move to another country made us feel sad and a bit lonely.
  14. The mistake of the newsperson of BBC radio program cost him his job.
  15. The performance of grandchildren of the friend of my aunt was a piece of a very well done work.

3. Put the apostrophe


  1. My uncles bar is located not far from here. They invest a lot in it.


  1. Our teachers computer room was equipped with new laptops a month ago. All teachers enjoy spending their free time there.


  1. Their fathers birthday is in June. They will present him an expensive watch.


  1. His nephew friends car hit mine two weeks ago. The guy was very sorry.


  1. Her tutor daughters doctor is rather young. The girls like him very much.


  1. My cats kittens grew up and bother their mom too often.


  1. We need to rebuild our dogs shelter for them not to suffer in winter.


  1. Our rabbits cage is empty. My brother took them for a walk.


  1. The museums wing is dedicated to modern art of the 20th century.


  1. The museums history is outstanding. They are world famous.


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