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Тест "Рубіжна контрольна робота з лексичними та граматичними завданнями та творчим завданням"

Про матеріал
Рубіжна контрольна робота з лексико-граматичним завданням та творчим завданням -написання твору за планом. Лексико -граматичне завдання -підібрати антоніми до слів, вживання непрямої мови у різних типах речень ( запитальні, наказові речення)
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Test Form 8 ( December)

I  Rewrite  each pair of sentences as one sentence.

  1. I got home  late. I was hungry. I made a sandwich.( When/so)
  2.  She went to the optician’s. She got her eyes tested. ( In order to)
  3. My parents work hard the whole year. Then we can go to the seaside in summer.(to)
  4. He wants to become a doctor. He entered the medical university.( so that)
  5. We can go to the cinema . We can go to the  theatre . We can’t  do both.(but, or)

II Complete the sentences with suitable words.

(Politeness,  enormous, exhausted, hover, kindness, impressive)

  1. The dragonfly  can ______ in the air without moving in any direction.
  2. We were ______ because we had been running  a marathon.
  3. He can’t be rude . He is famous for its __________.
  4. The Hermitage is ______and______. It  took  us  three days  to explore it,

III  Write opposites  to  the words

(fake, stunning, decorated, notice, uniquely , dazzling, drench)

Real / Ignore/ Plain / Unimpressive/ Dry/ Gloomy

IV  Change into indirect speech.(say or tell)

  1.  Mary:  "Our teacher will go to Leipzig tomorrow."
  2.  Helen:  "I was writing a letter yesterday.
  3.  Jennifer : "Where do you play football today?"
  4.  Robert: "Is Tim leaving on Friday?"
  5.  TeНачало формыКонец формыacher: "Do your homework!"
  6.   Robert:  "My father flew to Dallas last year      
  7.    Jamie: "Don't eat so much junk food!"

V    Write a composition An important Natural Habitat.

  • Introduction
  • Name –Galapagos Islands
  • Location: Ecuador to the west coast  from South America  in the Pacific Ocean
  • Year Designated: 1978
  • Facts about the islands-consists of  18 main islands     and  100 small ones
  • Explain why are the islands amazing- a  unique  wildlife habitat
  • Animals-Mammals (Galápagos fur seal), (Reptiles(Galápagos tortoise)Birds .Fish
  • Threats to the islands from  tourists, global warming ,hunting animals alien plants
  • How to Get There- The islands have two airports, Isla Baltra and Isla San Cristóbal,
  • How to Visit- public boat and plane services are available  
  • When to Visit - most crowded  from peak season of mid-June through September and again in mid-December to mid-January. From December through May the islands tend to be quieter


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Англійська мова (для спеціалізова-них шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови) 8 клас (Калініна Л.В., Самойлюкевич І.В.)
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